The rest of the season

2017-05-19 09:54:57 | 日記
The rest of the season, Manchester United's hard schedule has become an iron fact. At the end of the local time this Thursday away to challenge the Celtics UEFA Cup semi-final first leg after the match, Manchester United will go to the Emirates Stadium on Sunday to challenge Arsenal, whether for the Red Devils or for the gunmen, it is A battle for the top four king of the mountain. Next, Manchester United in the Premier League schedule for the away challenge Tottenham, away to Southampton and home against Crystal Palace, the three games will be in just 8 days time has been carried out. After finishing these games, Manchester United can focus on the European Cup stadium to consider their opponents in the Swedish capital Stockholm in the final runner-up, in the end is Lyon or Ajax - of course, All this premise is that Manchester United can be in the two rounds of the semi-finals over the Celta this Kaner.

For Tottenham, the 1-1 draw away Arsenal, the team had the opportunity to get the next season, the UEFA Cup (UEFA Cup predecessor) qualifying, but because of the subsequent Francis team first encounter Two-game losing streak, and then continue to encounter a draw, and ultimately they and the fifth Leeds United scored as much as 11 points. But in any case, in the standings on the final beyond Arsenal, which for Tottenham diehard Jaycob Brugman Jersey, it is also an acceptable result John Axford Jersey, especially if the White Hart Lane fans know, then the team will be up to 21 Year time by North London rivals Matt Olson Jersey, then they will be more for the 1994/95 season team made the results and feel happy.

After all, in the football field, in addition to the established tactics and normal play, the star of the flash of light is often a lot of time to determine the outcome of the key factors Catfish Hunter Jersey, especially for the recent lineup stretched, it is difficult to play with Liverpool, the star decided to play more Is almost the most important means of winning them. The face of Stoke City is Kutiniao and Philipino, playing West Brom is still Philipino, and the face of Watford, Kutiniao early injury in the case, play The role of the savior became the German midfielder Emre - Zhan.
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