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Now that you are ready to purchase a Vacuum Machine, try surfing the internet for the perfect unit. Whether you want a new or used unit, there is a something to fit almost any budget. If you are an entrepreneur who is looking for a terrific way to earn extra cash, you may very well be the next to earn sweet profits from a candy vending machine.Hot foil printing is one of the oldest forms of printing promotional and paper items, it yet remains popular despite the traditional nature of the equipment used.

The personalising of items such as wedding albums and photograph albums, diaries, presenters, portfolios, ribbon and leather goods is still carried out using this proven method of printing. Hot foil printing machines that use either type or printing plates, we also offer two clever plate less systems that allow a range of products to be personalised without the need for any plate origination.

hot foil printing machines, also referred to as hot foil stamping machines or hot stamping machines for short, use either a metal printing plate (die) or traditional printing type in the form of loose letters to hot stamp the required image onto the product. The process begins with the production of a printing plate, or the setting of type (generally used when only initials, names or short areas of text will be printed). Once the printing die has been produced, it is placed on the heated print-head of the hot foil stamping machine and brought up to temperature.

Using a combination of heat, pressure and dwell time, the design is transferred from the die or type, through the coloured foil and onto the product. The entire hot foil printing cycle takes less than a second per item (excluding the time to locate and remove the item from the machine). The platen press action is similar to that of a book opening and closing.
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