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it is necessary to remind you that imitation Cartier love bracelet any too much value of goods

2017-08-10 14:31:43 | 日記
Common several big mistake buying a diamond ring Myth: "price" hou total diamond, quite a bargain!" Mention TV shopping, everyone will be impressed "hou always sell diamond", that the high, hysterical "broken price" fooled a lot of people. A former TV shopping guide miss explosive TV shopping shady recently, the company sales of "gold" "diamond" commodity "limited", most of which are cheap, quality is poor and in reality it is difficult to sell the goods, the sales, all advertising credit. So, it is necessary to remind you that imitation Cartier love bracelet any too much "value" of goods, have to think twice before you do, the smart people in the world so much, why heaven fell pie, hit the is you? Myth 2: "1 carat diamond worth?" Please, to buy a diamond don't ask this sentence, because this question is enough to kick you to the big amateur ranks, so, miss light from sales of visceral disdain, or let you be taken in by undesirable businessman. 1 carat diamond is worth is affected by many conditions, in the case of a certain weight, color, clarity, cut, differences of enough to make one carat diamond prices vary widely, ranging from tens of thousands to tens of. So, unless the seller knowledge superficial or sinister, otherwise, they can't answer you this flawed. Myth 3: "alien drill is too colorful, couldn't appreciate" Princess square, water droplets, horse eye, such as egg shaped drill have appreciation of space, of course, but also because of its very rare in the market, the collection value has not been widely cognitive, so its price is more friendly than round diamond - same VVS, the quality of the I - J, 50 points round diamond money, can buy 1 carat diamond. Of course, relatively, the current rise faster or large carat round diamond. Myth 4: "there are more than 100 facets, my diamond can't flash can't" Speaking of facet, first of all depends on what you choose in the shape of a diamond, in general, 57, 58 facets refer to the current domestic mainstream on the number of the cut surface of the round diamonds. Cut surface will do more to help the light reflection, but also is not the more the better. The stand or fall of cutters, rely on good polishing and grinding and cutting in precise geometric way. Light to highlight the section without considering cutting way more scientific, also cannot get the Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica diamond of bright. In addition, there is a little need to emphasize, carved face many also depends on the size of the diamond, a bear more carved the diamond, usually must be carat diamond, ordinary people difficult to achieve. Mistake 5: "as long as it is VVS diamond, must be the beautiful diamond" VVS is one of the diamond clarity, but regardless of color or clarity, not cut diamond color the influence of the big fire. Under the condition of the budget to buy a diamond ring does not change, suggest you can consider the size of the diamond, cut, color, clarity finally considered. Because the clarity is professionals under the microscope, based on what diamond inclusions. Inclusions is retained in the process of diamond formation natural mark, it will not affect the beauty of a diamond and durability. Myth: "' pigeon eggs, relic value!" That may not be! If you have that carina lau hand "4 c" indicators are perfect natural diamond is very valuable, but if the color below J, cut, clarity is still very low, even - carat value is not too much money, this is why many bad online screamed in carat diamond can be one of the reasons for such a cheap price. Diamond imitation Cartier love bracelet 4 c standard, each is very important, and in different aspects affect the value of the diamond. Inferior alone height is big, but cut diamond, looks like a piece of glass is no fire. Turbidity and color, also affect the beauty of diamond. How to buy diamond fool proof experts teach you three When consumer is buying diamond, often claimed by some jewelry salesman fool style design, product certificate, etc. Several diamond business in the industry, when buying a diamond the most easy to "fool" link to remind consumers. Buy as far as possible when the Certificate of naked drill "Our diamond with authoritative appraisal certificate, you can rest assured!" Jewelry salesman always appraisal certificate to prove its authority. But the diamond appraisal certificate version of the game a lot, not only have a certificate of foreign, national and local also have different versions of the certificate, issued by individual businesses and even his identification certificate. The survey found that sold in diamond jewelry use finished product identification certificate, more businesses are fewer can issue the certificate of naked drill. The personage inside course of study says, good diamond, which can improve the artificial diamonds level of indicators, such as the drawbacks of diamonds in the waist, by controlling the diamond inlay location, in the test when it is very easy to raise a Replica Cartier jewelry level indicator. In addition, some certificate for mounted diamond also indicate the diamond weight, but it is to identify the weight of the diamond mark on the weight of the value, not the measured weight. So should choose when buying diamond more authoritative testing institutions, at the same time, it is better for naked drill certificate, because naked drill certificate is closer to the actual situation of the diamond. Domestic brand design difficult "exclusive" Meet so palatable diamond jewelry style, some female consumers tend to be under the guidance of the seller impulse buying. Reporter found that many businesses are claimed that a particular style is designed by a master, lead and so on. But as we have learned, at present only have the ability to launch the international line jewelry brand unique style, and it is difficult to do this, the domestic jewelry brand design style homogenization phenomenon is serious. The diamond ring on design mainly for four, six, scratching and snow flower style. Accordingly, consumer through comparison imitation cartier love jewelry it is not hard to find, many brands are selling style similar to that of diamond ring. Mosaic material is price stunt "We the diamond ring is pure platinum inlaid here, the price is higher than K gold inlay many." Many assistants to platinum inlaid as the price factors. It is understood that part of the business conducted on Mosaic texture fuzzy propaganda, to transfer the diamond quality to the attention of consumers. As more diamonds material is currently 18 k gold and PT950 PT900 or. The personage inside course of study says, the diamond ring on the material cost of 18 k gold cost a few hundred yuan, and platinum inlay material cost no more than one thousand yuan. So when buying auger adorn article, consumers should carefully weigh the protagonist - actually the value of the diamond.
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