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Walking in the Tama area (No. 23).

2017-08-19 22:46:28 | ウォーキング

I went from Higashi-kurume Station on the Seibu-Ikebukuro Line to Tanashi Station on the Seibu-Shinjuku Line with my wife and my daughter and her husband on the 14th of August.

We walked about 8km.

It was a rainy day.

First, we walked to the Ochiai River and then we walked along the river until we reached the Miyashita bridge.

After that, we left the river and we walked by way of Minamisawa Green Forest Conservation Area, Minamimachi Green Forest Conservation Area, Tama Rokuto Science Museum to Tanashi Station.   

There is a big planetarium in the Tama Rokuto Science Museum.

I like the planetarium.

We intended to watch the show, but we decided not to because it was very crowded on that day.

We would have has to wait for four hours.

We walked about 3 hours.

The number of steps we walked that day was 15,951 steps.

The Higashi-Kurume Station.          The Ochiai River.      


The Minamimachi Green Forest Conservation Area.


             The Tama Rokuto Science Museum.




That's it.



The Inokashira Zoo.

2017-08-13 07:23:06 | ウォーキング

Recently, I don't get much exercise.

So, I walked to the Inokashira Zoo with my wife.

I wanted to see the zoo after Hanako had passed away.

                                             Hanako 's photo. 


                                 This tooth of Hanako is like a stone.   


This was Hanako's open space. 


 This is all that is left of the big greenhouse for tropical birds.


There are only small animals now.

And, the big tropical bird greenhouse has also gone.

It has become a very lonesome zoo.

In the past, there were giraffes, camels, alpacas, etc., and it seemed like a good zoo.

One good thing is that two penguins were newly added.

The number of steps we walked that day was 7,888 steps.

We had good exercise that day.

That’s it.