Signed with Dublin Bus FC today

2017-02-23 17:36:45 | Ireland


Let me announce an awesome news today.  

I've signed with Dublin Bus FC in Leinster senior league. They currently play in the 4th tier of the Irish football and now battling in the promotion zone to the 3rd tier. 
As I've done that in AUS, NZ, CAD and some others before, I took action to find a football team who I can play for by myself with no friends here. But now I've had a team and made friends through the most popular sports in the world.

Now I perceive that I'm not only playing for myself but also playing for others who I would like to play for, for instance, the coaches and team staffs who are kind and nice to me. At the same time, I feel so blessed with good encounters and luck. It's not only on the field, but also off the field as well.

Playing football might be the only way for me to get things easier in a new country. It has helped me a lot establish myself in my whole life.

And After the Thursday's training, I had some intriguing stories from the coach. He told me that the players who playing in the Leinster league has been checked up by the national league of Ireland and can be scouted and called up for your appearance at their trainings as a trial. There's a massive opportuty all around in the leagues as long as you play there.

I'll give you a good example. The Irish champion last year, Dundalk FC got qualified for the play-offs for the Champions league and made it to the play-off finals against the Polish champions, Legia Warszawa. Unfortunately, they got defeated by Legia, but made it through to the Europe league and fought in the group with the Dutch and Russian giant, AZ and Zenit respectively.

Even in the third tier of the Irish league, some players get paid unofficially and play as a semi-professional. those stories were kind of an eye-opener for me. I to be honest wanted to know about it when I was younger!!

So I just wanted prospective young name-less players in Japan to know about the possibity this country has. As a matter of course, it all depends on how good you are, but it is definitely worth a go if you are confident of your ability to make it though. 


  今日、Dublin Bus FCというアイルランドリーグ4部のチームと契約しました。練習参加して2回目の今日、練習後にサインしたいと伝えられ、すごく歓迎して必要としてくれたので決めました。正直、そこまで本気でサッカー選手としては準備していなかったので、まだまだ体力面で不安はありますが、ヨーロッパという地、そしてチームメート、コーチ陣、スタッフの温かさに、「このチームでプレーして貢献したい」と駆り立てられました。やるからには全力で選手としても再スタートです。順調にいけば、クリアランスが下りて、今週から試合で出られるかもしれません。



 さらに、1部の優勝チームはCL予備予選から出場できます。今年はDandalk FCが優勝し、予備予選2,3回戦を突破して最後のプレーオフでポーランドのレギア・ワルシャワに敗れて本選出場を逃しました。その後ヨーロッパリーグに回り、オランダのAZやロシアのゼニトと対戦しています。

 そして先週私が練習参加したCrumlin Unitedが所属する3部リーグはセミプロのカテゴリーで、週に数百ユーロもらいながらプレーしている選手が多いようです。プロを目指すならまずはこの3部か4部の上位クラブでキャリアをスタートしたいところ。



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