If the cross clip and filling head are clamping tightly

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If the cross clip and filling head are clamping tightly. All adopt compressed air as the control, so they are quite suitable for the use in the request of anti-explosion environment, has high safety.Machine working condition:
Air pressure:4kg/cm to 6kg/c m

. If the lathe dog are clamping tightly. Models selected
There are kinds of models according to the maximum filling volume of the customer’s request. If the preceding handle and back handle are clamping tightly. Through the cylinder's movement of forward and backward to make the piston which is located in the cylinder do reciprocating movement, so as to occur the negative pressure in the preceding chest of the cylinder
B.. Turn on the air source switch and confirm the black pipe of filling head’s small cylinder is on the top.
B..5%. Applicable scope of filling materials
This semi automatic filling machine can be used to fill:
water honey sugar acid cheese
fruit juice shower gear oil
liquid coffee ink eye shadow fluid
tea shampoo glue
food/paint washing hand fluid cream
milk liquid soap butter
syrup plant oil
D. All adopt pneumatic control besides hardware positioning, so they have high filling precision as the precision can be controlled within 0. The piston is driven forward when the cylinder make backward movement, the materials are pressed and go into discharging pipe through unidirectional valve of discharging materials, finally filled into the empty bottle which need to be filled, then one time filling finished. Check before operation and operation order
All parts of this pneumatic filling machine should be checked if they are fine before operation so as to avoid mechanical failure or personal injury accident
Contents of check and operation:
C. It is a single and simple action to each time of filling for the piston filling machine, so it has Shrinking Machine very high filling precision and stability to every regular container
IV. Filler is in reference and an increase of some additional features. It is more simplified and convenient for operation, precision adjustment to filling volume, cleaning, maintenance etc.
Work principle
A.Brief Instruction
This self suction filling machine is developed on the basis of the new design, and increases some additional function according to overseas similar products.
(Note: forbid long time working without materials)
This unit adopts pneumatic components to replace electrical control circuit, so it is quite suitable for the use in the request of anti-explosion environment
II. Tea Bag Packing Machine No phenomenon of static electricity, the leakage of electricity and no need to connect the ground wire
C. Feature:
Specific models:
GVT- 5 (5-60ml)
GVT- 10 (10-120ml)
GVT- 25 (20-250ml)
GVT- 50 (50-500ml)
GVT- 100 (100-1000ml)
GVT- 250 (250-2500 ml)
GVT- 500 (500-5000 ml)
III. The piston is pulled backward when the cylinder make forward movement, the material cylinder occurred negative pressure, the materials in the barrel are pressed into the feeding pipe by pressure and go into the material pipe through unidirectional valve of feeding and discharging materials . Connected with air pressure source, the air pressure8kg/cm, machine work pressure: 4 to 5 kg/cm
(With the greatest amount of filling as standards)
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