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Hill Climb Racing Game

2016-11-02 19:42:10 | 日記
Hi, this is me again..
I want to write something about my gaming experience. I've played some android games for a while. Various titles.One day I play Hill Climb Racing Game in my lovely Android device.

Moreover, this game let you save your progress on cloud systems. You'll not lose your progress when something wrong with your device. Cloud based game saves! Great fun, nice little physics engine and really addictive. Worth five stars in the review right now. It takes advantage of Google's online save game facilities. I will not loosing all my progress when I swap handsets, awesome. To people saying it doesn't have cloud based saving. It does. Click the More button on the main menu, sign in with your Google account (I think everyone has this) and it will backup your progress.

Good for time pass. Good game but the gravity level is less than the first version I've played for a while. It seems that the vehicle could fly! It is very hard to reach the next fuel location after 1000-2000 meter distance. There is some "logic glitch": How it follows the physics rule, when I choose the cab or any type of vehicle that have the hood like truck, van, police car etc and when the vehicle flip over then how can the driver drown or died as he under the hood? Hmm.. Maybe he forgot to tighten his seat belt?

Anyway, you need a lot of patience, persistence and skill to finish the game, earn coins and purchase an upgrade for your vehicle. If you not really have the patience you can use the hacked version of hill climb racing. I've found one of the hack here: www.android-apkmod.cf/2016/03/hill-climb-racing-hacked-apk.html
I've tested it and it works well..But since I've already made progress with non hacked version, so I just continue my progress in the 'clean' version of the games.

It is your choice by the way. If you just want instant fun with everything provided instantly, just try the hacked version. If you like progress, you can play the one in the google play.

Cheers and happy playing. Hope I can see you later.
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