This season the Premier League final round

2017-05-19 10:44:22 | 日記
This season, the Premier League final round of the game will be open at the same time, but after 3 days, Manchester United will also be against the European Union finals Ajax, Mourinho in the past several league rotation, is to prepare for this season off the Champions League season Qualified important game. But because Manchester United is now wounded camp, the rotation rate and then oakland athletics shop, there are some of the main players have to play on Sunday, for this, Mourinho hope that the Premier League to Manchester United game ahead of schedule to Saturday Rajai Davis Jersey, but was rejected.

Earlier, Arsenal have to postpone the renewal of Sanchez to this summer, Chileans also admitted that he will decide after the end of the season their own future, and the outside world generally believe that if Arsenal in the final round can not go back to Liverpool before the return of Premier League Four, eager to play the Champions League Sanchez will abandon the gunmen away, rumors Manchester City, Paris and Bayern are the 28-year-old former Barcelona striker eyeing.

Manchester United hope this summer to sign the Colombian star J Luo Yairo Munoz Jersey, sky betting for the deal has been closed, there are a number of media revealed that this week the Red Devils may announce the deal. But from Spain, "the daily goal" message, Florentino hope to join in the transaction Deheya, which was the murder of Mourinho Bobby Wahl Jersey, madman even accused of Real Madrid Manchester United as a fool!
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