It is undeniable that this season

2017-05-19 09:54:57 | 日記
It is undeniable that this season, Manchester United's luck is too bad. At present, there are eight players in the Manchester United have injured in the body (including the front line player James - Wilson), look at the Premiership, Mourinho's team is injured second team, only has been relegated to relegation Sunderland is more than the Red Devils injured players (9) Glenn Hubbard Jersey. For a large area of ??the team suffered a major attack on the status quo, Mourinho himself is helpless, Manchester United coach last weekend in an interview with reporters told reporters that "at this stage, Manchester United players from the bed to the toilet, will legs Bone fracture.

Four months later, the two sides in the Premier League again narrowly meet Yairo Munoz Jersey, then Arsenal has been impossible in the standings beyond the Tottenham. Ian - Wright with a penalty to help Arsenal head start, and Klinsmann in the game before the end of 16 minutes for the Tottenham to tie the game Rollie Fingers Jersey, the final two sides 1-1 evenly divided. In the game's starting players, the Arsenal side includes eight England Joe Morgan Jersey, one Welsh, one Swede and one Dutch, while the Tottenham side only Klinsmann (Germany), Long Nepal - Rosenthal (Israel) Two overseas players.

It is noteworthy that Arsenal "defense five old" has been formed, but for Boulder, Winterburn, Adams, Keon, Lee - Dixon and legend goalkeeper Xi Man, the 1994/95 season is They are most reluctant to stay in memory for a season, because that year they in the 42 Premier League lost a total of 49 balls. In February fried meritorious coach George - Graham, rushed to host coach after Houston, Arsenal's performance is still not much improvement, and ultimately they lost 17 games throughout the season, only the first 12 The
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