Safeguarding 1

2017-10-12 00:05:13 | Ireland

Hi, guys.

Finally, I made the first step for the UEFA coaching badges yesterday by acquiring a certificate for Safeguarding 1 where is the gateway for any applicants to get coaching badges in FAI. There are two requirements before starting off your first coaching course that should be Kickstart 1. One is the workshop that I took for the Safeguarding 1, and the other is to apply for a Garda Vetting to FAI. I think you need to belong to a local club who you coach for before you start off with your Garda Vetting application because you need a reference from an authorised person within FAI members when you apply for it. 

Anyway, it takes a while to get started.. There are few troublesome steps that you need to get over in terms of child protection.

As for the workshop, it was 3 hours session in a classroom with full of group discussions. It wasn't only about being a coach, but also how you should be as a roll model for kids as a human being. There were over 30 participants and broken into 4, 5 groups during the session with various topics and case studies to discuss about.

For example, one of the kids on your team looks unusual and over the past weeks, his appearance has worsened. The other children are making comments about him, and you think he might be losing weight as well. What might you do in relation to this situation? What would make it easier to deal with this situation? etc...  

Bullying and child abuse could be an issue on your team that you need to deal with. I think this kind of workshop should be a requirement for any coaches of underage groups.

I myself had been skeptical about the definition of coaching badges before took this course yesterday, because I didn't believe that higher ranked coaching badges did label you as a good coach. However, taking workshops and courses get you more knowledgeable enough in every respect in relation to coaching. This is a fact well known to public.

To me, it was actually a fruitful time because it created a certain time frame where I lived and breathed football by external stimulus. It also had me an opportunity to see football from a different angle. I sometimes need this must-do-environment... 

I will keep updating on the next course for Kick start 1 as well.


 ようやく、アイルランドでのコーチングライセンスの第一歩を踏み出せました。その証拠として、まずはSafeguarding 1という最初の講義に参加し、受講修了の賞状を昨日頂きました。まずはこの講義を3時間と、今申請中のGarda vettingという無犯罪証明書をFAIから発行してもらうのが無事完了すれば、アイルランドのコーチングコースを受けることができます。







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Pats vs Shamrock Rovers.

2017-09-27 01:45:14 | Ireland

Watched the first game in the league of Ireland, St Patricks vs Shamrock Rovers last night! Lots of fanatic supporters created so much heat filling the whole stadium with full of enthusiasm!!

I didn't expect that the stadium would be this packed and the Pats pulled off an upset (cuz Shamrock looks like a better side in the league table..)

And what I was impressed during the game was most of the supporters who have a decent level of knowledge in football. I clearly got to see it when they gave players applause..

It must be a pleasure if I get to have an opportunity to play in the crowd!!





My players in Dublin!! サポート選手紹介

2017-09-05 00:47:37 | Ireland


Hi, guys.

Let me introduce a player looked after while he was in Dublin for a month in August. 

He is only 20 years old, an undergrad. I got a contact from him through social media in the first place, and he wanted total support for his first long stay overseas. We hadn't even met each other until he got to Dublin, but we built trust each other by calling on skype many times and by giving him advices about the life in Dublin.

As soon as he landed, I started to arrange a training session with some local teams here for him. In the end, he got to join practices and matches with three different clubs.

What was the most unexpected thing on the support this time is that he got to play few official matches even though he hadn't signed with the team he played for. It was very a lucky surprise for him!!

He is planning to go overseas again next year by himself and become a professional player. Hopefully the experiences he had in Ireland boost him up big time then.

We will definitely keep in touch no matter where he will be going and no doubt that I am alway willing to help him if he needs it!!

Thank you, Kazuma!!








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Players on trials!!

2017-08-29 01:36:08 | Ireland







Three Japanese players I'm looking after in Dublin are on trials at few clubs in the third tier of the Irish football leagues. One of them has signed with a team and already played few matches!! Not an easy task to negotiate and meet them halfway as a go-between as the season has already begun after forming teams at preseason.

But it's absolutely a rewarding job when my hardwork pays off!!

I will keep it updated on this blog. Hopefully I could break some good news on the players in no time!! 




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We are the champions for the pub league!!!

2017-08-19 01:05:15 | Ireland

Hi guys!!

We are the champions for the pub league!!! I was really honored to be involved and played with the Legend, Tony Sheridan. Obviously, it was the most fantastic and fun night in Ireland. Thank you lads!!!


With Tony's son, Dillon Sheridan and Swifty!!



I thought it was gonna go in the net, but the last guy on my team in the picture below had a slight touch to deflected the ball for the goal. As a result, he snatched my goal!!!!!!!!!! hahaha 

As you can clearly see...he is on the offside position with no doubt, though...



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The first trial at Cherry Orchard FC

2017-07-18 23:07:17 | Ireland

Hi, guys. 

I went for the first practice with the senior squad of Cherry Orchard FC today. They belong to the first division of Leinster League that is the third tier of the Irish football pyramid.

Some of you might know that I retired from playing football at a high level, but this Holy land of football drives me up playing at a competitive level. I am already 31 years old, but it could be at my peak as an athlete. 

In fact, I have already walked in training sessions at various clubs throughout Dublin. The first club I went was Crumlin United that plays in the same league of Cherry Orchard does. And then I hopped around few clubs later during last season. I also practiced with Yellowstone Celtic last week... 

I think they are very generous to walk-in players for trials. Maybe if it is a club in the League of Ireland, you might not have a chance to join their practice without an appointment..

But basically, it would be fine, if you have a decent level of English and know where and when they usually train. 

This time, I work for Cherry Orchard as a coach at the moment, so it was very easy to put myself in contact with managers for the senior squads.

The content of the training was very clear due to the preseason. They obviously are still in a phase of building a team and putting stress on pushing up the fitness level of players. It was so hard for me as I wasn't fit enough at all!!! But I knew the practice would be intense like this, so I did ease up on it, and gave my 100% in a scrimmage at the end of the session. Because I knew I had to stand out in the match to impress the coaching staffs!! 

My plan went well in the end. I got to leave a good impression on them as I was asked if I would be coming to the next practice. I love those kind of moments where people take a 180 turn and start praising and accepting me after they know I am a good player. I think this is the best shot for me to establish myself in a new environment. If you could do something special that others can't, you would be embraced into the group for sure.

But I need to keep my guard up and work hard!!


 今日は前回ブログと同じくCherry Orchardから。ですが今回はこのクラブのトップチームであり、アイルランド3部リーグに所属するチームの練習参加へ行ってきました。私自身2年前に本格的にサッカーを辞めたつもりが、去年はカナダで遊び程度にしたくなり、今年はアイルランドでまたガチレベルでやりたいなと。31歳ですが体がまだ動くからどうしてもしたくなる。

 これまでアイルランドで練習参加したのは、今年の2月頃に参加したCrunmlin Unitedが3部、その後4部のDublin Bus、7部のLarkview boys、先週1週間参加したのも7部のYellowstone Celticというチーム。そして今日のCherry Orchardですでに5チーム目。アポなし飛び込み参加だったり、紹介だったり参加方法は様々ですが、基本的には練習場所と時間さえわかっていれば飛び込みでも入れてくれると思います。英語が話せないと相手にされない可能性もありますが・・。しかもアイリッシュ英語はクセが強い。





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The Summer holiday soccer camp by FAI

2017-07-15 22:55:31 | Ireland

Hi guys.

Glad to be involved in the soccer camp hosted by FAI at Cherry Orchard FC this week. A lot of intakes and outputs during the session and inspirations through conversations with veteran coaches at the club!

Producing hundreds of footballers in EPL from a country with a population of 4 million tells you that Ireland is definitely in the front line of methodology in coaching!!


This is the club house of Cherry Orchard FC, which is one of the most famed club in Ireland and is also well-known for player's development.

開催場所はCherry Orchard FCというアイルランドでは特に育成の面で有名なクラブで、トップチームは3部リーグに所属。個人的にも先週からU7クラスを指導させてもらっています。

This is an astro field where the club owns and it was used for the camp as well. The number of Astro fields(artificial fields) surely increases lately. More chances to play on those fields in here too..

Cherry orchard自前の人工芝グラウンドが開催場所でした。アイルランドは天気が悪いため、人工芝がかなり増えてきていて、リーグでもプレーする機会が多いです。


An update on recent life.  近況!

2017-07-12 21:27:20 | Ireland


It's been a long time since the last time I blogged here. Will try to update more often..

At the moment. I do coaching at a Japanese school in Dublin on Saturday fortnightly and also do for my own academy every Sunday morning. 
Plus, I was more than happy to be involved in the academy of Terenure Rangers and got to meet and work with Tony.

Right now, I've got an opportunity to be in touch with Cherry Orchard FC and been involved in their academy too.

And still haven't given up as a player either. Can't remember when I pushed myself in an intense training session last time, but always good to get to know new young players and befriend through soccer. Hopefully, I'm still capable of hanging on to a decent level of soccer.

Another challenge is to look after Japanese players and put them in touch with local clubs in Dublin. Ever since I landed here, All I think is that there's full of opportunities to be a pro. In addition, there're loads of English language schools which are way cheaper than other English countries such as AUS, NZ and CAN from my past experiences.

It's not easy task to pave the way and make it successful, but nothing happens unless you take action. No doubt to take the hard road rather than easy one.


 現在は、隔週で土曜日にダブリンの日本人学校でサッカースクール、毎週日曜日は、自分で立ち上げたサッカースクールの活動をベースに、アイルランドでは大きなクラブであるCherry Orchard FCでは7歳以下を、地元クラブのTerenure Rangersでは8歳、先日はNDSL(ノースダブリンスクールボーイズリーグ)というリーグの選抜チーム(14歳)も指導する機会がありました。



Coaching for the NDSL select.

2017-06-29 22:07:16 | Ireland

Hi, guys.

Yesterday, I went to see the training session of the select side from North Dublin Schoolboys League U15. A friend of mine has been involved with the team as a member of coaching staff, so he invited me to his session for the boys last night.

I made a quick intruduction of myself to the boys before the training started. And I myself partially jumped in some drills and give them some advices with good demonstrations.

As a matter of course, I made no mistake during the session and got to show a sense of pride as a former pro. haha   But as a coach, I should have talked up a bit more to the players and give advices and positive remarks. 

I am an Asian who came from the far East. I understand that they cast strange and skeptic eye on me in an early stage. So I made an approach that kind of brandished my skills at each drill to show them what I have with a ball. I think it worked.

It was only one training session, but also it would help me develop as a coach. Everything I experienced yesterday was new to me and was inspiring!!

Dont be afraid of making mistakes and being embarrassed!!


 昨日、North Dublin Schoolboys Leagueというダブリン北部で展開しているリーグ戦の選抜チームの指導に招かれて行ってきました。Shamrock Roversというアイルランドのプロクラブのジュニア世代を指導しているAlanがマネージャーをしているという事で、その繋がりで一度見に来ないか?と。


 最後の試合形式でも少し中に入ってプレー。ちょっと余裕こいてたら何度かボールを突かれて恥ずかしかった。笑 ちょっと14歳のレベルを舐めてました。申し訳ない。




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2017/06/15 Sat class and NDSL U15.

2017-06-16 01:12:09 | Ireland

Hi, guys.

I will keep posting on my coaching things time to time for my note. 

Today, I went for a coaching session with the U9 team of Terenure Rangers at 615. We have two groups training at the same time. I usually look after the SAT group of them(kind of the second team) and the other coach look after the SUN group.

Basically, the kids in the SAT group are not coachable at all. So I need to put more importance on teaching how fun the football is rather than teaching football technics and skills. I do so when I coach the kids in the Sunday group, though. We sometimes switch the roles each other to teach the other team for the day。It's kind of for a change for us and kids need some fresh air from the different coach. 

Today, We started off with a warm-up, followed by a shooting game  and 1 on 1. Of course  we wrapped up with a match. But A huge mess happened towards the end of the match. A goalie in one team was always kicking the ball ramdomly for the goal kick and gave it away to the other team in front of the goal, so the other team kept scoring after some easy interceptions from his goal kick. And his teammates started blaming him for his reckless goal kick attempts... That made him throw a fit and he kicked the ball hard to a boy in the other team. I think it wasn't on purpose hitting him, but unfortunately it hit his penis and fell flat on the ground and started crying big time!! And then everyone started blaming him for the act.  He ended up saying that I don't want to come to training any more.. 

After the session, I had to explain what was going on during the game to his mom. But I think I could've done better for the case before it got out of my hand. To be honest, I should've cut off the match and teach him where he should kick the ball to and how risky it would be after kicking the ball right in the middle area from goal kick. At least I could've averted it if I had done that.

It was a lesson to learn!! 





 その後、U15の試合を視察。そこのチームのコーチが知人なので、見に来て感想を聞かせてほしいと。そこの統括がScotland Premier leagueのGlasgo Rangers FCのアカデミー統括をしていた方で、今はアイルランドのアカデミーをみているとのこと。紹介してもらい、自分の将来のやりたい事に興味を持ってくれ、コーチとしてやらないかと誘いを受けた。願ってもないことなので、これから話が広がっていけばと思います。

 試合の方は、選手は一応NDSL(North Dublin Schoolboy League)というリーグの選抜チームみたいだけど、レベル的にはまだまだ。縦に急ぎすぎ、難しい選択肢で一発狙いが多い、ワンタッチ目の質の悪さ、ポジショニング、バスの受け方など個人としてもチームとしても課題がたくさん。試合に入りきれず、戦えていない選手も多々。自信の部分が本当に左右するサッカーはメンタルスポーツだと改めて気づかせてくれた。後は選手達に自分がそうであったように、特徴のない器用貧乏な選手にはなってほしくない。これから練習を見て、一緒に成長していければと思います。


The Irish football league. 来シーズンに向けての準備

2017-05-22 19:21:29 | サッカー/英語留学サポート










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The result of trials. トライアウト結果。

2017-05-16 01:49:00 | サッカー/英語留学サポート







My mate, Ryusei Kojima was on trials at Shelborne FC for the last few weeks. However, It has come to an end with the result that he wasn't hoping for, but this experience has also sparked him to become a pro as he got lots of positives out of it.

No doubt that I will keep supporting him until when his dream comes true.

He wasn't standing out as a player in the Kanto regional university league in Japan, but I pay respect to his decision that challenged himself overseas. Unfortunately, he couldn't make it, but I think it broaden his vision and his way of thinking in every respect. Success always starts with failure and the failure becomes process of the success in the end.

I would like him to grit his teeth in determination and keep trying at length.

Results are everything when you look back on the past.

Reality bites.



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2017-05-11 23:28:38 | サッカー/英語留学サポート





A good news has been delivered from Toronto, Canada. A Japanese guy on a working holiday in Toronto whom I was looking after has just signed with the Toronto Irish FC in Ontario Soccer League.

Even though he has been in the select team of Hokkaido region before, he would rather make friends through soccer than playing seriously towards pro.

Everyone has a different idea and goal. I would of course like to respect his decision and keep supporting the way he does.

Good luck, Daiki!!


a way of coaching in Ireland.

2017-04-25 23:39:44 | Ireland

Hi, guys.

To praise is a keyword in football coaching in Ireland. In particular, when you coach young kids. Let me talk about the difference in football coaching between Ireland and Japan.  

I do coaching 4 days a week to local children in Dublin, luckily. I want more opportunities to coach other kids too. Hopefully I would like a fulltime coaching engagement in here.

Now, I've led a U9 team of Terenure Rangers FC in Dublin and coach at their matches every weekend. And what I was surprised most during the matches is that every coach I face at games keeps praising their players or at least keep throwing positives words even on their mistakes. As you know, we are liable to deny our kids to let them know right things. But here in Ireland, they don't follow that way where most Japanese coaches follow. 

Even when my players make a good piece of play or excellent indivdual plays, the coach I play against give my players a praise by saying like 'great play, kid', 'fantactic save, goalie!!'. those mements were a kind of eye-opener for me.

If they play wrong, their coaches never throw negative words on them first, try to find positives out of it, then give them right instructions.

And Irish kids are not mentally weak. Of course I often see them cry at practice from accidental contacts with a ball or a player, but they never be scared of the memories and start playing again. But I see no diciplines in them at practice, so that is the thing to get on my nerve, though. haha

Anyway, it's been great and fun coaching them. 




 まだまだ子ども達のレベルは始めたばかりといっても過言ではないですが、コーチ達はまず選手のプレーを褒めることを忘れません。試合では特に、うちの選手が良いプレーをしたり、キーパーが良いセービングをした時に、私が選手を褒めるのはもちろん、相手コーチまでもが「Excellent, goalie!!(良いセーブだ、ゴールキーパー!)」と試合中にも関わらず褒めてくれる。子どもの成長に敵、味方も関係なく、良いプレーをすればその場で褒めてあげる。少しカルチャーショックのような衝撃を最初は受けました。日本では見られない事です。




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My Sunday class in Dublin

2017-04-18 23:10:47 | Ireland

My Sunday class in Dublin




 ダブリンにいる方、毎週日曜日の午前中にPhoenix parkで行っています。興味がある方は是非ご連絡ください。

Hi, guys.

Brissy Soccer Academy in Dublin has just begun every Sunday in Phoenix park. It's absolutely fun coaching them from the very early stages of their soccer career. Not only helping them improve, but also entertaining them through the sport and show them the joyful part of it by experiencing small successes in each session.

We hold a session every Sunday in the Phoenix park right beneath the Wellington monument. If you are interested, please get in touch on

Thank you.