Good wife and why not hurt

2017-02-09 10:28:15 | 日記
Tianxin shoe factory noise, busy. Employees work early and late.

That day, A Yuen 23:30 from get off work to return to rental housing, full of irritability in my heart. Instantly, into words and deeds, bombing her husband and appliances - stool put crooked, and pots dirty, clothes mess ... ... her face gloom, glaring husband, words mercilessly.

- all day to know to watch TV, a little helper to do housework does not so thin client solutions.

Husband Xiao brother "snapped!" Look throw off the remote control, hands pinch waist, angry eyes wide open. That frame can be a wife to eat. ...

After a fierce war of words, A Yuan to fall on his bed, Mengtou crying, distraught.

It turned out that A Yuan mistakenly different numbers of shoes fitted to the same shoe box. Unexpectedly, this matter was ridiculed and ridiculed by colleagues. She just refuted one, hit the monitor on the muzzle. A small squad leader, sharp words, sound like thunder, dirty language, touch the soul ... ...

Xiaoge Yeah, you say, his wife nest a belly of fire, she should look for who vent? Where to tell her grievances? - Only at home, in front of you! Because you are her husband.

- Between husband and wife should be sharing the same honor, help each other suv car rental!

In this world, if your identity and status high above, how will others treat your wife? You say, she will be useless?

Xiaoge, remember!

- She is you with the joys, hardships, stubbornly persists for decades, you do not cherish, so who to cherish dermes?
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