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2017-10-12 00:05:13 | Ireland

Hi, guys.

Finally, I made the first step for the UEFA coaching badges yesterday by acquiring a certificate for Safeguarding 1 where is the gateway for any applicants to get coaching badges in FAI. There are two requirements before starting off your first coaching course that should be Kickstart 1. One is the workshop that I took for the Safeguarding 1, and the other is to apply for a Garda Vetting to FAI. I think you need to belong to a local club who you coach for before you start off with your Garda Vetting application because you need a reference from an authorised person within FAI members when you apply for it. 

Anyway, it takes a while to get started.. There are few troublesome steps that you need to get over in terms of child protection.

As for the workshop, it was 3 hours session in a classroom with full of group discussions. It wasn't only about being a coach, but also how you should be as a roll model for kids as a human being. There were over 30 participants and broken into 4, 5 groups during the session with various topics and case studies to discuss about.

For example, one of the kids on your team looks unusual and over the past weeks, his appearance has worsened. The other children are making comments about him, and you think he might be losing weight as well. What might you do in relation to this situation? What would make it easier to deal with this situation? etc...  

Bullying and child abuse could be an issue on your team that you need to deal with. I think this kind of workshop should be a requirement for any coaches of underage groups.

I myself had been skeptical about the definition of coaching badges before took this course yesterday, because I didn't believe that higher ranked coaching badges did label you as a good coach. However, taking workshops and courses get you more knowledgeable enough in every respect in relation to coaching. This is a fact well known to public.

To me, it was actually a fruitful time because it created a certain time frame where I lived and breathed football by external stimulus. It also had me an opportunity to see football from a different angle. I sometimes need this must-do-environment... 

I will keep updating on the next course for Kick start 1 as well.


 ようやく、アイルランドでのコーチングライセンスの第一歩を踏み出せました。その証拠として、まずはSafeguarding 1という最初の講義に参加し、受講修了の賞状を昨日頂きました。まずはこの講義を3時間と、今申請中のGarda vettingという無犯罪証明書をFAIから発行してもらうのが無事完了すれば、アイルランドのコーチングコースを受けることができます。







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