1998年4月12日日曜日 -3

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1998年4月12日日曜日 -3

いったい何処で何をしてるのだろうか?!。  最近チビちゃんを迎えに出ることがほとんどない。  机に向かっていると、『トンッ!』と音を起ててシンクから飛び降りるので、『ははぁ……***』還って来たなぁ……!、と解る。  きっと『ンニャ……ァ』と嬉々としたリフレッシュ?!した新しい顔を上げて挨拶をくれる。  ”春眠暁を覚えず”の頃、木の芽が堅い殻を破り、野獣は野生の声を聴き落ち着つきがない。  人物は、寝覚めがつらい。  季節の変わり目で生ある全ての生きものが活き活きしてるのだろうか?!。

♯♭♪ (*^.^*) : Andre Previn 1/ ☆□You Tube Search :     ♫ Play List -Andre Previn I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart What Am I Here For Solitude But Beautiful -f Kiri Te Kanawa & Andre Previn 'Together on Broadway' The Making of 'Sidetracks'  -f   Previn/ Vocalise Double Concerto for Violin, Cello and Orchestra   Sarasate/ "Zigeunerweisen" I.Moderato, with energy   Gustav Holst/ The Planets -f   Sibelius/ Violin Concerto -f -f -f Serenade no.1 no. 2 Humoresque no. 1   Grieg/ Piano Concerto -f -f   Villa Lobos/ Concierto para guitarra. 2º   Vaughan Williams/ 'Sinfonia Antartica'  Concerto in F Minor for Bass Tuba and Orchestra   Franck/ Violin Sonata no.1 no.2 no.3   Debussy/ Violin Sonata no.1 no.2 no.3 La Mer TRIOS NOCTURNES Images for Orchestra - No.3 Images I Gigues Rondes de Printemps Prelude a l'apres-midi d'un faune II Iberia - Les parfums de la nuit   Saint-Saëns/ Piano Concerto no.2 -1 -2 -3 -f  AFRICA—Fantasie for Piano and Orchestra, Op. 89    Ravel/ Ma mère l'oye -1 -2 -3 ALBORDA DEL GRACIOSO VALSES NOBLETS ET SENTIMENTALES Velero   Mozart/ Piano Concerto no.24 -1 -2 -f -f no.27 -1 -2 -3 Trio for Piano, Violin & Cello K502 -1 Klaviertrio B Dur KV 502 Klaviertrio E Dur KV 542 Klaviertrio C Dur KV 548 -f Sonata for two pianos, K.448 Concerto for two pianos, K.365    Beethoven/ Triple Concerto C major Piano Concerto no.2 -3 Piano Trio No.7 in B flat major Op.97 "Archduke" Trio in B flat Op.97 'Archduke'   Chopin/ Piano Concerto no.2 -f -f   Bruch/ violin concerto -1 -2 -3   Rimsky Korsakov/ "Scheherazade" -f   Prokofiev/ Piano Concerto no.2 -1   Rachmaninov/ Suite nº 1 para dos pianos, nº 3. Lágrimas Suite nº 1 para 2 pianos, op.5 - I. Barcarola Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini op.43 p.1 Symphony no.2 -1 -2 -3 -1 -2 -3 no.3 -2 Piano Concerto no.3 -f Piano Concerto no.4 -1 -2 -3   Mendelssohn/ Symphony no.4 -1 -2 -3 -4 Violin Concerto Violin Sonata -1 -2 Piano Trio No 1 D Minor Op. 49   Walton/ violin concerto -f   Gershwn/ Piano Concerto -1   Shostakovich/ Symphony no.5 -1 Who  Smoke Gets in Your Eyes Wait Till You See Him  Prelude To A Kiss My Melancholy Baby My love and devotion.and Give me time I can't give you anything but love Sunrise , Sunset Love Walked In That Old Feeling Doris Day- Falling In Love Again Remind Me Fools Rush In Who Are We To Say Close Your Eyes

♯♭♪ (*^.^*) : Julius Hemphill 0 1 2 3/  1/ ☆□You Tube Search :     ♫ Play List -Julius Hemphill ♫ Top Tracks for Julius Hemphill * 0 1 The Hard Blues 1 Hard Blues-f Skin 1 / Skin 2 Hotend Lyrc Rites Dogon A.D -f  1 2 The Painter 1 Rites Live In New York 2 Live in New York - Echo 1 (Morning) The Painter Skin 1 C/Saw Heart Rites the Painter Julius Hemphill C M'Boom "The Grand Collaboration" Unknown (3) World Saxophone Quartet - Basel 1980 Body Spiritual Chairs Mr. Critical Band Theme The Moat and The Bridge Shorty Five Chord Stud Flush Mirrors Georgia Blue Concere Ntasiah streets of st louis Morning Song  | Tiny Desk Unit Hymn for Julius Hemphill A Poem for Julius Hemphill Dennis Gonzalez Yells At Eels

♯♭♪ (*^.^*) : Avril Lavigne 1/ ☆□You Tube Search :     ♫ Top Tracks for Avril Lavigne * 0 Hello Kitty Give You What You Like Sk8er Boi Nobody's Home Don't Tell Me Hot Innocence Sippin' On Sunshine My Happy Ending Rock N Roll Smile I'm With You  Wish You Were Here Girlfriend When You're Gone Let Me Go ft. Chad Kroeger Complicated Once And For Real Too Much To Ask Touch The Sky I Dont Give A Damn When You're Gone 1  Things I'll Never Say Alone Get Over It I Dont Have To Try It Complete How does it feel The best damn thing Let go Punk Princess One of those girls I Can Do Better I Don't Give Day Dream Contagious Complete Girlfriend 1 2 3 He Wasn't Unwanted Fall To Pieces 1 2 Keep Holding On 1 I Can Do Better 1 Daydream 1 2 Much Music Adia Naked Hot 1 2 Don't Tell Me Forgotten Slipped Away When You're Gone 1 Anything but ordinary Complicated Sk8er Boi 1 2 My Happy Ending Everything back but you Kiss Me I'm With You 1 Punk Princess Freak Out 1 Nobody's Home Why Who Knows Innocence 1 Tommorw 1 Nobody's hom I Will Be 1 Movile Innocence 1 2  Runaway My World 1 2 Together 1 I Miss You/Slipped Away  Best Song Of Avril Lavigne -f 。

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