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The vacant lots were filled; the dirt roads were paved; and people started coming to Cardinal Hills, not just as a means to get to Lakeway or Apache Shores but also as a place to live. This is true of Cardinal Hills, which not long ago lacked paved streets and residents. They thrive when the city thrives, which it fortunately doesn’t seem to ever stop doing. This makes it the ideal location for a young professional or new family to build a foundation on fresh ground for their future. The houses, the people and the communal feel are tying together to create a place that anyone, including you, would want to live.

Cardinal Hills began as a rural community with mostly movable homes. They remain in it, even as homes in other areas skyrocket past your final zero - Lakeway and Apache Shores, as well as many of the areas surrounding Austin, are known to be pricey, given their location and demographics. It wasn’t until developers noticed Cardinal Hills that the subdivision began to grow. They are seen as stretches of land offering little more than an area to drive through, a dot on a map, until a developer or a homeowner stumbles upon them, and possibilities are envisioned. The Lake Travis School District is one of much acclaim and prestige. Other developers quickly followed. The science and technology fields are the most popular for employment; however, other organizations, including the University of Texas, Austin, offer jobs as well.Some of the best neighborhoods begin as nothing more than dirt roads and vacant lots.

Maravilla, a developing company in Texas, started building upscale homes in Arched cabin and around Cardinal Hills. Now it is a rising star amongst Texas neighborhoods. But that doesn’t put them out of your price range.
Cardinal Hills, located west of Austin, was little more than a space between Lakeway and Apache Shores ten years ago.
Cardinal Hills appeals to so many, first because of its location. It is only minutes from downtown Austin, providing you with urban culture while maintaining a suburban calm.
As the homes increase in quality, the people coming to Cardinal Hills increase in income. The newer houses have newer amenities, with modern touches and upscale ambience. The subdivision’s place near Lake Travis means that children are able to attend one of the best school districts in the state. The area is still not as affluent as neighboring Lakeway, but it is not destitute either. Additionally, the community’s proximity to Lakeway, allows residents to imagine they are seconds away from a resort area where they can go to escape the rigors of their day-to-day life. There were some nicer homes, but they neighbored mobile homes and rested against vacant lots and dirt roads
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