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Hoi An architecture house

2017-07-17 09:42:28 | 日記
Through the ups and downs of its variation history of Hoi An ancient town retains the ancient features Moss remains quiet, along with pure Bollywood backstage, foot casual nature of the people here. you can go Hoi An to My Son by transfer service of Hoi An travel at here:

Hoi An is a large trade centre and trading port of the most bustling Southeast Asian region of the inner mission where exchanges of Japanese traders, China, India, Spain ...

To Hoi what surprised us is that these old buildings aged over 300 years with the layout and architecture of knowledge construction from XVI century, XVII ... remains unchanged.

Hoi An ancient town is today viewed as uniquely preserved almost intact a whole complex of ancient monuments extremely unique and rich.

Japanese covered bridge was viewed as the symbol of Hoi An's works have unique architecture was built in the style of Japanese and Japanese traders make.

18 m long bridge, the walkway tile roofing lunisolar, the Creek flows out through the bending River, the temple quay on the river bank. Japanese covered bridge was built of brick, wood engraving was very elaborately, between the Temple of the Church of the guardian deity of the country North of Imperial commune, Vo ban joy, happiness for everyone.

Hoi An tourist attractions by the architectural traits characteristic of the ancient houses shaped horizontal pipes can from 4 m to 8 m, depth from 10 m to 40 m.

The structure of the House are divided as follows: sidewalk, patio, home, home accessories, home and garden, patio, terrace, home after three spaces, the garden later. The House is divided into three main space includes space traders, living space and the space of worship.

The system has the effect of aiding the roof rafters are carved in very sophisticated pattern. Roofing roof tiles the curved Tile-shaped trough, Yin Yang, a row of inverted roofing roofing a xen heads forming the line along the incline of the roof.

Tiled background, wooden column system in the House is listed on the inventory of stone. The majority of tile, tiles are taken from the North. The wooden structure of the House is very harmonious layout in terms of architectural form and decoration style of architecture.

Old house space in Hoi An airy create harmony with nature by having a yard, rockery, hot water ... to catch the light. Make home in Hoi An cool in summer and warm in winter. Building materials home in Hoi An are the rocks, precious wood to withstand the extremes of nature.

Hoi An ancient town good luck also kept a relic populations extremely rich architecture and ambiance. The venue for domestic and foreign visitors to search, explore and innovative facilitation. Since then respectfully preserve and absorb building practices architecture in which the generation of the land made Quang to leave.

One is the old House is considered the most beautiful in Hoi An today. The House dating back over 300 years, the architectural style, the Huaxia Chinese. Over time, old House Military Wins still preserved quite status quo on the architecture and decor.

Old house in Germany, number 129 Tran Phu, Hoi An city, Quang Nam province. The old House of Germany was built in open Free to make the most of light, primary material used is wood necklaces necklaces available in Quang Nam with the advantage against bear with hot, humid weather in the central piece of land.

History of the old House of Germany following An anti-tax event in 1908, German House An move on to selling drugs North into the trade and many drugstore's busiest North in Hoi song is still the rendezvous of the patriotic artists releases in the region.

In the years 1925-1926, when patriotic movements of the French resistance and was redirected more progress, German House An became the meeting place of the patriotic intellectuals and youth. You can go My Son sanctuary by hoi An my son sanctaury tour

The writings about the democratic world, the work of Phan Chu Trinh Duy Tan movement and other progressive literature such as "timid", "Bells in eastern France," times "new century", "mankind" and especially "Vietnam spirit" published in France also are kept and circulated.
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