company of these famous

company of these famous

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"Oh, come now!  You know a man's got Space Research to let his women-folks have their say about household matters, but that don't make any difference in my feelings toward you."
"Well, well, Tom!  If it did, I should be slow to quarrel with a man who had done me as good a turn as you have.  Thank the Lord!  I've got a wife that'll let me

have some say about household and all other matters.  You, too, are inclined to think that I'm in an awful scrape.  I feel less like getting out of it every day.  My

wife is as respectable as I am and a good sight better than I am.  If I'm no longer respectable for having married her, I certainly am better contented than I ever

expected to be again.  I want it understood, though, that the man who says anything against my wife may have to get me arrested for assault and battery."
"When it comes to that, Jim," replied Watterly, who was meek only in the presence of his wife, "I'd just as lief speak against her as wink if there was anything to

say.  But I say now, as I said to you at first, she aint one of the common sort.  I thought well of her at first, and I think better of her now since she's doing so

well by you.  But I suppose marrying a woman situated as she was isn't according to regulation.  We men are apt to act like the boys we used to be and go for what we

want without thinking of the consequences."
"It's the consequences that please me most.  If you had been dependent on Mumpson, Malonys, and Wigginses for your home comfort you wouldn't worry about the talk of

people storage systemswho'd never raise a finger for you.  Well, goodbye, I'm in a hurry.  Your heart's in the right place, Tom, and some day you'll come out and take dinner with

me.  One dinner, such as she'll give you, will bring you round.  One of our steady dishes is a bunch of flowers and I enjoy 'em, too.  What do you think of that for

a hard-headed old fellow like me?"
Some men are chilled by public disapproval and waver under it, but Holcroft was thereby only the more strongly confirmed in his course.  Alida had won his esteem as

well as his good will, and it was the instinct of his manhood to.  He bought twice as many flowers and seeds as she had asked for, and also

selected two simple flower vases; then started on his return with the feeling that he had a home.
Alida entered upon her duties to the poultry with almost the pleasure of a child.  She first fed them, then explored every accessible nook and hiding place in the

barn and outbuildings.  It was evident that many of the biddies had stolen their nests, and some were brooding upon them with no disposition to be disturbed.  Out of

the hundred or more fowls on the place, a good many were clucking their maternal instincts, and their new keeper resolved to put eggs under all except the flighty

ones that left their nests within two or three days' trial.  As the result of her search, the empty egg basket was in a fair way to be full again very soon.  She

gloated over her spoils as she smilingly assured herself, "I shall take him at his word.  I shall spend nearly all I make this year in fixing up the old house within

and without, so he'll scarcely know it."
It was eleven o'clock before Holcroft drove to the door with the flowers, and he was amply repaid by her pleasure in receiving them. "Why, I only expected

geraniums," she said, "and you've bought half a dozen other kinds."
"And I expected to get my own coffee this morning and a good breakfast was given Neo skin lab me instead, so we are quits."
"You're probably ready for your dinner now, if it is an hour earlier than usual.  It will be ready in ten minutes."
"Famous!  That will give me a good long afternoon.  I say, Alida, when do you want the flower beds made?"

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