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See you there!

2018-08-01 | about me

I have moved my blog.

' Creating My Day '


             See you there !



my new chapter

2018-03-14 | welfare

" The key to happiness is really progress

and growth and constantly working on yourself

and developing something."

I am about to begin my new chapter of my life

by working on myself more

and developing something new.



This is the exciting time of my life.

I am creating,

and continue to create my fabulous life.


to take time to breathe

2018-03-10 | welfare

I suppose to start 8 weeks

training course soon,

and keep up with my work load,

attending a workshop,

house work,

study for the upcoming exams...

There are so much to do at all time,

on top of it I started to have

some rash around my eyes.

Is it from stress, pollens from plants,

or dust around the construction site nearby?

Either way, I started notice that

my breathing is quite shallow these days,

so I started to practice deep breathing exercises

in order to improve my immune system.



It's a second day today,

and my rashes are disappearing already

without any medication,

face skin look brightened and healthier.

I must continue to give myself permission

to take time to breathe deeply,

to live life, to give, to love,

to reflect, to be present.

And most of all, to just be.

I am creating a marvelous life.


one step at a time

2018-03-08 | welfare

Dear F was working for 30 years

day after day with many responsibilities,

taking care of others all the time.

She had burnout 4years ago

and quit her job.

Since then all she wanted to do

was to sleep...

When she realized that she must get up,

get out of the house,

she just couldn't do it anymore.

She's been suffering of a nervous breakdown.


Since she has signed up

to join my fitness class in November last year,

I have been communicating with her through email.

Then for the first time in 3 months

she was able to join my class this week.

I am proud of her!

To get through the hardest journey

we need only one step at a time,

but we must keep on taking it.

She is on the way to recovery.

We are creating our marvelous lives together.


I will continue...

2018-03-06 | welfare

Because some situations are occurring

over and over again,

I needed to calm down last week

and quietly think whether to walk away

from these situations or try harder.

I made a decision to forgive the person

who's causing me troubles,

so that I can let go

and move on with my life.


But doesn't mean that I accept

the person's behavior

or trust this person again.

I will continue to get up,

dress up, show up,

and never give up.

I still have a million reasons

to keep moving forward.

I am creating a marvelous life.


life is like art

2018-03-04 | welfare

I like to keep my life simple,

just like my knitting, drawings,

and dance steps.

Life is like art.

Simple can be harder than complex.


I have to work hard

to get my thinking clean to make it simple,

and still have meaning.

But it's worth it,

because I am creating a marvelous life.


energies to build up

2018-03-02 | welfare

I have been accepting basically everyone

into my life up until recent years.


But these days,

I am choosing to spent time with

people whom we respect each other,

and people whom we can inspire each other.

And I want to continue to put my energies

to build up rather than destroy.



I choose to avoid negative people from now on.

Good friends become

more valuable the older I get.



I am creating a marvelous life.


I am worthy

2018-02-28 | welfare

If someone in your family,

or in the work place, or at the school

is always putting you down

and criticizing you,

you sort of start to doubt your self-worth.

Being worthy has nothing to do

with others opinion,

it's something we recognize,

and it's who we are.



I am not let the noise of other's opinion

drown out my own inner voice.

I am creating a marvelous life.

This is my true life story,

I will choose how the story goes.


the choice is mine

2018-02-26 | welfare

I have been having very happy days

for quite sometimes,

then all the sudden things happens.

I can either let these things define me,

let that destroy me

or let these incidents strengthen me.

The choice is mine.



I already know from my past experiences

that my strength grows in the moments

when I think I can't go on

but I keep going anyway.

So I choose to keep going anyway.

Because I am creating a fabulous life.


touch them with compassion

2018-02-24 | welfare

Some people who's been attending my classes

are going through rough times,

lost their husband recently,

some of their loved ones are fighting

to get over alcohol addiction,

and some of them are suffering

with sciatic nerve pain themselves.

Technically, if any participants who's absent

in two consecutive weeks without communication

they will lose their place in our classes.

But I try to keep them up to four weeks

to give them more chances,

and usually more than half of them

comes back to the classes after some time.



Our sorrows and wounds are healed

only when we touch them with compassion.

Strength grows in the moments

when we think we can't go on

but we keep going anyway.

We are creating our fabulous lives together.


what makes life meaningful

2018-02-22 | welfare

The management company and

the commitee of our estate

have decided to refurbish the lift.


Two weeks have past since they begun, 

and it will take 6 more weeks to complete it.

We've been using stairs

during these periods of time,

we live on the 8th floor.

It's a daily challenge for us.



 I am considering this stair climbing time

as part of exercise to improve my cardiovascular fitness

instead of complaining about it.

Challenges are what make life interesting;

overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.

I am creating my marvelous life.


humor in a difficult situation

2018-02-20 | welfare

I am dealing with many senior citizens weekly.

Most of them are easy to work with,

but some of them...

Oh, my goodness,

they can be stubborn, childish, proud, selfish,

critical, and self righteous sometimes.



Now, I am with them for quite few years

I am wisely managing to win them over

by finding some humor in a difficult situation.

I don't take those situations seriously any more

but to kid around with them and crack jokes,

somehow it all work out for the best.

We are creating our fabulous lives together.


my perfect moment

2018-02-18 | welfare

I am addicted to knitting, I know.

I was so into Linedancing up until recently,

now I like to knit every spare moments I have.

I have to take two written exams in May

so I should be studying, really.

But there are always many things to do, always.


So I am taking the moment here and there

to make it perfect for me to knit.

And whatever I have to do

everything will fall into place eventually.

I am creating my marvelous life.


My Midnight Winter Sky top down sweater

2018-02-16 | my creations

I am still working on

my 'first' top down sweater,

it's a slow progress

as I am using 4,5mm needles.

Then I suddenly got an idea to start knitting

a similar sweater with 7mm needles

so that I can experiment

the whole knitting process quicker, and it worked !


This sweater actually became my first one.

It is a very basic raglan sweater and I love it !

                             my midnight winter sky sweater


I knitted a small swatch to begin with,

counted the stitches according to my neck,

bust, waist, hip, and armhole measurements,

plus sleeve length.

It fits perfectly.

I am creating a fabulous life.



2018-02-14 | welfare

I have been spending time with

40 to 50 senior citizens weekly altogether.

Most of them participate in my fitness classes

with light makeup on which makes them beautiful. 

I admire them for putting an effort

to be presentable and looking healthy every morning.



We, women are not putting makeup on

to hide ourselves.

We are using some colors

to enhance our natural beauty.

We are creating our marvelous lives together.