YUKARI's End(69)

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15/03/2017 (Wednesday, afternoon) I ate a fried egg in spinach nest with shredded bacon and toast and royal milk tea for lunch.

  I found fairly DDMic infromation now on line: See it.

 Plantan GUINZA was established in the middle of Bubble Economy and recently closed because of no client at all fenomenum.

  However, again, some DDMs created new rumour for enhanced version of the shopping mall.

  French taste was their strong point. I amused some flamboyant flavour watching some goods and adopted some ways of decorations used for the style. Now, we could do wrapping like that, for free.

  I did mastered already by ourselves in Japan, and Brazil, some good taste ladies, like Mariko, instructed me the westernized style. 3D is key frase to understand the latter style. They think in shape, not in design on the paper. Perspective. My discovery in my 6 years old in the stage of reality in my life.

  Simplism is the nuclare of Japanese colour favorite. Natural beauty also. Artifucial object should be excluded as much as possible. Esthetics prefers "minus" than grotesque "plus". Thus, for Gods of Beauty, who respects the beauty of Japan, traditional, wants DDMs to vanish now.

  Too too ugly, here and there. Wrongdoing agaist sense of beauty. Miyuki's way is simple, however, knows how to add the a bit of pretty merit on the material. Minimum is enough. Sometimes, extravagance, as a kind of amusing job.

  And even in this trifle play, yet there are some bad idiots here and there. They confused the history as fiction and did it, they explained. They should not be deligated the role at all. A bitch problem, here and there. And Miyuki noticed the number of seats. Oh, parents and pupils, exchangeable immediately. Sometimes pupils, sometimes parents.

  Miyuki knew it when she participated in a class meeting in Alex's class. 10 fimales there in a circle table. And 4 versity girls like "mothers" at the table. They were just present. And laughed, only when the teacher responsible called SHIMMURA said some kind of DDMic joke.

  And they were taken the pictures with Alex. Alex showed Miyuki a photo and Miyuki immediately said, "Oh, you are surrounded by old bitches!!! Oh, four!!! Poor boy!"

  And now, again in Shirakawa. The multiple pupils system they called it. They were already Alzheimer patients and claimed, "Why the lesson hour of the special guest was only 45? 90 was suitable for us.", in the phamphlet. Miyuki got to understood that they participated in the war as "pupils in any school and versity" and because of thier forgetfulness, commited the errors. Versity adopted the 90 minutes lesson hour sistem, and schools, 45minutes. Thus, they failed.

  They could change their voice, or rather, the sound as they liked. Bowlingual for humanoid like figures, they said. And the broken model, I met only in the sound type in Tokyo Bay Detention. She was transparent and drank a bowlful of worcester sauce, and died by the Ms.Responsibles' attack my iron bar. Problematic model. It was too too hard to communicate with, and an attack of the iron bar. They total silence. Vanished, anyway.

  They attacked each other among them. It was said, "Inside Gebald" in 1970s. They were too too vialent, and they pretended to be left wing. And the partisanship, they should obbey. Thus, mad dog turned to be struggle each other type.

  Some obedient to our army was saved. Just a suggestion was enough, he was said. And showed as he could, and Miyuki amused his sight. Oh, I am popular among dogs again. Pug. A tiny one. Nor her type. At least, Miyuki understood that he was not so evil. He was forced to do so, type.

  Not intentional ones, like Kyorin versity pupils. They wanted to have some prizes. Not big one, but a small one. And they liked to be Alex's figure. Alex's collection was called "Betrayers delight" by him. He ironically liked the name. All betrayers againt his will. And Miyuki was targetted by Alex. And they DDMs were expected to do so. However, Miyuki was too too clever to escape from the double punch line. Miyuki was there by their family's accuaintance. And Miyuki noticed that YUKARI's faking by putting shoes on the entrance. Another YUKARI again. Repeated, they claimed. And we decided to erase them immediately. Then the residues. Loop system more and more. Again, even in Shirakawa? Timeless world, they lived. We are jenuine real thing. I feel the taste. I feel smells, including worst ones. And Miyuki discovered that the bottle of coffee made in Africa was not good at all. Smells like...Oh, burned toast!!! Thus, quitted to drink it. Prefer royal milk tea, with NITTO. The smell is so good. Just cut in tiny parts. Good for soaking drink. And it combined with today's Anglo-style easy lunch.

  Every DDMs want to eat such a kind of delicious food. And Miyuki cooks so easily. Yes, they are too jealous. And HARUSAN was called to participate in the dirty job. Killing Miyuki project. Massacre, they called. A kind of bad taste joke. And recognized that it was her life in Kyorin and in Tokyo. Too dangerous, and no one helped her. Alex and Clare were influenced by the kinky ladies. And they should do it at that time, to escape from the situation.

  Miyuki was too too ego-concentrated and indifferent from others. They said and did the job. However, Miyuki couldn't come. And YUKARI wanted to call them in her chamber. And HARUSAN stopped it. Your chamber was shamelessly dirty. Thus, you should put your things in order. Now, you, Alex. Put your things in your box. Miyuki would allow you to use the vacant box gained from BENIMARU. Some vegitable use 2 boxes. One of this. Don't mind other project. Just put your own package and put your name on the box. It is enough for us. Easy and helps others well.

Until Saturday. OK. I would wait.

  DDMic way is always slow. They started late and accused others harsh. Why you naughty girl called AKASAKA or PENPEN pretended to be a good girl??? Sometimes quick, sometimes slow. Sometimes admirer of Korean face, sometimes western one. Changeable and forgetful. She betrayed Alex's heart and just a lip service type. Hachioji version was AKASAKA, Shirakawa version was PENPEN. And PENPEN criticised AKASAKA, according to Alex's inducing play. Miyuki felt, Oh, you too, Alex! Deceptions, not at all. A kind of revenge for the kinkiest only compliments type. We three, Oh, you, Clare!!! She was betrayed several times. Thus, triple members too too strenghen version. And Miyuki only prefered to being human beings. Angel like strange boy and girl. And Miyuki thanked lot to all of them. And expectations for all!!!

  Miyuki liked to think in EVIL version. Any human beings turned to be an evil one, easily. Fragile, they say. And Animals dislike the way. And Miyuki didn't allow the betrayers. Not at all! Even in the worst moment, we need to be reliable. We believe it and feel it. Illusion, they said. Not so much, sometimes, they excused. False could be concealed by this. Magic, they said. KAOS, we called. Only in case of minimum necessity. And MIYUKI liked the spooky version. Miyuki didn't believe the idea by their own will. She felt that something, who really could think that spooky is amusing could do the job.

  Alex was caught in a trap. However, choices. Two are welcome. Just a preference. Good day without walking or with walking, with a bit nasty adventure. And the latter Miyuki chose. Miyuki enhanced. Again, the tic-tack. Alex was also not good at putting away. Thus, disaster for them. Now they learned that YUKARI was a kind of evil existance called DDM.

  YUKARI was too too idol even she was in a shool girl in primary school. She did toilet in the bed until her 5th age. She thought, shitting in the bed was more convenient rather to go to toilet at night. And she did it in the bed. Every night.

  Thus, HARUSAN liked the sunny day. It was good to dry up her nasty smelled bed. Every time, even in rainy day, she failed to go to toilet and prefered being so.

  And HARUSAN gave up to persuage her to go to toilet at night. She said, "I would go, later. For a while. A bit I want to sleep more."

  Miyuki was so so good to know other's life. Why we are so poor type. Miyuki too. Always busy, do efforts as much as we could. However, always poor. Good to know, we could do it, if we could. However, couldn't, thus we didn't. Just it. The problem of could do or coudln't do. And Miyuki is not the real member of the family. Miyuki is a kind of friend, a trouble maker in every place. However, even in the worst moment, they didn't abandon. However, Miyuki couldn't put up with the situation at all. First, by herself, felt a danger. Now for family and for society. The vast nasty collective feeling, like KAOS is threatening like. ULTRA Q world. And Miyuki disliked to get out. Miyuki should go to today, for what????

  Miyuki calclated wrong, is their method. Rumour makers like Fucking NINOMIYA. And they couldn't change the result. Including photo putting. However, some figures changed the photos of ex-colleagues.

  When Miyuki watched in December, 2015 and in January, 2016, almost all of them were "photo shots done for proofs" for qualification.

  And now, at Kyorin Homepage, almost all of them, were replaced by digital photo data, more natural looking one. It means that DDMs worked for some kind of productivity, agaist their own strict rule.

  YUKARI also failed again. She shouldn't do any job for the other family members. And shouldn't write any letter at all.

  From the begining, she failed. Writing is the most hatrid by DDMs. She won a prize, thus, she should be concealed, she explained now. Already she forgot the rule and tried to be a writer. And failed. Again, by correction for Alex. Alex asked her to write the memorundum on her own will. He asked like that, "Gee, Miyuki could write now yet. It is a proof of her normality. Cool. A big letter like me! " Idiot like face, YUKARI called him. You should fail like me, she spelled repeatedly. And Miyuki believed that Alex is a cool guy type. A bit cheaty, however, not so dull in mind. OK, not so good at math, however, he could speak logically at least. Different from DDMs. Conventional protectionalist, probably. And indulged lot. however, not so evil. And his face seems so cheerful. Irish cheeks, they call. Only in winter. He attracted a lot of old funs by his cheeks.

  He knows the story of Passport taking trip combined with Chris' visiting. He kissed Beryl's cheeks, without any suggestion by Miyuki. Miyuki just wanted him to behave like a normal boy. And he did it!

  Janet was only 1 years old. And they were vetnamese like Chinese and Miyuki thought that Chris would manage the complicated and amusing situation. Different faces club. Miyuki is the most popular one. Miyuki would astonish the bravity to confess the artificial insemination in public. Miyuki thought that it were too normal among us. And ASAHI SHIMBUM said so. However, no reply at all. Thus, the OMANKO-Journalism failed. HARUSAN was too too busy to check her list of buying something. Because spring has come. YUKARI should be packed in a body. However, she prefered individual execution. And escaped from her world. Betrayers, they were called. And then, their religion of idolness. Again? You wanted to pee in the bed in every day? Like penis check every day, she required to Alex. Too too harsh for others. And YUKARI did know that it was agaist the rule.

  Alex should be protected by her kinkiest way. She was the real kinkiest guy in the world!!!

  Alex escaped from the situation. Alex was safe now. He didn't want to go to the class any more. And Miyuki allows now. After graduation, why? Just for cheking the points? A joke?

  Endless stories for them. They wanted to play with Alex. Red cheeked boy like an American flavour. Oh, the play.

  They did want Alex to know the fact, they said. They wanted to do other jobs and they were forced to the ordered job against their preference. Then, you should not accept the basic contract at all. You did by your own will and failed. Attracted by someone, however, confusion. HIROSE got upset. I am not interested in at all. And HIROSE died. Only one, several jobs. 6 is sufficient, thus, only one squad, they are called. A lot of jobs, they call. Thus, YUKARI played the role of all in her own way. Threatning voice as HARUSAN. Miyuki was too too difficult to understand her evilness. She came from another planet, they were called. Dark black galaxy.

  Miyuki accepted the rightous fact. Not DDMic type. IDIOCRACY. Disorganized at all. Any rule. Idolness and brainless. They should be killed now. Too too tiresome world. No result type. For them, existance is all. And now, death or vanishing is the equal to existance. Only photo or discreption period. Most amusing job for writers. Miyuki should be an important job holder at this field. Miyuki gave up to be only a professor. It wouldn't weigh in my life. I just wanted to be a scholar. An I am a scholar. I am satisfied with my job, at this moment. Only we could type. And would enhance the field and viriety, as soon as possible. Sometimes, I need to replay the job, because I am a bit forgetful. After several preparative exercise, I remember the skill. Like driving. I was said "Miracle!" from my two kids, after I could drive from Shirakawa to Hachioji.

  They were said that if she was in the occasion, you would die, because lack of your parent??? Hachioji accepted kind offer of our two family system, the DDMic army said. Oh, the faked register system.

  Miyuki remembered that YUKIE was registered as a member of Sato family to study in CHUUOO Junior High, according to HARUMISAN's saying. And at that age, probably, OOMURA was not so populous and the school was preferable for her future.

  And discovered that her aunt was doubled??? Miyuki believed that Seiko and Yukiko were different types. Impression totally different. Seiko was more aristratic elegant type and Yukiko was more vulgar type. Totally different. Fisiologically, resembles well. however, haracters were too too different. Miyuki was a bit more Seiko's line. Not so oftern, however, I met ner several times, and got some special gifts from her.

  A blue knit tragedy. She gave me 3 pieaces of manually knitted sweaters when I was in a versity student. My most favorite was graysh blue Alan designed one. I liked it and almost all winter for several years, I used it as my favorite wear. I used it as boy's like sportive type, and as more neutral skirt pull over type.

  I found a special good fitting skiet with bluish green mohair like nuanced coloured skirt in Guinza and bought at almost US$40. It combined so good at the sweater. I chose a broad belt, sloppy type to put on as an accent.I looked like a boy wearing skirt without any kinkiness, as usual use. Like a super editar of "Manual of living" Or KURASHI-NO-TECHO, Anji HANAMORI's taste. Oji-Oba type.

  And I got a blue-green shirt in a box that HARUSAN sent me. Usually, unfortunately, Harusan's taste was not good for me. And I needed to dispose them anyway.

  However, the coulour, deep green-blue one with male favour styled shirt was too too good for me. My most favorable style at that time. Blue and green, beautiful.

  I liked the combination, sweater for sea fishermen, blue-green shirt, nuanced coloured skirt. Perfect fashion for me. I was 46-48 kg at that days. It looked so nice to wear.

  However, I failed. One day, Marie TAMURA criticised me that "Your jacket seemed too too messy to have lots of holes on it. The insects bit it. It happened. "

  I was too too ashamed at the sweater. I liked so much, however, my sweater looked like a worm bit one. Yes, after several years of use, my sweaters knitting had some loosen wools and they looked like insects bit holes. I got too too furious and put my dearest sweater on the bin in the floor. I was almost srunk by the shame in a tiny insect and abandoned my precious sweater. And regret, big one, the feeling of lost after.

  I should not abandon my precious Alan knit sweater by my instant shame feeling. After long use, they got loosen, yes, however, if I could save it, I would like to repair it, tightening the loose with my skill of mending. I am endurable to recover the original good job. Of course, sometimes, I fail. However, knotted chain resolving is my favorite pastime. Precious gold, platinum, silver chains preferably. If I have time, I do the job. Some kind of easy puzzle. Don't worry. As much as I could, I solve the chains.

  And sorry, my aunt Seiko. I lost your kind gift because of my quick error caused by shame and irritation. I should wait until the nasty feeling passes. Too much spooky things altogether. Miniture version, however, concentrated. Even now, some nasty negative feeling, I should fight against.

  Alan knitting was one of my alumna's pastime hoby. Akemi liked my sweater and she did it. She gained her own sweater by her hand! Miyuki tried to make a skirf in Brazil, and quitted. Not a pastime, they said. Knitting is precious job. And Miyuki was not the type. Quickness should be. Repeated work, not so much. Artisan, Miyuki respects, however, a bit difficult.

  Unfortunately, HARUSAN was such a type and did her job. And found a precious time for her. Talking with YUKARI was not her favorite, however, now she realized that talking BLA-BLA-BLA was better than not talking in her brain.

  She went to the hospital to see YUKARI's matter, and asked how should I do with him, the medical doctor, and the result was, "Do Lobotomy, right now! Miyuki would be the test case!" She was astonished at all and came back from the hospital. KOUSEI Hospital, they call. However, another one. Spooky atomosphare. Oh, again? DDMic army. And she got understood that Miyuki was so so valuous for them as only one to save their world. Thus, she quitted her job. Miyuki was caught in custoday and was informed by HARUSAN and others to the hospital. And your Auntie also. She said that she was good for her, and she got upset, when Miyuki said wrong word????

  Which is which???? All auntie members were against Miyuki's world. And Miyuki did her dearest job. And Miyuki did it. The reverse side of the spooky feeling, she should manage. Just an illusion. However, too too nasty to face. However, manageable. Anger, irritation, fury, at sometimes. Omenous symptom, they call.

  And Miyuki showed in her mother's face?? Neutral. More in Rie and Mayumi, and YUKARI. They are downward. Miyuki is disliked to be scolded. Of course, I don't want to be scolded, thus, I have to find some standard to escape the nasty situation. Just perception and flexible pragmatic method weighs. And did it. Illogical and irrational. Some kind of silly thing. However, OK, I don't want lose my precious time type.

  Output. Stressful nasty feeling after the long long conversation with YUKARI. HARUSAN lost her first love of Catholic Church. Different, she thought. And the poles. Why the 4 poles in the base, only narrow iron or almunium ones???

  Miyuki's strange feeling she began to feel. Only her own action could perceive the fact. And HARUSAN decided to be far away from YUKARI. YUKARI decided to go with Catholic Church. Why? HARUSAN just wanted to ask. However, they started to register her weight????

  Miyuki, Shinichi HOSHI's world! Oh, 60kg ladies were caught in a body. Clare was cathegorized as boy and boy's weight should be 60kg over, for the sake of the sacred celemony of holding bride by broom. YUKARI was in her chamber and just said, "My weight was 60 and now 50 or so. Thus, I could leave now."

  Oh, YUKARI remembered that she was plump! Oh, marvelous. I thought that she had forgotten the fat YUKARI.

  YUKARI's revered version again, however, caught. Who could put up with the spooky unendurable BLA-BLA-BLA ? Only HARUSAN. YUKARI pointed her as her controler. The system change again?

  Change and change. Miyuki was registerd in Tokyo, thus, not this torture. They are too too rough to torture others.

  "One morning an order, the same evening, another, totally contraty to the previous one. " Oh, the final end of the 3rd wife of Peron type situation. Only DDMs could do. Oh, thus, Argentine Army ruling was DDMic after the end of the Isabela's leaving. All male DDMs family constructed the system. Mental Health network, they called it.

  Oh, thus, there were lots of Mental Health experts' candidates in versity here and there in Argentina. Especially, female rich DDMs learned the skill, according to KURODA at Sanitary Center in Hongou Campus at Tokyo University.

  KITAMURA said to me, "I have an aquaintance in the center, called KURODA. I also am interested in Mental Health. Thus, I can do analysis on your sexual desire. Say something unusula on this point." And no reply. Miyuki had already did the matter type. And KITAMURA reported it as a symptom of hilarious state for melancholy.

  ??? He is now a medical doctor??? A kind of joke? Only one world in the age of shrinking. And we won, resisting the kinkiness of the power holders who adopted it. "Sophy's selection" and Miyuki said. Easy, already resolved. A matter that the requirement itself is the real proof of inhumanity. Participation is a good job of kindness. If I can replace her, I would type sacrifice spitit. Miyuki knows the system. Sacrifice was not necessary at all. Just a resistence. And they were killed. By war, nothing. By their own army. Because they wrote the fact. I want to see you type love letters. Terrible. Nasty. However, Miyuki did pledge already. She pledged always. Spooky. Not human beings' technics. They were pulural groups, at first. However, integration after the adoption of Totalitarian Idiocracy. And they turned to be Alzheimer patients, thus, contradictions here and there. Idiots illogical and irrational world, here and there. Just efemerous, KAGEROU DAYS. However, persistent ones exist. Kinkiest and dull and idol only type. Kinky idol DDMs, they should be called. Idolness. Not icons. Beauty Icones, they wanted to be, and turned to be the ugliest girls in the family in a lato sensu.

  Pretty when they were young, and now, healthy one is good. Miyuki disliked Boy Jorge? No! Amusing. Just, "Your face is too big!"

 Good as a canvas. And YUKARI began to learn cosmetics in the class of job hunting project at Rikkyo University. And Miyuki's impression was "kinky country girl started to her first make up".  

  And she showed the photo to Miyuki, as a demonstration of her effort. Miyuki thought that good for her. Not beautiful, however, better than nothing type effort. She explained me, she was perticipating in a kind of phychological challenged pupils class and it was a kind of treatment for them.

  Miyuki believed the remarks. And then? Nothing. She got a job easily after consulting the job hunting. Oh, good. Some previledge, I thought.

VANISH! DDMs!!!    


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