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The world’s top watch Patek Philippe Shanghai Bund source flagship store

2017-07-27 01:22:03 | 日記
Switzerland famous watch brand Patek Philippe China second store, just opened the Shanghai Bund source Di store, located in the Bunduan 33, Building 2, covering 1,400 square meters, was originally the 19th century Shanghai Cartier love bracelet replica British consulate consular residence, the location is also very superior – Suzhou River and the Bund Interchange, one of the most expensive lots in Shanghai. Previously, the brand is also opened on the Bund 18, a 500 square meters of the store.
The world’s top watch Patek Philippe Shanghai Bund source flagship store
Recently, Patek Philippe President Thumben (Thierry Stern) said in an interview, this store will show the price of 100,000 yuan to 1.5 million yuan between the watch. In addition, Patek Philippe in the local launch of a service center, easy to buy the watch in the local watch care without having to send overseas.
Watch brand KC introduction
Many friends have seen KC watches, but we are very strange to the KC, do not know what brand. Today, watch home to come to tell you about the watch brand KC it!
(Kenneth Cole) Kenis Cole brand official website. Founder Kenis Cole started with shoes. In 1982, he wanted to run a footwear company with limited capital. The development so far, Keny Cole has not only sell shoes, but also business watches, men’s, women’s, sportswear, jewelry, accessories, suitcases, leather goods, glasses, sunglasses and perfume business, the brand promotion to the rest of the world. But the company name still retains the year’s “Kenneth Cole Productions, Inc.”, as a wake-up call to remind the company from top to bottom “flexible” and “creative” importance.
KC Kenis Cole, the US brand, but the watch is the foundry products in Japan, the price of about 1500 yuan
Kunlun table describes the Kunlun table LOGO is what kind of
Kunlun table in the domestic market and no, Longines, Tissot and other Swiss watch brand fame. So mention Kunlun, there are a lot of people are not very understanding. Do not know the Kunlun watch LOGO is what kind of the following watch home to give you about it!
Kunlun table describes the Kunlun table LOGO is what kind of
The brand was founded in René Bannwart, with his entrepreneurial spirit and its experience with the top-known watchmaking factory, he was able to create his own brand, and in 1955 with his uncle Gaston Ries Set up a unique watch Cartier ring replica brand – Kunlun table.
René Bannwart liked the Latin word “quorum”, which meant that the organization was able to extend to the most basic element that could make things work by effectively determining the minimum quorum. However, René Bannwart simplified its spelling to CORUM and used it as the brand’s English name.
Since 1955 in the creation of La Chauxue Feng, Kunlun table determined to stand in the forefront of the Swiss watch industry.
The brand’s logo is a key to the sky, a symbol of understanding the mysterious things, unlock the unknown mystery, explore the new areas and unremitting innovation. It also represents the creativity, perseverance, and courage of the master of the time.
In 1956, the first Kunlun watch wrist surface, while the brand also launched a series of novel watch concept and achieved great success. Its innovative ideas and even get the industry peer recognition, as the industry recognized as one of the most creative brands.
In 1966, the founder’s son Jean-René Bannwart joined the Kunlun watch company, and the creation of the Kunlun table for the famous Admiral’s Cup Admiral Cup series watches.
Hamilton H32612735 watch introduction
Free and precise watch! At the end of the 19th century, Hamilton’s first series of pocket watch Broadway (Broadway) limited edition, with unparalleled accuracy and reliability, for a serious railway accident with a full stop, and Cartier jewelry replica created its Excellence in the history of the timer.
Hamilton H32612735 watch introduction
Hamilton Hamilton H32612735 Jazzmaster Sir Swiss made three hour watch male watch, 42mm table diameter, sapphire mirror, 100 meters waterproof, stainless steel case, quartz movement, American spirit and Swiss craft perfect combination, show free and accurate watch style!
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