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Pure polyester fabric is the most suitable for thermal transfer printing

2017-06-20 11:16:57 | 日記
Although the heat transfer printing work can be relatively simple to complete,Heat press machine the printing effect is also very high quality, but this does not mean that all kinds of fabrics are suitable for this printing.
In contrast, pure polyester-cotton blended fabric is more suitable for thermal transfer printing, more through this processing to complete the highest quality printing effect.
Because the cotton fabric, the composition of the cotton fiber is not dispersed dye coloring, so in the thermal transfer printing time, the effect is not very good, can not be completely transferred to the pattern of the color of the fabric surface, serious and even white phenomenon.If it is pure polyester fabric, it will be because there is no cotton fiber, effectively avoid the emergence of such phenomena in the disperse dyes easy to color the case, the pattern can be fully transferred to the fabric surface, vinyl cuttershowing a good quality printing.
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