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【大雪山国立公園・旭岳情報】The Sunny Streak Continues

2019-10-02 09:51:52 | 大雪山国立公園旭岳・天人峡情報





A nice sunset view, this isn't always the case. If you get this view consider it a bit lucky, especially to be this clear. 



View of "Meoto" ponds with Antaroma-dake and Pippu-dake in the background just beyond Susoaidara marshlands. 



Spiraea betulifolia var. aemiliana
aka "Birchleaf spiraraea" 
Come enjoy a slow pace and take in the views, plants, active chipmunk, and people. Sometimes you'll move along the boardwalks. The section at the bottom Ropeway station near the visitor center is wheelchair accessible, as well as this small section near Sugatami station (top ropeway station). In this pond there are actually Ezo salamander. You can spot the ones that are about 1-2cm which swim just near the surface near the boardwalk south of the Sugatami station exit/entrance. 
The following few photos from a traverese two night, three day hike to Kogen Onsen area. Route began at Sugatami (姿見) - Ura Asahi campsite (裏旭キャンプ場) - Hakuundake Refuge (白雲岳避難小屋) - Kogen Onsen Wildlife Conservation area and Bear center 高原温泉鳥獣保護管理棟. Then back to Sugatami Station. Wear a bear bell : ) 

View from Ura Asahi campsite at about 4:40am

Ohaichidaira view at about 5:30 am 

Chingaruma on way to Hakuundake just after Hokkai dake. 

Looks like a higuma passed by sometime since the last snowfall in late September.  
Kogen Onsen area
Miyamarindo, it seems, but I notice the pellets seem a bit more rounded that the miyamarindo at near Sugatami...
Chubby cheeks stocking up for the long winter : ) 
Hakuun Dake Refuge. The outhouse actually might have an even better background view...You can see for yourself though. 
Left to right, taken at about 5:00 am
Ushiroasahidake - Asahidake - Kumagatake
Quick tips:
Bring a bear bell.
Some streams can be covered snow, just in the case you do backcountry hiking after snowfall keep that in mind. 
Also some streams may not necessarily be running which may be indicated as otherwise on your map (weather dependent that season)
It can get very windy, over 10 m/s with gusts pushing 30 or more in some areas. This is on a normal fall day. 
Jeremy - Conservation Ranger/Guard 


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