46 years ago today

2017-06-14 14:07:31 | 日記
46 years ago today, Bruce - Bowen (Bruce Bowen) was born in California. He was 2 meters 01, is the 1993 draft, in the overseas league played three seasons, in 1996 Sergei Gonchar Jersey, landing in the NBA, in 13 seasons have played for the Miami Heat, Boston Celtics, Philadelphia 76, San Antonio Spurs 4 teams, averaging 6.1 points and 2.8 rebounds and 1.2 assists Maurice Richard Jersey. Bowen is the NBA's leading defensive expert, 8 times selected for the best defensive team, in 2003, 2005 and 2007 to follow the Spurs to win.

In the summer of 2010, James jumped out of the contract and became a completely free agent, and he initially wanted to recruit Wade to join the knight Canadiens Jersey, and Wade refused. Because the Heat have enough salary space, James and Wade Paul Byron Jersey, Bose secret meeting, decided to three together to the Heat Baotuan, composed of the Big Three. Three of them are the representative of the 2003 generation of gold generation, 2010 Baotuan have just entered the league 7 years, have grown into superstar, in the league flourishing. So that the three superstars have chosen to the Heat Baotuan, in the league to open the pinnacle of the culprit.

In this year's NBA Finals, the Warriors defeated the Cavaliers to win, David - West is definitely one of the most happy players, he had to chase the championship dream to give up the millions of annual salary, and now finally get the wish. In an interview, West said the money is small, but the champion is eternal.
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