When you are Ketchup Packing Machine blocks

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When you are Ketchup Packing Machine blocks you will naturally want to add other concrete products to your line. There is a strong demand for bird baths, sundials,garden furniture,patio slabs and a variety of other products. These additional products will add considerably to your profits when you offer them to customers. The markup on these is often much more than on cement blocks. Plans and instructions are available for all these items and they are certainly worth adding to your business line of products.

The small business which you started part time in your garage can in a relatively short time become a full time very profitable enterprise. The sky is the limit depending on how hard you are prepared to work at it. Go to it and soon you will be making a far better income than you could expect at any job.

Making your own block machine is reasonably easy if you have any mechanical ability. The saving over purchase of a machine is big. You can also build a smaller hand operated machine which is of simple construction and can turn out 200 blocks in a day. When you have a machine going you will need help to operate the machine and move the completed blocks to the drying area. To house your blocks while drying you will need more space.Overview:

The Powis Parker Fastback Scoring machine is the perfect tool to put creases in covers for short run folding or perfect binding in a variety of binding situations. The Fastback scoring machine can create a one-piece wraparound cover with a boxed spine in one easy motion. In addition, the Fastback is aesthetically pleasing, available in a variety of fashionable colors to match your other Powis Parker Fastback binding equipment - a rare feature in binding equipment.
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