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Where To Buy Hilary Swank's Mission

2016-10-19 11:10:09 | 日記

It might be time to take out a loan, because Hilary Swank's Mission Statement is finally on the market. Her activewear clothing line launched today, and it's pretty pricey but totally gorgeous. Here's where you can shop the chic collection.

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Swank wanted to design clothes that "allow you to find that perfect balance of movement while working out, in the office, resting or playing," she said on "I couldn’t find the pieces that served me in all facets of my life, so I designed it. I wanted the clothes to not only function well but also reflect the way I want to feel in my day to day life…to merge high-performance and high-fashion."

The result is a very high-end, super versatile line that can be mixed and matched, or seamlessly integrate into your current wardrobe. There are knit tops, leather leggings, pants, outerwear, and even mermaid prom dresses. The looks are solid and in navy, black, or white so you can wear anything, anywhere. The prices are hefty, though, putting the "investment" in investment piece — the lowest priced item is $125 leg warmers, and the highest priced item is a $1,150 leather jacket. Still, these clothes are made to last and outlast all those "trendy" clothes you buy but never wear more than a couple years in a row.

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