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Words of a bulletin board 38

2017-09-15 | shrine and temple




Words of a bulletin board is 

" Welcome or Nice to see you."

I never say those words to a typhoon or a missile. 


Words of a bulletin board 37

2017-08-12 | shrine and temple



Words of a bulletin board at a Zen temple was renewed.

「かんしゃくの くの字を 捨てて ただかんしゃ」

Meaning of the word changes when only one letter KU in Japanese is thrown away.

It changes from temper of anger to thanks.

It is amazing !


Welcome !

2017-07-15 |  creature


Geckoes began to appear every night to eat tiny bugs.

I see them every summer night.

Their back side is blackish gray, but their abdomen is snow-white and their palms are very pretty.

The bugs were not so many that night, but sometimes they can catch a lot of bags.

Sometimes I see their stomach tight because of eating so many bugs.

I'll see them at night for the time being.


Ducks in the rice paddy

2017-07-14 | rice field (farming)



  There are about 10 ducks in this rice paddy.

They eat weeds and harmful insects and their discharge seems to be nourishment of rice.  

These ducks are crossing kind with the wild mallard and duck, so they can't fly.

I asked the owner whether they eat the ducks or not after growing.

She answered, " They are too lovely to eat."



2017-07-13 | family

 A family of my grandson came to my house the other day, so we enjoyed fire works.

It was very sultry and I sweated much but I didn't mind at all.

Enjoying a Japanese sparkler, I thought of my childhood in summer.


By the way, the rainy season in the south Kyusyu is  over today.

It is sunny and very hot today here.

The rainy season will be over soon here too.


The fourteenth person

2017-05-23 | Kiva


 The 13th person I had lent 25dollar through Kiva at the end of January returned the money.

The 14th person is a group in Senegal.

There are 12 women in the group and a woman is 22-year-old Adama who has two sons.

She will buy 50 kg smoked fish and seafood.

The profit will cover her household cost.

Scheduled payback period is 8 month.

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2017-05-16 | plant

my flower

my neighbor's flower

I was presented the seeds of this flower from my net friend in Kagoshima about ten years ago.

After about four years later, it began to bloom every year.

I found a flower this morning.

The flower of my neighbor to whom I gave some seeds are also blooming.

They are very pretty, but the life is shorter than cherry blossoms.

It only blooms only for a day, but they bloom one after another.

So I can enjoy the flower for some time.


First visit to a hair salon

2017-05-08 | diary

I visited "a cut only hair salon" for the first time yesterday.  

A beauty salon where I had visited for about 40 years closed the salon at the end of March this year.

The owner of the salon became too old to run the salon.

I was very shocked to know the fact in January this year.

 I wondered where should I go to have my hair cut  though there are many hair salons around here.   

Then I came to mind about the " cut only hair salon".

So I went there yesterday.

There were two professional men in the salon.

The price is very low, a man ¥1100 and a woman ¥1500.

First I bought a ticket by using a ticket vending machine and handed it to a hair cutter.

And I had my hair cut.

The skill was a professional one and it ended in 10 minutes or 15 minutes.

I"ll go there next time too.   


Words of a bulletin board 36

2017-04-24 | shrine and temple



A notice of a Zen temple was renewed after about one month and my blog is the same.

The meaning of these words is

" Grasses are growing even on the roof" 

It wouldn't be comfortable, but they can find any places to live.


Words of a bulletin board 35

2017-03-15 | shrine and temple




The words of a bulletin board is 
"Flowers bloom in the mud"
Dirty mud is also significant to bloom a beautiful flower. 
It may be applied to a man.

The thirteenth person

2017-01-29 | Kiva


 The thirteenth person I lent 25 dollars through Kiva is a member of a group in Malawi named Emma.

   She is 31 years old and she started a business to make her life better and to educate her children.

She needs 750 dollars to buy clothes for her business.

She will return the money in 6 months.

I wish her business go well !

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Tondo festival

2017-01-17 | shrine and temple



I attended 'Tondo festival' held at my family temple in the morning.

This event was the first time at my temple.

We brought ornaments of New Year, used charms and so on.

The service was started with priest's sutra and and all ornaments were burnt clearly.    

After that sweet bean paste soup with rice cakes which had been served to God during new years days were served to everyone.

Spiced sake was also served.

We all had a very good time.



After that I went to a main hall in the temple to attend the sutra transcription meeting that is held on 17 day every month.

Everyone writes wishes on the transcription paper of the last line.

The wishes are various, for example safety of all the family, traffic safety, recovering from sickness, happiness of the ancestor, being healthy and so on.

Among them there was a wish for 'world peace' that was the first time I heard at the meeting.

I had been wanted to write ' world peace', but I had been hesitated to do so because it is a too big wish.

But 'world peace' is very important though it is very difficult.

I'll try to write 'world peace' on the  transcription paper next time. 


Happy New Year and so on

2017-01-01 | diary

thirty-three Goddess of Mercy

Inari shrine

shrine of our district

Happy new year !

I hope this year be a happy and healthy one.

This morning I went to our temple for praying our happiness this year.

About twenty people attended to the meeting.

 On my way home, I went to Inari shrines. 

In the afternoon, I went to a shrine of our district too.

I met a few people both of the shrine.

It was a fine day and not so cold, so I felt comfortable.


* * * * *

Sister Kazuko Watanabe died on December 30 last year.

She lived to 89 years old.

She was my former teacher about half a century ago.

At that time she was young and very beautiful and the beauty seemed to come from her inside as well as her out side.

Needless to say, she was intellectual and severe but was very gentle and had much sense of humor.

Above all she had abundant humane feeling adding to divine of religion personality too.

I was lucky to be a student of her.

Lately her books became best sellers and media took up about the book and her life.

We can't live forever, but the news made me sad.

Her way of life was so nice.

She will watch many graduates and her students from heaven.



Words of a bulletin board 34

2016-12-19 | shrine and temple


The words of a bulletin board is

”Wait and flowers will bloom"

We are spending very busy days and we are tend to forget to wait.

If we wait patiently without losing our temper, something good may come to us.


A trip to Eiheiji and so on

2016-11-08 | shrine and temple

gate for visitors




vegetarian food


from Haku-san village observatory


Shirakawa-go  House of an A-frame


  Cormorant used for fishing


 Konpon Chudo


I went to a travel hosted by Soto Zen Buddhism Okayama religious affairs from November 3 to November 5. 

On November 3

We visited Eiheiji at Fukui prefecture by bus.  

It was my first time to go there and I was worrying about the event we would experience there.  

After relaxing for a short while, we took a bath.

After that, supper for vegetarian food was served.

Next we saw a DVD that showed the way of living of priests there after sitting in ZEN meditation for about twenty minutes. 

And a sermon was also told by a priest.

He talked about the importance and value of ZAZEN.

We would be peace in mind if we sit without thinking anything. 

We went to bed at nine at a big tatami room with visitors of this tour.


On  November 4

We got up about 4:30 and  listened to a sermon by a priest again, which was also a nice one.

Next we went up a long corridor to Hatto where 60 or 70 priests morning raised some kinds of sutra together.

That was very solemn and I was deeply impressed.

And our ancestor's memorial service was also held. 

We took breakfast of  vegetarian food after a young priest guided inside of Eiheiji.

I felt something valuable by staying  a night there.

We left Eiheiji at 8:30 and went to Shirakawa-go by bus.

After that we visited Nagaragawa hot spring and enjoyed a party and relaxed in the hot spring.


 On  November 5

We went 'cormorant museum' in the morning and learned about cormorant fishing.

After that we went to Knpontyudo at Enryakuji in Hieizan.

I had been there for about 55 years before as a school trip.

This trip was meaningful for me because it was not only sightseeing but also visiting Eiheiji.

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