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Monkey tree review-English learning is the best for their own

2017-06-17 22:24:30 | 日記
Monkey tree review, * I think learning English in the general case can be described by the following rules: "motivation + interest" --- determination --- perseverance - effective.

* It is necessary to cherish the classroom teaching and teacher-oriented learning opportunities, but also to seize the "acquisition" of English opportunities, the latter refers to learn to take the initiative to listen to the radio to listen to the recording, watching TV to see the video, reading and reading novels, Communicate in spoken and written language.

* Imitate the Anglo-American voice tone, but do not blindly pursue foreign language, the focus should be on the correct pronunciation, articulate clear, express the natural. Bold mouth, sometimes can not help but recite, as well as self-talk.

* Read on those who do not affect the whole sentence of the whole meaning of the new words, check the dictionary, understand its meaning and usage.

Do everything to master the law, learn English is the same, so to see one or two easy grammar book why not?

Wang Zuoliang

* Through language to learn language, language will learn better.

* The language of the charm, style worthy of study, mainly because there is a big spiritual world behind: but the two must be art together, so the language of expression and ideological insight is to promote each other.

* Styles and styles of research are practical use, it can make us more in-depth observation of English performance, see the strengths and weaknesses of English, and we should learn English in particular attention or vigilance. Because English is not difficult to use on the one hand, on the one hand and inadvertently or too careful users in front of a trap.

Zhou Jue Liang

* For the steps of translation I have the following views; (1). First word by word sentence translated, do not lose anything, do not avoid some translation cavity. (2). Put aside the original, only to see the translation, according to the original style (concise, gloomy, playful, etc.) to modify the text. At this time will find a lot of problems, often the context echoes the problem and the overall style of the problem. (3). And then the original, look at the meaning of no. (4). Put a few days or even a few weeks later to see. At this time the memory of the original has been blurred. In the second phase of the text when the text is also mostly remember because the original, that is also a lot of places, now pass, and need to modify the text. At this time often have to add some words or less words to make sense clear. After this time to modify, in general, the translation can be taken out.

* To understand the culture of a country will read some history, literature, including poetry and prose works. China's ancient children into the private school, began to read the "Three Character Classic", << thousand words >>, << family name >>, in addition to read << Qian poetry >> or << Tang three hundred >>, That is, to Mongolia early access to the meaning of traditional Chinese culture. We read the poem, the purpose of this similar.
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