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Da Nang local special food

2017-07-17 09:33:38 | 日記
Tourism Da Nang is a major city in the central region. Besides the wealth of seafood and culinary richness of this place, the attraction of Danang sometimes come from very small features, very personal and very special. The folk play this dish is one of the special distinctions. I have heard several times by friends enticement: Visit Da Nang not play? Bathing delight and make the disc or drive screws jackfruit mix to help remember the acrid smoke. You want visit da nang before visit Hue, you can use train journey from danang to hue

Da Nang to any season of the year, every afternoon after swimming finished, invite friends to enjoy a plate of mixed or snail sucking jackfruit is also nothing. Heard "reputation" little dish, so when invited, I can hardly refuse. Indeed, some dishes "dissipated" rustic not know ever became extremely familiar with people Da Nang, and is now known as a culinary extremely unique here. Sitting friends, Chat straw, enjoy some food home, realized that sometimes the simple happiness.

Jackfruit grows in many places in Da Nang, left very deep and aromatic taste, mix well jackfruit dish that even more so charming.

Danang people as well as people living on the central strip rustic capital, naive, so the food is simple, not sophisticated in processing. However, the delicate and charming is not impeccable. Jackfruit dish is so mixed.

With dishes jackfruit mix, raw material is basically the same, also left young jackfruit cooked medium to then shredded or torn to to mix salad, but the restaurants "rich" is mixed with bacon or shrimp, look more luxurious dishes. But perhaps naivete mixed properly jackfruit dish this country, they must be mixed with shredded pork skin, further stamping peanuts, onion, sweet and sour sauce with little laksa leaves and water mint. All mixed together, creating seductive fragrance, color is also very eye-catching.
Da Nang tourism mix tasted jackfruit

Eating jackfruit mix is indispensable toasted sesame rum cake. Breaking a piece of cake, touched a piece of jackfruit mix, the crunchy texture of the cake, fleshy and sweet young jackfruit, slightly crunchy shot Shot of pigskin, more taste of peanut, onion and slightly spicy chili , herbs ... all make for an irresistible taste is.

Screws dish sauteed with lemon grass

Danang is also famous for its origin snails sautéed with lemon grass, which locals call the little rustic snail. Central figure snail like son make small meat. Rice snails, snails, snails ... many countless bitter everywhere. Brought thoroughly soaked, washed and drained wait, bring fried with chilli, spices, recipes nothing special but then bodied taste. Probably due to the stronger taste inherent in the way of cooking Danang has created the attraction for this dish.

Da Nang tourism - Screws smoking dish

dish snail smoking has become familiar to everyone, especially the young people and many tourists. Free, friends get together for "sucking snail", sitting at sidewalk restaurant smoking snails by hand, mouth and hand colored red chilli acrid sticky, long finish eating spicy still sniffed. Yet still prefer. The strong taste of lemongrass, chilli and spices permeates every snail make the "addiction" to eat.

Nam O fish salad

Eating and is addictive, but few dare to try this dish because it is made from raw fish. Nam O fish salad can be made from sardines, fish top, ... but delicious anchovy and herring are the most appropriate. Herring larger fingers, cut the head, tail, belly, remove bones, splitting itself into two and chopped pieces, drain and bring juice marinated with ginger, galangal, garlic finely chopped and hearing.

Fish juice is boiled, add the fish sauce Air Nam O, chilli, tapioca, sweet things constitute characteristic own sauce salad. Served with salad vegetables the whole year is very diverse and distinctive, is of the kind bud forest toad, heart, spread, fresh branches, leaf brooch, leaves stop ... which only grows on the Hai Van Pass. However, now, the other vegetables like cucumber, mango, banana ... used more to meet the needs of customers is increasing.

Nam O fish salad, try the addictive

There are two ways of eating raw fish: fish with vegetables rolls or fish mixed with vegetables and the sauce, so eat. Vegetables on rice paper, pick up a few pieces of fish flecked yellow galangal cumbersome hearing, folded, put into a bowl of sauce and "bite". Cool fresh meat, sauce dust, the galangal, chilli flavor, mingled with the leaf bearing forest incense makes the indescribable lightheadedness when something tasty tongue penetrates every cell.

Raw fish must next Nam O Nam O area to enjoy a new tune. Or if not, you can pass or Nguyen Tat Thanh Nam O Bridge and called part cost from VND 40,000.

This strange name seemed only in joke or in games charts of children, but it is real and snacks so many young people in Danang preferred.

Not even a road that sells yogurt salt is formed, with over a dozen shops located close together, not always no. At peak hours there was no more seats.
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