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The Clarinotts.

2016-02-20 20:31:49 | 音楽

I went to listen to music on February 6.

It was held at the Mitaka City Arts Center.

The Clarinotts is the world's best clarinet ensemble that was formed in 2005 by 3 members of the Ottensamer family.

The father and elder brother are chief clarinet players in the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra  and the younger brother is clarinet player chief in the Berliner Philharmoniker.

The Clarinotts sound was very good so I had a nice time.


Daniel(elder son),Andreas(younger son),Ernst Ottensamer


Yoko Kikuchi(piano)


The Mitaka City Arts Center.



That's it.

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The cherry buds are blooming.

2016-02-06 11:21:27 | 季節

The day before yesterday I passed through the Inokashira west park.

I saw a few cherry buds starting to bloom.

It is still cold but spring is just around the corner.

I can hardly wait for spring.

It’s a shame the subject is not in focus in my photos.




Thank you.