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Cartier are elegant temperament has been a lot of consumer recognition

2017-07-13 02:28:48 | 日記
All along. Cartier are elegant temperament has been a lot of consumer recognition. Has an elegant appearance and fine workmanship. So all along. Cartier Jewelry is the British royal family designated jewelry brand. For the mass consumer, the most understanding is Replica Cartier Love Bracelet, in fact, Cartier’s brooch is also very famous. In the UK, there are many nobles like to buy Cartier brooch. While the Cartier brooch is also very fit for British women for brooch needs.
Replica Cartier for animal theme jewelry has always been a special dedication, cheetah, crocodile, flamingo is its classic design theme. The “Artistic Artifacts – Chinese and Western Treasures Art Exhibition”, which is being held, will bring eight pieces of animal art to Cartier, and a chic bird’s nest is particularly noticeable.
In the UK, ordinary consumers like Replica Cartier Love Bracelet, and brooches for British women is also very important. Cartier brooch 2017 sales in the UK is ranked first in the world. On the one hand is Cartier brooch to the style of diverse words, the second is Cartier brooch enough luxury, the design is also very elegant. So the British are very fond of.
This brooch was made in 1944, vividly presented two birdies nested on the edge of the nest nestled with each other – the body and the head were mosaic arc cutting emerald, sapphire and ruby, rounded silhouette to its exquisite gesture exposed Survive, bird’s wings with long ladder-shaped diamond cut inlaid, sharp beak is made of platinum.
In order to imitate the grass, leaves, twigs built into the nest, the designer to coiled the golden filament to show this natural texture. In the chic nest, you can see five warm pearls, like five placed eggs waiting for the incubation of new life.
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