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Microsoft Press offers 50% discount on many ebooks

2016-09-19 16:58:29 | 日記
For those of you who're studying for a buy office 2010 certification exam or simply want learning resources for your new Windows 8 or Office 2013 installation, Microsoft Press is offering a 50% promo code for various ebooks available from O'Reilly Media, the official distributor for Microsoft Press.

"As a Microsoft Partner Network member, you are aware how important your company's success is to Microsoft. Therefore, Microsoft Press has learning resources that will help you achieve the goals for your business quickly, effectively, and economically. O'Reilly may be the official distributor of office 2010 professional Press. Microsoft Press ebooks from O' are DRM-free. You receive free access, multiple file formats, and free updates. Now includes Dropbox syncing," O'Reilly states on their website. Books such as Windows Phone 8 Development Internals, Word 2013 Plain & Simple, Windows 8 Step-by-step, and cheap office 2013 standard Inside Out are open to you at half the price!

Hit the origin link below and use the promo code MPNMEMBEROFFER to seize your ebook in a 50% discounted rate. This does not affect print books or ebook/print combos. No word on if this offer will expire so jump on it although it lasts!
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