And Jazz coach Snyder talked

2017-04-18 17:38:02 | 日記
And Jazz coach Snyder talked about the team's last ten seconds of the attack, said: "Joe Joe Johnson into the lore to prove that the coach's choice is wise and I think we should fight the firm, because we know this Some people will say that the last should be called a pause, and some people will say do not call to pause Thomas Greiss Jersey.We just want Joe - Johnson holding the ball through the rotation to find opportunities.This does not mean we are very imaginative or very smart Just tell you that our decision is to let him do the last attack Phil Kessel Jersey. "The last ten seconds, though seemingly simple. But the coach from the two teams to answer is not difficult to see, there are many kinds of tactics to choose executable, on the one hand is the coach's own insistence, on the other hand lies in the player's ability to perform in the field. And today's results, the jazz coach is clearly sticking to the end Adam Clendening Jersey.

February 9, 2016, the Nets home to the Nuggets guilty, 1.3 seconds left in the game, the Nuggets to 104 to 102 lead. At this time Joe - Johnson in the third line outside the sideline ball, decisive shot, buzzer hit three points, the Nets 105 than 104 beat the Nuggets.

April 16, 2017, from the end of the game there are 13.1 seconds, Paul forced layup will score equalizer. The jazz did not ask for a pause, and they sent the ball to Joe Johnson. From the backcourt, he slipped to the frontcourt, on the left side of Crawford, although Johnson's rate is not fast, but he used the rhythm of the change over Crawford, and seize the small Jordan came Association Prevent the tiny gap Christian Ehrhoff Jersey, resorted to a record throwing. The ball on the basket a bit, firmly fall into the Nets. At the same time, the final whistle, Jazz in the 2017 Western Conference playoff first round of the first game 97 to 95 victory over the Clippers.
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