The Forest of Zion

To all the participants of the ceremony of the last century.

He was forced to devote his life to your god on the day of 1-2-8.
She was also forced to devote her life to your god on the day of 8-1-2.

You were surely watching her naked body being slaughtered in the small altar surrounded by piled stones. I imagine that all of you, at that moment, were longing for the start of the new world, the world where the emperor is lost forever.

You must know, however, that she was saved along with her husband by the merciful hands of our god, and the arrows of curse you shot to the sky will return to all of you without missing any targets.

Our God, the mercy is now in grief and hopes to save you. Giving your hands to him, that is only the way to save yourselves in this world, the world of Jesus Christ.

Ghosts that revive and dispensable victims

Imagine all the people living life in peace.
Am I a dreamer? No, just an ordinary human like you.

Through visiting Numazu City, I'm getting to understand what had really happened there on that day.

The reason why Itochu Corporation tried to erase its name from the mountain forest it had possessed in Numazu is now being revealed. The keyword to solve the mystery is "Japan Airline Flight 123".

参考記事: 沼津、ラブライブサンシャインの聖地と伊藤忠

The Sun, The Moon and The Earth
Written on the ground of Jesus Christ
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