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13/07/2017 (Thursday, evening) Chinkoro loves Yaculte, the newest and precarious member of IGNOLANDIA spallow, and Chinkoro enjoys taking care of this baby bird. Anyway, cute!!!! Can't put up with chacing him!!! My birdy!!!! Chinkoro feels a bit nasty to do so...Even I, liberalist rabbit, feels like "I want to take care of this tiny cute bird!" And found that Miyuki's strange feeling to touch fur is really similar to this feeling. Understandable. Not erotical touch, however, at first, shocking. And birdy is too swift to be touched, thus, pragmatically, despite of this Chinkoro's complexous feeling, Yaculte is free from anxiety. Anyway, swift. Chinkoro tries to catch him, however, too too difficult. Whole day long, Chinkoro played with him, and got total satisfaction...Oh, Nirvana????

Miyuki's touching veevet inclination affected other members. Transmissive. And ADACHI and GUTS found their special prohibitted power...the same. Touching velvet is addictive, and too too sexual...Miyuki, you are so brave, up to quit this totally addictive sensation...KYO cried. I, promissive kid type, got inclined to touch velvet!!!!

Thus, Touching Velvet Club was established. For others, just, HENTAI in Japanese, or 変態, skewed, in just. However, after trying, they all agreed, at least, understandable. Exists, such an inclination.

Miyuki remembered "Winesburg, Ohio". A promissive teacher was accused because of his expressive hands, and lost his career. Oh, Miyuki's story. ADACHI objected. Not promissive teacher, and not expressive hands. Just her touching velvet mode hands are too too scandalous!!!

MORIKO and OKINO remembered her strange inclination on touching velvet pillow...Too too nasty to watch her doing so. With total extacy, she touched it, listening to the conversation. Anyway she understood the story, however, it means that the conversation is not so much interesting.

Two weeks of taming is enough. After the period, it is all yours own...Master, Master!!!

Alex liked her way of touching velvet. He tried and judged that his summer bed clothing is suprior in touching, while Clare, towel called OBAKE-chan, or little monster. Lady GAGA.

She split her dearest friend into two. Miyuki thought that it turned into two, because of the old age...not at all. YUKARI disliked her way to feel the towel, and cut it into two. And Clare hated her because of it. Miyuki remembered that YUKARI, sometimes, sewed it for the sake of Clare. Not at all. YUKARI split, and regret, and started to saw and it suffered a lot. Zig-Zag design with ugly stiches.

YUKARI hated Clare, because of Clare's beauty. In short, jealousy. Miyuki is right, and YUKARI couldn't stop it, and now, she is in trouble with her dog like mother. Oh, UCHIGEBA, or Inner Gewalt, or Inner Buttle. Good, anyway.

They would split, and again would combine. Every time, they did so, and this time, we hope in the final stage. Me, too.

They have no limit of morality. They didn't know how to respect us at all, and they accused us all not to respect them both. However, they are just dependents. No choice. Incapable. They have no right at all. No respect, they can require.

However, they do. Thus, Miyuki ignores them both. Prisonners. They forgot their position, and do everyday wrondgoing, as bafore.

Alzheimer I grade, they both categorized. Only I? The same as NINOMIYA in May, 2015. The medical doctor told a lie, and now they were categorized 4th grade. 5 should be brain death. Oh, thus, 6th. Acepharos.

Miyuki could ignore them both, and they hate Miyuki. However, they should not attack Miyuki, any more. Prohibittion beam is cast for them. However, they, inside, are in rage, and boiled like a oil in a flying pan, and Miyuki should be safe outside the kitchen. They spit in the kitchen. Oh, I thought they had done already.

They did, yes. However, now, more and more. Dirty kitchen. Miyuki should do cleaning up job. We will hire you as cleaning sweeper. How much? For free. Oh, I would like to find another suitable site outside the house, and start moving as soon as possible.

This is not Miyuki's place. Not at all, Miyuki really thinks so. However, less the both's place. They should vanish right now.

Miyuki is free from anxiety of succession, entirely. Miyuki is against the system. Thus, Miyuki has no right to succeed the house, OK. OK. Of course. However, on my objects, mine, totally.

They can't undestand at all. Alzheimer disease holders. They are prohibitted in getting out of their own chambers each.

And they started to work outside, do you believe? Not at all! Alzheimer, dangerous. YUKARI's case, she wants to cut grasses with electric grass cutter, thus Jason, she is. Not should be.

Today, Miyuki watched an old bitch, with downward eyes, with stupid face, like YUKARI, suddenly popped out in the river side near Mega Stage shopping mall, and abruptly started her cutting job with a big long Electric chain sow.

Today, it was so rare to see a guy with doing chain-sow job. When she started to cut the grass, some consumers in the MSS, looked at her, with a face of wonder. Why she unnecessarily started the job. The right answer is, she couldn't stop doing it.

Probably, she, even after being ordered not to do so, couldn't put up with cutting grass with electric chain sow, and she chose to safisfy her desire to do so, and accepted to be punished by her dared performence against the order.

This is the psychological situation, of the both, YUKARI and HARUMI. Anyway, we can't kill Miyuki and Clare, and if possible, also Alex. Killing is their expression to satisfy their desire, and attacking the three is their dairy repeated amusing. Abuse is their strongpoint. Be unkind to the three, because they are superior to us all.

Alzheimer patients, they are. No brain, thus, they envy every one who has brain. Alzheimer patients feel sympathy among them, and exclude non Alzheimer guys. Thus, HARUMI feels sympathy to the neighbours, despite of the vast damage done by them.

For them, anyway, non revealing the fact is enough. Thus, who calls them Alzheimer would be killed before revealing the fact. As soon as possible. Kyorin Versity did it in 2015 in October, and now, Shirakawa residents, do the same against us all.

Shirakawa residents were already reavealed as all Alzheimer disease holders, and it was already recognized internationally. Why they attack us even now? Too late, too late, Too late, for concealing it...Def.

Miyuki monitored this morning, at 9:35, almost, in WASHIO, that there was no car in the parking lots, and the door of the entrace was closed. Miyuki was taking pictures of them, near the door. Thus, suddenly, a middle aged bug, yelled Miyuki, "Not that door, use this door! You,stupid!" with foreign intornation, in Japanese. Miyuki refused, and ignored her order. Then, she said entirely the same remarks. And Miyuki refused and ignored again.

Miyuki got thrilled her way of saying. Probably she wants to catch me, and induces me to follow her, Miyuki thought really. Probably, she came to do it, paid for it.

Thus, Miyuki left WASHIO. No any excuse of closing the market, and already they couldn't provide sufficient human resorces to fake their shopkeeping play, Miyuki presumed.

Then, she went to KAWACHI, the big drug store, a kind of supermarket, and no cars on the parking lots, either. And a clerk, popped out from the entrance, and started to open the shop. No light at all inside, even after 40 minutes of opening hour, namely, 9:00. The same as WASHIO. Despite of it, the clerk said to Miyuki, "Welcome to our shop! Come in!" Thus, Miyuki, with chilled heart, left the place. Spooky!

She was hungry, thus, she went to the nearest convenient store. And she bought a egg hotdog, and foreign clerks attended her.

Foreigners, now, try to take advantage of the vacancy of power in Shirakawa. And their way is more rough than Shirakawa conuterparts. Thus, they already feiled.

Miyuki entered into the park to do her exercise, and found so many junior high school students, came by bicycle. Oh, the occupayer hired them to disturb Miyuki's activities, probably.

So nasty. And Miyuki was also disturbed by old bugs, who incenssantly came into the park. Why today? Special reason exists?

Miyuki thought, Yacult's case caused the rage of Gods of Justice. The real ones. So so promissive. Just a baby. He was an representative who lost the precious lives, participated into the army. He refused any sob story, thus, came to Ignolandia, and met Chinkoro, and they got along with each other so well.

We should accelate the process of the ending. Miyuki imaged that the end of IDIOCRACY and the renescence of Plants age are happining at the same time, and the muck of cockroaches stay so so longer than we expected.

Today, in some kindergardens, there were a group of faked kids, who were obedient to the faked teachers. "Different from Alex and Clare's kindergarden. At that era, the kids were stimulated to do their own work, not by scolding, rather by applause and supporting. Now a days, the faked teachers just scold the faked kids, and order their own strange instruction, incessantly. BLA-BLA-BLA world, the kindergardens turn now."
Miyuki thought, indeed.

And also today Miyuki met a lot of nasty IKKYO cockroach kids, especially when she was going back to the gymnastic park. Nasty. Vanish! Miyuki ordered in a loud voice.

Miyuki went to the park, in front of KOMINE castle, at 10:00 in the morning, and found that many tourists popped out from the castle. Almost in total 20 figures came from the castle. "Unusual! This castle is not popular even on weekends. Why now?" And also many workers did faked construction work on the stone wall of the castle.

At the same time, recently, toilet crikets, who are sweeping in the toilets of each park, increased. Unnecessarily, they do sweeping job, in front of Miyuki.

Miyuki, in KOMINES, the culture center near the JR Shirakawa Station, a group of female DDMs, Toad type, united in a chamber, and some preachers gave a lesson to the followers. Fumiko INOUE type. At 10:15? Probably, Tea Ceremony Tribe, in western clothings. The last lesson. Alfonso Dode. Dode-shouka?

The recognition of their losing of the war, probably. "Viva, le France!" The lecturer in formal suits said, was the last frase of the story.

For Miyuki, with this story, she learned the word, Flock Coat. Green, it was. In Japanese, Swallow Tail Clothings, or 燕尾服.

The story was taken from his Alre's Lady. Miyuki was given a picture book called "Kid of Mr.Sgan" of the same story. The sad story. Always, losers only world. Dode is the symbol of losers, for Miyuki and Moriko, and OKINO.

Why, after the trianph, the kid was obliged to die in the end? According to Miyuki, he should be celebrate his victory against the wolf, attacker, with his friends. However, Dode liked lost Joe, forever loser type. Tetsuya CHIBA.

For Miyuki, nasty downward story. And for the two, impressively beautiful stories. Oh, you two???

Miyuki's interpretation is always so nasty for DDMs. They are the losers, yes. However, they wanted to play the role of Princess ATSU like Aoi MIYAZAKI...Too ugly to play the role...The bridge between the losers and the winners. Terrible. DDMs are the losers. The losers can't be negociators, of course, at all! They want, however, can't. Just they expressed their intention to disturb our new age's happy starting.

Feeble minded, and Alzheimer disease holders, they are. No value. And morally and intellectualy degraded. Ugly, namely, their appearance is the worst of all of existance. Harmful, and useless. Cockroaches, with slow mind.

In the supermarkets, BANIMARU-Yokomachi, BANIMARU-Showamachi, and Beisia and AEON, Miyuki recognized the faked clerks made so nasty noisy rough big sound often. It means, "I want to kill you, however, I can't. Thus, I make a noise for you to get upset. You should be suffferd! You, Stupid!!!"

Here and there, trapping. Jasons, also. Miyuki found a spot of Jasons, near Shin-Shirakawa Station. A guard tunnel is there, and under the tunnel, there is a special space to feel Alyosha, in Crime and Punishment, by Dostevsky. Nothing except rail, thus we could see the "under the wheel" from the spot.

And near, the spot of torture and homiside. They can pull the target to the rail and kill it, easily. And in front of them, an big old house, used for concentrated camp. And one Jason, with the uniform of fire fighter, came abruptly, and his back impression was Robert Mitcham.

The real Robert Mitcham is Miyuki's friends in Los Angels's father in law. This famous Oscar gaining actor got married with her mother, and they separated later. However, after their splitting, they are good friend, and Miyuki's mates are both closist friends of him. Both found another mates,thus they split. Too too simple for us all.

Even with pledge system, sometimes it happens. For Miyuki, pledge itself is a mistery. Thus, she is so honest, and disliked by her honesty. "I don't want to get married at all, however, I want to play with boyfriends. Anyway, I want to have boyfriends." Miyuki said to her closest friend IZUMI-san, so honestly.

For her OK, however, for Shirakawa figures, it was prohibitted. So old to understand the new system. Stupid, in short. And for them, faked family is the super value. Thus, Miyuki hates their system.

Tea Ceremony Tribe like to participate in Funeral Parties. For them, any party is OK to go, with KIMONO.

Miyuki found an advertisement of "Alpha Club", SAGAMI Funeral Company related, and also AOKI, also, did an advertisement, "We produce your wedding ceremony and funeral party. How about you?" Oh, you do both! Miyuki got astonished, and took the impressive picture.

For them, these two parties are equal. Any party is the same, and they like to talk their plan to go there.
During Miyuki's stay in parks, they made a conversation on the matter. They like to talk, standing up. Especially, the situation, "Kids are playing, while they are talking" was their favorite. Why they don't sit?, was Miyuki's big question.

They just faked to look busy. For Miyuki, too too indulged mode. The kids were sometimes in danger, however, they were so indifferent from the kids' sign. Many kids fail, and cry, and they, the parents, just order to keep silent. Just as in Tokyo, Miyuki really feels. The end of the society. Quiet kids, means dead body. So cold, and the faked kids were revealed as old cockroaches.

When Miyuki started to do exercise with her mini-skirt, always, old guys or infants appeared abruptly, in front of the site, from which Miyuki's inner wear was seen. Nasty. All erotic satans' world, we passed.

Female models were spontaneously playing the role of promote their disire's accomplishing. Pimps, they were. When the female DDMs found the target, they informed and trapped the target to be raped. For DDMs, beautiful girls, in the lower class, should be targetted. Jealousy.

For Miyuki's understanding, Miyuki is a kind of boy Sanpei, the fisherman, who wears Mini-skirt. Thus, even when the inner wear were revealed, no matter at all, she felt. Thus, Miyuki is easily targetted. Miyuki felt so nasty by their chasing. However, she believed to behave like normal mode, with sufficient caution. She wants to play the role of primary school's pupils. And probably, her sense of sexuality is so common as pupils in this era.

Less than zero, as a caution. Showing intimate wear is already agreement to be raped for the old rapists!!!! Now a days, they were so degraded. The DDMs induced them to do so. Double Azleheimr patients, here and there. Miyuki is targetted to be sufferer of the same disease. And they failed. Anyway, Miyuki can speak clearly, and they, just BLA-BLA-BLA. Different. Miyuki is lack of caution at the point, and for Miyuki, living normally is enough, and excessive protection gives a harm to any of the others.

We were so free when we were kids. Now, why the situation was so different? Strange skewed sexually kinkiest world, Japanese society was.

Miyuki was so right to say so. Why the kinkiest guys were released so easily, and the kids were obliged to protect themselves so easily?

And Miyuki recognized that on TV, so many skewed programs were allowed to broadcast. Nipples were so common to attract the audience, and many females and males artists, and also amature perticipants used the word, nipples related, so often. Miyuki got astonished the number of the repetition of the word in a program. Almost 100 times were used.

Also, in some "popular" program, making love with some guy was so audauciously expressed in public. Oh, the same situation at Kyorin Versity.

Miyuki's pupil, TANAHASHI, KUSUMOTO and NAKAGAWA, started to talk on their acquaintance's experience in Love Hotel, during the class, in front of Miyuki. Miyuki, in the soft mode, said to them, "I am a liberalist, however, as a professor, I need to keep this class room as the suitable place to be non-sexual world. You can talk on the matter in the corredor, in private. However, in this class room, you should not talk on it. I am not feminist, who wants to accuse others who touches the sexuality oriented matters. However, talking on your friend's concrete experience on the only for the sex use hotel, durind the class, should not be allowed, even if I were male. OK?"

TANAHASHI's father was some kind of local power holder. Rich boy, he was. Thus, he thought that he were allowed to speak on the matter, in the way above.

Miyuki claimed the matter and consulted to her direct responsible at the period, the committee leader MATSU-BOKO. He adviced Miyuki, not to stop their wrongoing at all. Anyway, they were clients, was his reply.

According to MATSU-BOKO, students have right to accuse professors, because of sexual harasment, however, we, professors should put up with any grotesque and innmoral expression done by them. Or, professors would lose their position, so soon. He explained like that.

Thus, MATSU-BOKO is a rapist. He attacked Miyuki, being accusing the boys' sexual harasment. Contributer, who created the skewed society.

Female should put up with any wrongdoings done by male, because male is bread earner, and likes to do it. As far as he earns money, she should deal with his rapist attacking as natural cause.

Thus, they should be punished as soon as possible. Miyuki thinks that they are so skewed, and they are so ugly, and filled with oppressed desire. They were explosive, in any moment. Thus, dangerous.

They also attacked young boys, especially infants. Too too skewed, however, Miyuki, in a park called ABUKUMA park, four low swings, and when Miyuki was swinging, an old bitch popped out and came nearer with her little dog.

Little dogs were inducing point for infants. Miyuki did know well the mechanism. And some of little dogs were dangerous, despite of their appearance. Thus, sometimes, they turned to be attackers.

Miyuki did know that in MEGA-Stage, there is an old guy, who is always in his messy bold illed dog. He appeared several times in front of Miyuki, and Miyuki disliked him and the dog. Messy dirty illed dog was dangerous. Why with this besickened dog, he could appear in public?

And today, Miyuki found that the guy with Robert Mitcham back was riding on his bicycle. And this bicycle was often seen in front of KAINZ homecenter. The character of the bicycle is with a black box in fron of the handle. Why always the bicycle was left on KAINZ homecenter, and he wore the fire distinguisher's uniform???

And Miyuki found that the site of killing field, with the concentrated camp, is so near to the kindergarden called OKANOUE or 丘の上, and there is the site of public facilities.

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