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Cartier Love Jewelry Replica From

The 2017 winter wedding season in the big jewelry brand of top jewelry

2017-07-27 01:11:28 | 日記
Mediterranean Eden series intarsia series bracelet.
1. Attrape-moi series, inspired by the European royal family symbolizes the lucky and love of spiders and ants.
2. Attrape-moi golden ornament, decorated with yellow sapphire and yellow crystal bee shape jewelry. It is very suitable to hang it on the Cartier love bracelet replica Attrape-moi pendant.
3. 4 Liens Cross Hart pendants, representing the “LOVE” and “Kisses” X-type design Liens series. Gold material set with cut diamond pendant, a symbol of the heart of the eternal and unique marriage.
5. “Liens D’amour necklace” full of romantic feelings. You can deduce a platinum, red gold, pendants can be free to move a variety of styles.
6. Red gold wedding pendant, in order to create the best moments in life, reshape the unique elements of the wedding ring.
7. Attrape-moi bee-shaped pendant, pink cat’s eye and amethyst combination of pendants exudes a deep love. The bees that fly around the ring are very compelling.
8. Attrape-moi golden pendant, designed to fly on the daisy petals for the design of inspiration for the pendant. A variety of colored gems look very cute.
1. Perlee pendants, craftsmen processed beads from the unique charm, after wearing and elegant and type.
2. Perrye pendant with diamonds in Cartier love ring replica center. Decorative beads and diamond jewelry shine shine shines.
3. symbolizes the lucky Alhambra palace-style ring. The edge is decorated with ornaments, full of fantastic love.
4. Stylish and stylish ring. A few stacked together to wear up will look better, not significant monotonous.
1. PIAGET rose ring, fine lines of golden petals like sunflower shiny.
2. Blooming roses in the shape of the earrings, cut in the middle of the cut diamonds like the sparkling dew in the same as the sparkling.
3. Red gold material long necklace, after lace finishing with 6 roses decoration, put on after the elegant practice.
Happy Heart Heart Pendant Necklace with 252 diamonds inlay, unique in that every heart is free to move, there are 3 walkable heart-shaped diamonds in the middle of the heart, from any angle Will be scattered out of the beautiful Replica Cartier jewelry light.
The above is Xiaobian to introduce the 2017 winter wedding season in the big jewelry brand of top jewelry, there is no wedding jewelry for you to bring some inspiration?
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