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「Tony Lakatos & Ferenc Snétberger」Concert.

2019-02-10 22:51:18 | 音楽

On the 16th of last December, I went to a concert featuring Tony Lakatos & Ferenc Snétberger at the Musashino Swing Hall in front of the Musashi Sakai Station.

Tony and Ferenc are from Hungary.

Tony plays the tenor saxophone and Ferenc plays the guitar.

It was very good, but I became sleepy because much of the music was slow tempo.

The most impressive song was “The girl from Ipanema”.

That's it.


Walking in the Tama area No.31

2019-01-14 22:46:45 | ウォーキング

I went to Lake Okutama on the 11th of November.

There were four of us this time.

We planned to walk for a long time, so we left home early in the morning at 6:30 am.

We walked about 17 km around the Okutama Lakeside.

It was a fine day; ideal day for hiking.

The autumn leaves were very beautiful.

We had wanted to return home while it was still light outside.  However, since the buses from Ogochi dam ran only about once an hour it had darkened by the time we left at 5:14 pm.   

We returned to Mitaka and we had a uchiag party at the Izakaya in front of the station.

The number of steps we walked today was 33,127 steps.

That's it.

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My favorite actress.

2018-12-15 07:52:45 | 映画

My favorite actress is Audrey Hepburn.

It was in my junior high school days that I first saw an Audrey Hepburn movie.

It was「Roman Holiday」.

The story is about the interesting events that the unexpected action of the princess causes.

I was attracted to her Bambi eyes.

After that first film, I saw most of her movies.

Hepburn passed away on January 20th.

Coincidentally, that day is the anniversary of my grandmother's death and it is also my birthday.

That’s it.





Walking in the Tama area (No. 34)

2018-12-14 17:33:49 | ウォーキング


I went to Hachikoku Yama (Mt. Hachikoku八国山) in the Sayama hills with two other people on the 21st of October.

This mountain is actually a hill at 89.4m above sea level.

We started out from Seibuen Station on the Seibu Line and walked to the Hachikoku Yama Green tract of land.

This mountain is a model of Shichikoku Yama from the "Tonari no Totoro” movie of Studio Ghibli.

The mountain road was flat, easy to walk, and was pleasant.

We got off the mountain and walked back to Seibuen Station while looking at Kitayama Park (iris garden) and so on.

It was a very fine day and we fully enjoyed walking.


We made these by acorns at the village of Hachikoku-yama experience(八国山たいけんの里).

The Kitayama Park.

We held an Uchiage(after-party).

 That's it.




The nephews of my wife got married.

2018-11-28 12:07:38 | 家族、親類関係

My wife has two nephews.

On the 13th of October the elder nephew got marred and on the 4th of November, the younger one did the same.

The elder nephew held a wedding ceremony in Aomori city.

The younger nephew held a wedding ceremony at Iidabashi in Tokyo.

My family went to Aomori for three days.

The wedding ceremony was held in a lush church on the hill.

The venue was very beautiful.

It was a fine day and the sky was pure blue and warm.


The younger nephew invited my wife and I to his ceremony.

He and his bride decided to hold their ceremony in the Hotel Metropolitan Edmont.

They compared hotels by eating a sample menu at four hotels and chose the hotel with the most delicious food.

We were as satisfied with all the delicious French cuisine as they said we would be.


Each ceremony reflected the nephew’s personality, and both of them were splendid.


The elder nephew's ceremony.



The younger nephew's ceremony.


That's it


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The person whom I respect.

2018-11-19 11:52:47 | その他

I respect Dr. Hideyo Noguchi.

He was born in Okinajima village (Currently Inawashiro-machi) in Fukushima Prefecture.

That is near the place that my grandmother was born.

He was a bacteriologist who researched yellow fever.

He went to Africa, suffered from yellow fever and died.

He took very good care of his mother.

I respect him because he was eager to study, he wanted to be useful to the world, he took good care of his mother and he lived in the same town as my grandmother.

The portrait of Hideyo Noguchi, the world-famous microbiologist, is printed on the 1,000-yen bill.

That’s it.

                         Dr. Hideyo Noguchi.


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The Scam.

2018-11-14 23:14:01 | その他

So far my family has not fallen victim to telephone scams or door-to-door sales.

Recently my wife received a postcard that was part of a scam.


The contents of the postcard were as follows, “This is a notification of the final notice of litigation concerning a consumption charge.

A complaint was filed due to default by the company contracted by you.

If you do not contact us, we will forcibly enforce payment, seize movable property and start foreclosure of real estate.

If you wish to drop this lawsuit, don’t hesitate to contact us for a consultation.

The last day for a withdrawal is August 29, Heisei 30 (August 29, 2018).

Ministry of Justice Jurisdiction Branch Office.

TEL. 03-6384-7919 ”


If you call this number, you will become a victim of fraud.

Let’s all be careful.


That’s it.



The Tsukiji Market.

2018-11-08 23:55:14 | 家族、親類関係

We went to the Tsukiji Honganji (temple), the Tsukiji Market and the National Cancer Center Hospital on the 13th of August.  

That day was fine and very hot.

My family and I went to visit my son-in-law in the hospital.

The hospital is in front of the market.

We did some sightseeing while we were in the area.

I went to the temple and the fish market for the first time.

We wanted to eat at a sushi bar of the Tsukiji outside market but, in all of the shops, many foreigners were standing in long lines.

We lined up at one shop, but it was sold out.

Therefore, we had lunch in the hospital restaurant.

My son-in-law was fine.

The Tsukiji Market moved to Toyosu on October 6, so our visit was   good timing.

 That’s it. 

                 Tsukiji Honganji.

        The Tsukiji Market.

     The sushi bar「SHOU」.

             The Hospital.

The Tsukiji Market from the Hospital.


My Taiwanese friend and his family came to Tokyo.

2018-10-09 16:31:49 | 友達

My Taiwanese friend, Mr. Yu, and his family came to my house on the 19th and 20th of July.

             At my house.

They stayed at the Kichijoji Daiichi Hotel near my house. 


          At the Kichijyoji Daiichi Hotel.

I held a welcome party for them with Mr. Isa and my family at the traditional Japanese restaurant「Syunsai-an ASANO」in Tachikawa on the 19th.

     At the Syunsau-an Asano.

The chef-owner of this restaurant is the son of my friend, Mr. Asano.   When we travelled to Taiwan, Mr. Yu took good care of us so Mr. Asano wanted to return the favor.

  The chef-owner and Mr. Asano.


The following day, we had another party at the yakiniku shop 「RICYOEN」in Kichijyoji.



Then the next day they left Tokyo for New York.

That’s it.


Walking in the Tama area (No. 31)

2018-09-26 16:00:57 | ウォーキング

I went to the Tachikawa Negawa Green Road (根川緑道) to hike with Kosuke and my wife on the 16th of July.

We started out from Tachikawa Station on the Chuo Line and walked to Suwa Shrine.

    Tachikawa Station.

     Suwa Shrine.

We visited the Fusai Temple, the Negawa Green Road and the Tamagawa flood plain baseball stadium.

    The Fusai Temple.

  The Negawa Green Road.

The source of the Negawa (Ne river) is spring water and so the stream is clear.

An old man and his grandchildren were fishing American crawfish in the river.

The way to fish is simple.  Cut dried cuttlefish, tie to the end of a string and fish.

At the stadium there was a match between Katakura High School and Kokugakuin Kugayama High School.

After that we headed to Shibazaki Taiikukan-mae Station on the Tama Monorail Line.

As usual, we held an Uchiage (after-party) in Kichijyoji at Unagi Kabayaki (grilled eel) Shop.

Unagi Kabayaki is my favorite food.


Today's course was about 6 km.

The number of steps we walked today was 14,511 steps.

That’s it.