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Our trip to Fukushima prefecture.

2017-07-23 22:21:38 | 国内旅行

I went to Bandai Atami hot springs in Fukushima prefecture from July 12th to 14th with my wife.

We took this trip to celebrate my wife’s birthday.

July 12, 2017

We started out from my house at 10:00 in the morning.

We took the bullet train from Tokyo Station to Koriyama and there we transferred to the Ban-etsu-sai Line.

We arrived at Bandai Atami station at 2:08 in the afternoon.

After that we walked in a forest to the Hana-no-yu Hotel.


 We arrived at the hotel at 3:00 in the afternoon.

It was very hot and humid so we broke into a heavy sweat.

We took a bath in the hot spring and drank cold beer and we had a happy day.


 July 13, 2017

We went to Inawashiro, the next stop from Bandai Atami St., by rapid-transit train.

My grandmother grew up here.

Inawashiro Station.

It had been about 40 years since I visited her house.

My father's cousin family lives there now.

Unfortunately, when we visited the house my relatives were out.

I entrusted my memo and souvenir to the neighbor.

After that we went to Hideyo Noguchi Memorial Museum and the Lake Inawashiro by taxi.

Hideyo noguchi Memorial Museum.

Noguchi is known for his research on yellow fever in South America and Africa and he also died of yellow fever.

His tombstone in New York is inscribed with the words.

" Through devotion to science

He lived and died for humanity".

His bust is in his Memorial Museum.

He said, “Honesty is the best policy.”.

He picture is on the 1,000 yen bill.

Lake Inawashiro.

Lake Inawashiro is the fourth largest in Japan.


We took a pleasure boat called Hakucho Maru.

There were only three passengers aboard the boat including my wife and I.

The ship traveled around the lake for about 40 minutes.

After that we had lunch at a Chinese restaurant in front of the lake.






Then we returned to the hotel.

July 14, 2017

We left the Hotel at 10:30 in the morning and we arrived at Tokyo Station at 12:48 in the afternoon.


That’s it.




Walking in the Tama area (No. 22).

2017-07-22 23:00:44 | ウォーキング

I went to Kiyose-shi in Tokyo with my wife and my son-in-law on the 18th of July.

We walked from Akitsu Station on the Seibu-ikebukuro Line to Kiyose Station.

First, we walked along the Karabori River, for an hour, until it met the Yanase River.

After that we walked along the Yanase River.




When we had walked for about 3 hours, black clouds came out and thunder started to ring, so we went back to Kiyose Station by bus.


And as soon as we entered a bar in front of Kiyose Station, it started to rain and thunder.






The rain stopped after for about two hours, and the sun came out again.

I was convinced that the rainy season was over.

The Japan Meteorological Agency announced the end of the rainy season the next day.

The number of steps we walked that day was 16,298 steps.  

That’s it.

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Statue of the elephant Hanako.

2017-07-16 11:35:03 | その他

When I went to Kichijoji for shopping on the 14th of June I saw the statue of the elephant Hanako in front of the north side of Kichijoji Station.

This statue was put up on May 5th of this year.



And the north - south passage way of Kichijoji station was named Hanako way.


Hanako (Hanako, 1947 - May 26, 2016) is a female Asian elephant which was raised at Inokashira Natural Cultural Park in Musashino City, Tokyo.

She was the first elephant to come to Japan after the Second World War.

In January 2013 at the age of 66 she became the longest living elephant raised in Japan, renewing the domestic highest of record for Asian elephants.

She died on the 26th of May last year.

She was 69 years old.

I used to go see her when I was child.

In those days many children went to Inokashira Zoo to see her.

This is the real Hanako with my wife, my daughter and my granddaughter. 






That's it.


How to beat the summer heat?

2017-07-10 09:03:27 | その他

My how to beat the heat of the summer I relax in plastic pool on the roof top of my house with a shower hose, enter a water bath, drink many cold beers, I take a nap in a room with an air conditioner and I sleep with all of the windows open at night.

Occasionally I spend the summer on a beach in a foreign country where I walk, hike and break into a sweat.

That's it.


Aomori and Hokkaido trip Part 2 video clips.

2017-07-05 09:29:35 | 国内旅行

 Nasu Kogen Observatory. ( Lover's Sanctuary.)

Azalea suspension bridge.

The azalea bushes in the forest. 



Sapporo Beer Factory.


The Sugawara-ryokan in Naruko.

Hiraizumi Chusonji (temple) in Iwate prefecture.

Statue of Matsuo Basho.

Mt. Iwate.

We arrived at my brother-in-law’s house at 3:50 in the afternoon.

He and his wife make pottery.

They also have a garden and a large field.

They grow chemical-free vegetables and serve lunch.

Mutsumi kiln exhibition room.


Shin Aomori Station.

Shinkansen Hayabusa 95.

When we passed through the long Seikan tunnel, it was Hokkaido.

Hakodate City streetcar.

Mt. Hakodate was overcast.

Mt. Hakodate Ropeway.

At the top of Mt. Hakodate.

In the streetcar.

At the Goryokaku.

These are wisteria flowers.

This is the statue of Hijikata Toshizo in the Goryokaku Tower.

 Prospect from Goryokaku Tower.

Near the Hanabishi Hotel.

In the Hanabishi Hotel.

The south side of Shin HakodateHokuto Station.

In front of the north side of Shin Hakodate Hokuto Station.

Nasushiobara Hot Springs.

The ryokan is named Ryounkaku, It was an old house and full of atmosphere.

In the Ryounkaku.

We took a reserved outside bath in the morning.

That's all.


































Our trip to Aomori and Hokkaido.

2017-07-03 13:00:56 | 国内旅行

I went to Aomori and Hokkaido from May 21st to 26th with my wife and our newly-married nephew and his wife.    My wife's nephew took us to Aomori, his hometown, in his car.    His father is my wife’s younger brother.

May 21, 2017.

We started out from my house at 6:10 in the morning and took the Tohoku Expressway.    We stopped at the Nasu Highlands on the way.    There we enjoyed the azalea bushes in the forest and visited the Sapporo beer factory and ate soba at a soba shop.    After that we left for Naruko hot springs in Miyagi prefecture.    We stayed there overnight.

             This is his car.                                       Mt. Cyausu-dakre.






These are beer for tasting, it is very cheap with three kinds of beer for 500 yen and five kinds for 700 yen.

The taste is good.

        Sapporo Beer Factory.




We arrived at the Naruko hot springs at 4:00 pm.

                                                            The Sugawara-ryokan in Naruko.


          The private bath.


May 22, 2017.

We left Naruko hot springs at 9:00 in the morning.


The Kokeshi phone box at Naruko.

Then we stopped at Hiraizumi Chusonji (temple) in Iwate prefecture.    Chuson-ji Temple Konjiki-do Hall is a national treasure.




When our nephew was an elementary school first grade student my wife and I took him to top of Mt. Iwate.    It was a very hard climb for him.  


We arrived at my brother-in-law’s house at 3:50 in the afternoon.    He and his wife make pottery.    They also have a garden and a large field.    They grow chemical-free vegetables and serve lunch.     Flowers blooming in their garden.







Porcelain kiln


The large field.




Mutsumi kiln exhibition room.

We stayed there overnight.

May 23, 2017

The young couple continued to her home town Oma in Aomori prefecture.    My wife and I went to Hakodate in Hokkaido.    We took the bullet train from Shin Aomori Station to Shin Hakodate Hokuto Station and we transferred to the Hakodate Line.    We reached Hakodate in about an hour and a half.

                                           Shin Aomori Station.


                                             Hakodate Station.


Then we went to Mt.Hakodate Ropeway by streetcar.

Mt. Hakodate was cloudy.




Mt.Hakodate disappointed us.    We had lunch after going down Mt. Hakodate.    Because Hakodate is said to be famous for salt ramen, we ate salt ramen.  It was just so-so.


After that we went to the Goryokaku.



Wisteria blossoms are blooming.


We went up the Goryokaku Tower.



We left the Goryokaku and we went to the Hanabishi Hotel in Yunokawa hot springs.


We had dinner near the hotel at the Sushi Shop Ozushi.



The sushi tasted very good.

There are many baths in the Hotel.

May 24, 2017

We left the Hanabishi Hotel at 9:40 in the morning.

It was a fine day.    Mt. Hakodate.


We arrived at Shin Hakodate Hokuto Station at 11:25 am.

This is the south side of the atation.                    In front of the south side of the station.


This is in front of the north side of Shin Hakodate Hokuto Station.


We departed the station at 12:44 in the afternoon by Shinkansen.

We had lunch in the Shinkansen.                  The Bento.


We arrived at Shin Aomori Station at 1:50 pm.    After that we went to my brother-in-law’s house.          And we spent the night with them again.

May 25, 2017

The next morning we started out at 8:15am.    We headed for Nasushiobara Hot Springs.    It started to rain on the way.    We arrived there at 3:20pm.    The ryokan is named Ryounkaku, It was an old house and full of atmosphere.


We had dinner and after that the young couple wanted to play the Game of Life (Jinsei Game).                We became children again and enjoyed the game.



May 26, 2017

 We took a reserved outside bath in the morning.    We felt quite comfortable in this bath.


We left the ryokan at 8:40 in the morning.    It was rainy that day.    We arrived at my house at 11:30am.


That’s it.