Celta is currently in the Spanish

2017-05-19 09:54:57 | 日記
Celta is currently in the Spanish league in the absence of the impact of the European war tickets, there is no danger of relegation, so in the local time on Sunday in the Spanish league, the team rotated eight main players, and ultimately they Home 0-3 defeat in the "Basque Lion" Athletic Bilbao. Obviously, Celta has all the energy to focus on the European Cup semi-finals, the team Pian Ge Dan Dan, waiting for the arrival of Manchester United. Objectively speaking, in the UEFA Cup semi-finals, Manchester United, of course, is the promotion of the final hot Glenn Hubbard Jersey, but this season Celta has beaten Real Madrid and Barcelona, ??so even against Manchester United such as the traditional German giants, the team also Did not fear, this Spanish team will even think they have a certain advantage Ryon Healy Jersey, at least at home is so.

Always trying to create the chances, and finally we got a return, Emre - Zhan's goal is really wonderful Jarrod Parker Jersey, and in short it is clear that we have to work hard to play the game and we do it at Watford's It's not easy to win at home, we really need a little bit of luck, and of course our personal effort is also very important, they do not create too many opportunities, but I still want to admit that they want to completely prevent them Easy things, in short, we need to play more carefully be careful, the game boys are very good, I am very satisfied with their performance, "but Emre - Zhan's goal, and eventually get 3 points results , Or let the slum cool feeling very good.

Manchester United against Atletico striker Gleeszman will win, and the "Post" also clearly calculated that if Manchester United this summer to sign the French striker, to spend not only a huge transfer fee Coco Crisp Jersey, Mourinho want to get His favorite striker to spend at least 150 million pounds!
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