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Precautions for the Use of Mobile Crushing Plant

2017-06-28 16:26:00 | Mobile Crushing Plant
First of all, we should pay attention to the rational use of mobile crusher.
1. Under normal circumstances as long as the crusher can continue to use, the hydraulic electrical interlock system in any case cannot be removed.
2. In order to be safe in the process of machine operation, personnel shall not be close to the rotary surface of the crusher and shall not stand in the rotary surface.
3. The machine in the work process, no one can put his hand into the machine to take raw materials or other items.
4. The raw material supplied to the crusher shall not be too large, and the requirement shall not exceed 0.85 times of the size of the feeding mouth.
5. Mobile crusher plant must be unloaded at start-up,and there can be no material in the machine.

Second, prepare and check before the machine is running.
1. Before starting the machine, it should first check whether the lubricating oil is normal, adequacy, and check whether there is blockage and oil leakage.
2. Check all the instrument of the crusher are in good condition and accurate, and repair the problems when they are found. Ensure that the instrument can be correctly indicated.
3. Before the operation to adjust the discharge port, in order to successfully complete the crushing operation.
4. Before the mobile crusher plant running, check the tightness of the triangle belt and spring, and the tightness should be moderate.
5. Check whether the connecting bolts are loose and fasten them in time.
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