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A guide for tourists visiting my country

2019-07-12 01:04:40 | Weblog

I recommend Mt. Takao for tourists.

“Mount Takao” in the west area in Tokyo, is located about 50 kilometers from

downtown Tokyo.

This one-day trip is blessed with public transportation from downtown.

The wonderful mountain received a three-star rating of Michelin, the same as Mt. Fuji, in 2007.

It is a quasi national park which can be enjoyed slowly.

“Takao San” can even be climbed by a cable car or a lift from the foot of the mountain around 472 meters (top is 599 meters) of sea level of the side.

There are also 3 routes to climb the mountain on foot.

It’s possible to get to the peak their routes in 1 hour and about 30 minutes.

You can see Mt. Fuji from the top.  

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The Hamanako

2019-06-26 16:58:11 | 国内旅行

My wife and I went to Hamanako(Lake Hamana) on the 12th and 13th of June.

In the Hikari Shinkansen 

Shinjyohara Station


The Tenryu-hamanako Railroad

We got off at Tsuzuki Station.

We went to the hotel from Tsuzuki Station on foot.

We stayed at the Harvest Club Hamanako Hotel, a lake side resort.

The hotel commands a fine view of the lake.

A jellyfish

The room in which we stayed was on the first floor. We could go out into the garden to the lake from our room.

It was in the middle of the rainy season, so I thought it would rain but it was fine and very hot for two days.

Lake Hamana is famous for its eel in Shizuoka Prefecture.

I like the Unagi Kabayaki and so we went to the traditional Unagi Kabayaki restaurant.

I was surprised to find one piece of unagi layered in the middle of the rice.

The price was reasonable and the taste was good.

We were very satisfied.

One of the purposes of our vist this time was to eat Unagi Kabayai.

 The bath of the hotel

The next day, we visited the Hamamatsu Flower Park.

The dining room of the hotel on the 13th

The Tenryu-hamanako Railroad

Higashitsuzuki Station

The Hamamatsu Flower Park

The Hikari Shinkansen 

At Hamamatsu Station


That's it.

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Walking in the Tama area No.40

2019-06-19 17:08:18 | ウォーキング

On the sixth of May, we walked about six kilometers following under the tracks of the Tama Monorail to Kamikitadai Station from Tachikawa Station.

We walked with eight people with the addition of a new member, my younger daughter.

It was a fine day and the road was flat. We hiked the seven stations stopping by a park and other sites on the way.


This is the Dome Tachikawa Tachihi where Naomi Osaka participated in the "Toray Pan Pacific OP" event last year.

 This is the former Hitachi Airlines Co., Ltd. Tachikawa Factory substation.

At the end of the Pacific War, the aircraft fire of the US military left bullet marks on the outer wall.


    In front of Kamikitadai Station.

This time we held our usual uchiage party at the「Isomaru Suisan」in front of Tachikawa Station.


   That’s it.


Walking in the Tama area No.39

2019-05-21 19:30:53 | ウォーキング

On the 14th of April, we walked the Nanao hill walk road west course that is across from the east hill course that we walked last month.

We started out from Tama-Dobutsukoen Station with the same seven members as last month.

We walked to Hirayamajoshi-koen Station via the hillside Chuo University, the ruins of Tama Tech Amusement Park, Hirayama-jyoshi Park, and Sueshige Shrine.

Today, we walked about 6km, a good hiking course.

As usual we had a uchiage party.  This time we went to the Tokyo-an shop near the station.

In front of Tama-Dobutsu Koen Station on the Keio Line.


      In front of Chuo University.


     At the Hirayamajoshi-kouen.





      The Tokyo-an Soba Shop.                        The Uchiage Party.



That's it.


Walking in the Tama area (No.38)

2019-05-01 17:46:22 | ウォーキング

We walked the Nanao hill walk road east course, approximately 6km, this time.

It is the hill lying along the Asakawa River to the south of Hino City.

We started out from Mogusaen Station on the Keio Line and walked to Tama-Dobutsukoen Station with seven members on the 17th of March.

This hill is easy to walk and the scenery is good and we could see the Seibu Dome Stadium in Saitama Prefecture.

We had lunch at the Yakiniku Moranbong near Takahatafudo Station on the Keio Line.

The number of steps we walked today was 14,716 steps.

That's it


Walking in the Tama area No.37

2019-04-16 21:48:20 | ウォーキング

I went to Kodaira Station on the Seibu Line to walk along the Kurome River to Higashi-Kurume Station with 5 members on the 11th of February.

The source of the Kurome River is the Saikachi Kubo in the Kodaira Cemetery.

The Kodaira Cemetery where my uncle is sleeping in a grave is 65 hectares in area.

We walked about 7km this time.

We saw a heron and a beautiful kingfisher in the Kurome River.

We did the Uchiage at a Chinese restaurant in front of Higashi-Kurume Station.

That's it.


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Walking in the Tama area (No. 36)

2019-04-05 18:38:46 | ウォーキング

This time, two new members took part in our walk.

We were seven people.

On the 27th of January we started out from Musashi-Masuko Station on the JR Musashi Itsukaichi Line and walked to Musashi Itsukaichi Station.

Today’s course was about 6km.

At first, it was a gentle climb and a good view of the Satoyama delighted our eyes.

However, the ascent and the descent of Mt. Tenjiku surprised us very much with a steep slope.

Although it was midwinter today, the weather was nice and we could walk comfortably.

As usual, we held an Uchiage after our hike at the Japanese Soba Shop in front of Musashi Itsukaichi Station.

The number of steps we walked today was 11,614steps.




                                                                          Mt. Tenjiku.


                                                                       Top of Mt.Tenjiku.   


                                                             Musashi Itsukaich Station.


      The Japanese Soba Shop.







                Curry Udon


                 Mori Soba                                           Oshiruko



                                          In front of Musashi Itsukaichi Station.


That's it.


Walking in the Tama area (No.35)

2019-03-13 22:41:05 | ウォーキング

I went to Tamasakai Station on the Keio Line to walk the Tama hills with four members on the 24th of December 2018.

We started out from Tamasakai Station and walked to Machida Station on the Odakyu Line.

However, I had to return to my house midway because I had asked for the repair of my PC.

I had to be back at my house by 12 o'clock.

I regret that I could not walk the full course this time.










That’s it.


「Tony Lakatos & Ferenc Snétberger」Concert.

2019-02-10 22:51:18 | 音楽

On the 16th of last December, I went to a concert featuring Tony Lakatos & Ferenc Snétberger at the Musashino Swing Hall in front of the Musashi Sakai Station.

Tony and Ferenc are from Hungary.

Tony plays the tenor saxophone and Ferenc plays the guitar.

It was very good, but I became sleepy because much of the music was slow tempo.

The most impressive song was “The girl from Ipanema”.

That's it.


Walking in the Tama area No.31

2019-01-14 22:46:45 | ウォーキング

I went to Lake Okutama on the 11th of November.

There were four of us this time.

We planned to walk for a long time, so we left home early in the morning at 6:30 am.

We walked about 17 km around the Okutama Lakeside.

It was a fine day; ideal day for hiking.

The autumn leaves were very beautiful.

We had wanted to return home while it was still light outside.  However, since the buses from Ogochi dam ran only about once an hour it had darkened by the time we left at 5:14 pm.   

We returned to Mitaka and we had a uchiag party at the Izakaya in front of the station.

The number of steps we walked today was 33,127 steps.

That's it.

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