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The National High School Baseball Championship East Tokyo Tournament Final.

2016-08-03 17:32:13 | Sport

I went to the Jingu Stadium to cheer on my alma mater team on the 28th of July.

I arranged to meet a high school classmate in front of the stadium.

The day’s final game was Toa Gakuen high school vs. Kanto Daiichi high school.

My alma mater is Toa Gakuen high school.

This is warming up before the game by Toa Gakuen.


The game began with my alma mater batting first.

The start of the game.


I thought, batting first often leads to a loss in a walk-off game (sayonara-game).

 The game went into extra innings after a tie score (two to two) at the bottom of the ninth inning.

Then my alma mater got one point at the top of the tenth inning.

I thought my alma mater would win this game.

However, the opposing team got two points at the bottom  

of the tenth inning.

 It became a walk-off game as I had thought.

If my alma mater had won this game it would have been able to go to Koshien after an interval of 27 years.

I was disappointed.

 I hope my alma mater will win next year.


This is the National Stadium site.


 That’s it.