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Woman spends THOUSANDS of pounds on clothes for her seven dogs

2017-01-03 15:40:01 | 日記

A dog owner with seven pet pooches has spent thousands of pounds spoiling her pups with the finest clothing.

Fiona Gordon, 31, from Skye, Scotland, has made sure each of her Maltese dogs has their own individual style and wardrobe.

The dogs - named Floee, Mya, Hamish, Angus, Theo, Ellie and Isla - have a selection of handmade white prom dress, jackets, t-shirts and even waterproofs.

Fiona Gordon, (pictured above with two of her dogs) 31, from Skye, Scotland, has made sure each of her Maltese dogs has their own individual style and wardrobe

Fiona, who looks after her dogs full-time, said: 'They are spoiled rotten.

'It started with my first one Bella in 2003, who was born with a heart condition.

'She was very small at only 4lbs and when she would go outside she would be shivering and clearly feeling the cold - so I bought her a little jumper and coat to try and keep her warm.

'It was a lot harder back then to find dog clothing, especially anything fashionable.'

Fiona said her dogs mainly share clothes and have six wardrobes - two of which are specifically for Christmas and Halloween outfits.

All the clothes are made-to-size and ordered from the States.

And all the pooches have their own dressing room - but the male dogs are less fashion conscious than the others.

Fiona added: 'From shirts and jumpers, to coats and pyjamas, to hand-made Christmas dresses, made to size and sent over from America. Plus, of course, a new Halloween costume each year.

'It's really normal to me now. The girls love the attention more - they love people to fuss over them.

'Maltese are very adaptable little dogs, they are happy to be outside playing and or to go for a nice long walk.

'But mostly they enjoy being with people, they are known to be very affectionate and love to be fussed over.

'They certainly don't wear clothes all the time, however when they do, people are always very taken with them when they see them out with a little coat on or a jumper, they usually want to come and chat and stoke them.

'We even have people stop us and ask if they could take pictures of them.

'It's actually a bit of a joke at our local vets. They are very disappointed if the dogs ever turn up 'naked'.'

The clothes items in their wardrobes range from £5 for t-shirts to £45 for handmade Christmas dresses.

But Fiona, who lives with partner Stuart, 42, a stock controller, and doesn't have any children, has lost count on how much she has spent.

'I've spent absolutely thousands over the years,' she said.

'I could not guess. They are happy, well-cared for and well fed. They love it. If they don't want something on, they'll take it off.'

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