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The characteristics of automatic heat press machine

2017-07-11 10:18:28 | 日記
Heat transfer machine in the heat transfer industry should be a lot of people know is essential, of course, in the field of advertising is also a very wide range of use. Today to introduce the characteristics of automatic Heat press machine.
Automatic heat press machine basic features:
1.the overall structure of the device is stable, fixed table, stamping objects with high accuracy, not easy to deformation, running evenly, the noise is small.
2.automatic control system, the pressure smooth and uniform, the pressure can reach 8kg / cm.
3.digital control system, computer control, high precision.
4.automatically set the time control, high efficiency
5.the heating plate with thick special ultra-precision wire tube technology, which can effectively ensure the temperature balance and put down. The heating plate is equipped with micro-protection device, high safety performance.pen press machine
6.special work table, can be sublimation printing, heat transfer, bronzing, foam and other products.
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