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Words of a bulletin board 40

2018-01-12 | shrine and temple



The meaning of these words are 

”Failure is a circuit, and it isn't dead end"

We may get something important from failure.

Our life could be richer by it. 


Words of a bulletin board 39

2018-01-04 | shrine and temple



Words of a bulletin board at a Zen temple in my neighborhood are 

"Happy New Year"

"Thank you very much for the happiness because I can live now and here." 

"Now and Here" seems to be the key word. 

I hope I could have a nice feeling to be able to say "Thank you " 


Happy New Year

2018-01-03 | diary


Happy New Year 

May this year be a happy and peaceful  one !



The fifteenth person

2017-12-03 | Kiva


  The 14th person I had lent 25 dollar through Kiva at the end of  June returned the money.

The 15th person is a woman named Aimerance in Congo who sells used shoes.

She is 39 years old and has 7 children and a member of  a group.

She needs 2600 dollar to buy 40 pairs of shoes.

The profit will cover her children's school expenses and so on.

Scheduled payback period is 6 month.

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Under drying

2017-10-24 | family




  We have a good harvest of persimmon this year.

Because of bad weather, I couldn't pick these fruits till the day before yesterday.

After typhoon 21 had passed away, we are having fine autumn days. 

I picked many astringent persimmon to make dry fruits.

About 50 persimmons are under drying now.



A workshop at a zen temple

2017-10-18 | shrine and temple

gate of the temple


main hall

hall for zen meditation


back yard


" A workshop of Soto Zen Buddhism" was held the day before yesterday, and I went to Toshoji that is a very old temple at Yakage-cho.

I listened to a lecture by Suzuki Seido who is a chief priest of the temple  for about 40 minutes after sutra transcription.

He talked about the way of living.

We recognize time as past, now and future, and name them like day, year and so on.

The length of "GOU" is beyond our imagination.

But the time we can live is just  now.

So we should value now and here.

After that we are guided in the temple that we can't see usually.

This temple was designated "Professional meditation hall" of Soto Zen Buddhism and accept ascetic monks from all over the world.

So I saw some monks that day.

I had a very meaningful time.



Ophthalmology and dentistry

2017-10-07 | diary


*Six years have passed since my eye operation of macular pucker.

I went to the hospital to check my eye every six months and I was free from the hospital this August. 

I feel relieved but worried slightly .


*By the way, I went to a dentist about 6 and a half years after I went there last time.

I had  my tooth cured and cleaned.

Besides that, I learned the way of brushing teeth for the first time.

My teeth were cleaned and I felt very refreshed and comfortable.

I'll go there every 3months from now on.

I should have learned the way of brushing 20 or 30 years before and I should have been to the dentist to clean the teeth regularly. 

 But my teeth will become worse from now , so it'll be worth going to a dentist regularly.

Please take care of your teeth!



Queen of the Night

2017-10-06 | plant



 This Queen of the Night bloomed the day before yesterday.

It was very beautiful under the harvest moon.

This is the third time that the flower bloomed in this season.

I had missed seeing them so I saw it for the first time in this season. 

It begins to bloom in the evening and becomes in full bloom at midnight.

It withers in the next morning.

Scent of this flower is very good.


Words of a bulletin board 38

2017-09-15 | shrine and temple




Words of a bulletin board is 

" Welcome or Nice to see you."

I never say those words to a typhoon or a missile. 


Words of a bulletin board 37

2017-08-12 | shrine and temple



Words of a bulletin board at a Zen temple was renewed.

「かんしゃくの くの字を 捨てて ただかんしゃ」

Meaning of the word changes when only one letter KU in Japanese is thrown away.

It changes from temper of anger to thanks.

It is amazing !


Welcome !

2017-07-15 |  creature


Geckoes began to appear every night to eat tiny bugs.

I see them every summer night.

Their back side is blackish gray, but their abdomen is snow-white and their palms are very pretty.

The bugs were not so many that night, but sometimes they can catch a lot of bags.

Sometimes I see their stomach tight because of eating so many bugs.

I'll see them at night for the time being.


Ducks in the rice paddy

2017-07-14 | rice field (farming)



  There are about 10 ducks in this rice paddy.

They eat weeds and harmful insects and their discharge seems to be nourishment of rice.  

These ducks are crossing kind with the wild mallard and duck, so they can't fly.

I asked the owner whether they eat the ducks or not after growing.

She answered, " They are too lovely to eat."



2017-07-13 | family

 A family of my grandson came to my house the other day, so we enjoyed fire works.

It was very sultry and I sweated much but I didn't mind at all.

Enjoying a Japanese sparkler, I thought of my childhood in summer.


By the way, the rainy season in the south Kyusyu is  over today.

It is sunny and very hot today here.

The rainy season will be over soon here too.


The fourteenth person

2017-05-23 | Kiva


 The 13th person I had lent 25dollar through Kiva at the end of January returned the money.

The 14th person is a group in Senegal.

There are 12 women in the group and a woman is 22-year-old Adama who has two sons.

She will buy 50 kg smoked fish and seafood.

The profit will cover her household cost.

Scheduled payback period is 8 month.

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2017-05-16 | plant

my flower

my neighbor's flower

I was presented the seeds of this flower from my net friend in Kagoshima about ten years ago.

After about four years later, it began to bloom every year.

I found a flower this morning.

The flower of my neighbor to whom I gave some seeds are also blooming.

They are very pretty, but the life is shorter than cherry blossoms.

It only blooms only for a day, but they bloom one after another.

So I can enjoy the flower for some time.