Liverpool today on the road more

2017-05-19 10:38:47 | 日記
Liverpool today on the road more to win the desire, although Kutiniao early injury back Glenn Hubbard Jersey, but Lara satisfied off the bench outstanding performance Bruce Maxwell Jersey, Emre - Zhan is playing the role of Jones, his hook hook Four seats. Data, Liverpool shot 12 to 9 Marcus Semien Jersey, shot 8 to 2, possession of 60%, corner 5 to 3 overall dominant, the Red Army won the victory of the game is deserved.

The current Fabregas by the Serie A giants AC Milan's attention, the Rossoneri want to sign him as the midfield core, for this, Milan has been and high-level contact with Chelsea. But the Blues do not want to send away a small law, Conti is still very appreciated this technologically excellent Spanish midfielder. It is reported that the Chelsea plan and Fabregas renewed by 2020 Henderson Alvarez Jersey, the small law weekly salary will be maintained at 150,000, which is the future of the Blues will continue to reuse a signal.

Manchester United will usher in the team in the season's most important battle, the Red Devils will be in the UEFA Cup semi-final first leg match away La Liga team Serta. At present, Manchester United in the Premiership standings remain fifth, the Red Devils into the top four prospects are still not optimistic, in this context, Mourinho's team must strive to get the UEFA Cup champion Trophies, in order to be able to "curve to save the country" way to get the next season Champions League qualifying.
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