At present the Belgian goalkeeper

2017-05-19 10:38:46 | 日記
At present the Belgian goalkeeper in 2019 expires Bobby Wahl Jersey, his weekly salary is 100,000, according to the British "Daily Telegraph" argument, Chelsea plans to complete the renewal with the Quur Tuwa, the young goalkeeper's weekly salary is expected To 150 Coco Crisp Jersey,000 pounds, Chelsea hope to persuade the Belgian national to stay. But also Chelsea do not worry about losing the Belgian winger, the Blues plans to open a weekly salary of 300,000 of the contract, and Azar in the recent interview with the club table loyalty, Hope to stay at Stamford Bridge Stadium, he also expressed the hope to get the Champions League Ryon Healy Jersey.

Such a program for Real Madrid is very ideal, but for Manchester United is very cost-effective, after all, in the position of J Luo, Manchester United is not lacking, Mata, Bogba and Mttalta good organizational capacity Very good John Axford Jersey, lost Degea is hard to find a substitute.

Mourinho hope to use pure cash way to get J Luo, for Real Madrid's proposal, Mou Shuai scoffed. It is learned that, in private, Mourinho told the middleman, "put us as a fool?"

According to Mourinho's idea, the current Degea's worth of 70 million euros, and J Luo worth between 40 million -5000 million euros.
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