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What is heat transfer printing?

2017-07-14 10:38:22 | 日記
Heat transfer printing is a very popular printing industry, and simple and convenient, low-cost printing process.Through the Heat press machine high temperature transfer printing (heat transfer) and high temperature sublimation printing process collectively referred to as heat transfer.
High temperature heat transfer printing is divided into two types:
1. To carve a good pattern of heat transfer vinyl, heat press machine to the object (usually used for textiles).
2. With inkjet printer, the pattern printed on the heat transfer paper, through the heat transfer machine hot stamping machine to the object.
There is also a process is the most commonly used heat transfer printing process, that is, heat sublimation technology.
The graphics with the computer directly through the digital printer to print to the laser transfer paper, and then heat transfer paper and fabric stacked together through the heat transfer machine high temperature transfer, heat transfer paper pattern through the sublimation of high temperature penetration to the fabric The The color is perfect.
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