My life


The movies.

2018-06-22 16:39:14 | 映画

I went to see two foreign classic movies with my wife on the 12th of May.

The movies were "Knight Without Armor" and "Shanghai Express" starring Marlene Dietrich.

Last year I saw many classic Japanese movies, but they were not good due to the darkness of the screen and the poor sound.

I have always enjoyed foreign movies more than Japanese movies so I enjoyed them this time as well.

Actually, I like musicals.

For example “South Pacific” (Some Enchanted Evening.), “The King and I” (Shall We Dance?), “The Sound of Music” (Edelweiss.), “My Fair Lady” (I Could Have Danced All Night.), “West Side Story” (Tonight.), and “Singin In The Rain” (Singin in the Rain.) etc. etc. etc・・・・・.

The song names in parentheses are my favorite songs from these musicals.

I learned "etc." from “The King and I”, the King saying (Yul Brynner.) etc. etc. etc.

It was one of the King’s catchphrases.

My favorite actress is Audrey Hepburn and actor is Clint Eastwood.

That’s it.


       Marlene Dietrich.

          At the Mitaka City Arts Center.



2018-06-13 18:42:42 | ウォーキング

My wife and I went to a hot spring on the 4th of May.

We had visited this hot spring before and enjoyed it very much.

The previous time we went to "Tokino Irodori" hot spring from Minami Tama Station.

This time we took the Seibu Line from Musashi Sakai Station to the end of the line at Koremasa Station.

We crossed the Tama River 's Koremasa bridge and walked for 30 minutes.

We took a relaxing bath and then we both got finger pressure treatments for 40 minutes.

This treatment is very good.

Since it is not far from my house, we are planning to visit the hot spring once every three months.

That’s it.     

                 Koremasa Station.



              The Koremasa bridge.


The Tokino Irodori.

A view from the bridge on the way back from the hot spring.





L. V. Beethoven's Symphony No. 9 Concert.

2018-05-26 23:24:39 | 音楽

I was invited to a concert by a former senior colleague.

The students of Kunitachi High School, his alma mater, sang Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony.

It was held the Fuchu no Mori arts Theater on the 25th of April.

The Orchestra was the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra and they performed with a number of professional soloists, a soprano, a mezzo soprano, a tenor and a baritone and 430 students.

It was a magnificent concert.

After that we had drinks in front of Chofu Station at the Izakaya Tsubo-hachi.

We enjoyed the concert.

That’s it.

              At the Tsubo-hachi.


At the Fuchu no Mori Arts Theater.

             At the Tsubo Hachi.


Walking in the Tama area (No. 30)

2018-05-20 21:47:44 | ウォーキング

This time, we started out from Tamagawajosui Station on the Tama Monorail and walked to Musashisakai Station on the Chuo Line.

We walked along the Tamagawajosui on the 16th of April.

Today's course was about 13 km.

After walking for about 10 minutes there was a footbath of Komorebi「KOMOREBI NO ASHI-YU」.

This is warm water using the heat of the incinerator.

It can be used free of charge.

We walked about 3 hours and crossed the railway crossing of the Seibu Tamako Line.

My wife's hometown is nearby.

From there, we walked about 40 minutes and reached the Sakai bridge.

From here, we left the Tamagawajosui and headed to Musashisakai Station.

We arrived at the station at 3:00 in the afternoon.

As usual, we held an Uchiage (after-party) in front of the station.

The number of steps we walked today was 28,360 steps.

That’s it.

      Tamagawajosui Station.

             The Wisteria.

        The Tamagawajosui.

          The Kihei bridge.

         The Sakai bridge.

  The Nobirus & the Warabis.

     The Uchiage(after-party).


          The Footbath.

  The Tsuda University of Tamagawajosui side.



My ten-year plan.

2018-05-15 08:09:22 | その他

Do you make plans?  

I do.

I enjoy thinking about traveling and health.

I have traveled to 19 countries over 32 trips.

I want to visit countries where I haven’t been.

For example, Germany, the U.K, Spain, Portugal and Brazil.

I want to go to Brazil because my uncle emigrated there.

I do not know how many countries I can visit in ten years.


About health, I do stretching exercises once a week, walking in the Tama area once a month and sometimes I get finger-pressure treatment.

Thanks to that, I’m doing well.

I am going to continue these activities.


That’s it.


About power harassment (Pawer hara).

2018-05-11 15:22:07 | 事件

Power harassment refers to bullying or harassment by someone in a position of authority towards his or her subordinates.

For short, it is called power hara or boss hara (boss · harassment).

The term is Japanese English and was coined by Yasuko Okada of Quore C Cube.

In Europe and the United States it is called moral harassment.

In addition to forced retirement and unreasonable evaluation, power hara also includes physical violence and harassment by words and attitudes, reprimands, neglect, cold treatment, excessive overtime and compulsory drinking sessions.

The boundary between harassment and ordinary instructions and commands is difficult to judge.

It is important to assess whether the instructions or commands have validity in business.

I think the KOREAN AIR LINE’s “nut rage” incident and “office rage” scandal are incidents of power harassment.

That’s it.


Selamat datang di rumah saya. (Welcome to my house.)

2018-05-08 23:44:32 | 友達

My Indonesian friend Mr. Heri, his wife, his friend and her granddaughter came to my house on the 2nd of April.

I think that it has been about 30 years since I saw him last.

I met them at Kichijoji station and we walked to my house.

On the way we were able to see the beautiful cherry blossoms around the Inokashira pond.

We had a pleasant time chatting over lunch at my house.

After that we went back to Kichijoji Station by bus.

We promised to meet again someday and we parted.

That’s it.



Jazz Concert.

2018-04-23 23:46:18 | 音楽

I went to listen to a Jazz Concert with my wife on the 30th of March.

It was held at the Chofu City Green Hall.

It was「JAZZ FROM THE CITY Vol. 47」by Fukui Tomomi & Mt. Nonet.

They played movie music.

We really enjoyed listening to a live performance of jazz after a long absence.

Later on we had YAKINIKU at the Ricyoen near my house.

It tasted good.

That's it.

     The Chofu City Green Hall.

              The Ricyoen.

       " YOZAKURA "







Walking in the Tama area (No. 29)

2018-04-14 09:37:42 | ウォーキング

I went to Mt. Mitake with Kosuke on the 25th of March.

We arrived at Mitake Station on the Ome line at 11:04 in the morning.

It was a great day for hiking.

We took a bus from Mitake Station to Takimoto Station on the Mitake Tozan Railway (Mt. Mitake Cable Car).

There were many foreigners at Mt.Mitake.

Recently, lots of non-Japanese visit the Okutama area.

I hope that people do not meet with any accidents.

We got off the cable car and we started walking to the Mitake Shrine.

We arrived at Mitake Shrine at 12:35 pm.

Then we headed to the Rock Garden via the Nagao Daira (Plateau) and the Tengu-iwa (Rock).

The Rock Garden is in a stream.

We reached the Ayahiro-no-taki (water fall) and after that we returned to Mitake Shrine by another route.

We arrived at the shrine at 3:30 in the afternoon.

We had a late lunch at a teahouse in front of the shrine.

We enjoyed today's hiking.

The number of steps I walked today was 18,266 steps.

That’s it.

           Mitake Station.

            The Cable Car.

        Mt. Mitake Station.

        The JIndai Keyaki.

        The Mitake Shrine.

          The Nagao Daira.

    The moon in the afternoon.

            The Tengu-iwa.

        The Rock Garden.

        The Ayahiro-no Taki.


The teahouse in front of the Mitake Shrine.

    The view from the Cable Car.


Walking in the Tama area (No. 28)

2018-03-18 11:17:06 | ウォーキング

We went to Tachikawa, Kunitachi and Kokubunji for walking on the 25th of February.

This time we walked from Kita Ryokuchi (North Green Place) in Kunitachi city past Nishi-machi Ryokuchi (West Town Green Place) in Kokubunji city to Sakae Green Place in Tachikawa city.

These greenways are made on the former Tachikawa Airfield railroad siding.

There are an arch and a wisteria trellis at the entrance of the Nishimachi Ryokuchi.

These were made of rails.

These rails made 74 years ago.

We started out from Tachikawa Station and walked through the green road and the town and returned to Tachikawa Station.

After that we went to a hot spring for a bath and lunch.

The hot spring is near Minami-tama Station on the Nambu line.

As it was Sunday, lots of people were there.

The number of steps we walked today was 14,147 steps.

That’s it.

         Tachikawa Station.

          Kita Daiichi Park in Kunitachi.

                 The arch of the rail.

     Nishi-machi Ryokuchi in Kokubunji.

         Sakae Ryokuchi in Tachikawa.

             Minami-tama Station.

   The Tokino Irodori(Hot spring) in Inagi.