Professional Forever Student = Professor-Comedian

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08/02/2017 (evening) I ate a Porto Western dish with roasted chopped potatoes with two anchovies and gladed cheese Parmeggiano. A tasty dish!

I need to buy another canned anchovies, gladed cheese, canned crab flakes, at US$1 shop.

Why you wanted to be a professor?
Because I wanted to be "somebody" in academism.

Why you prefer to work for academism?
Because I like to study. Especially, I love to find new principles unkown to the world, in general.

Why you choose the field of social science?
Because society is a big mistery for me. Human beings' activities are sometimes too strange for me. There are lots of illogical or irrational factors in each society. They should vanish. We should abolish these factors.
I like to look for the clues of illogical and irrational systems in each society. I am highly logical and rational person, extremely. I'm suitable for the mission to promote Justice and Fairness in the world.
Thus, I chose this field.

Why you pretend to be a comedian?
Because I like to make a fool of illogical and irrational figures. They should be the aim of laugh. We should appoint their wrongdoings entirely and force them to look the mirror of truth. "Look, you are nakid, King!" We should shout loud in front of him.

Why do you think that you are suitable for your job?
Because, I have a lot of accumulated careers on this matter.
Since I was a primary school pupil, I have been a kind of trainee of this job.
Now, as a professor, I want to do the same job as a professional.
Thus, I can say, professional primary school pupil is professor-comedian.
I need to earn money as professional and I prefer being free and liberal, so I should be responsible as adult.
However, I want to keep my distinctive character, that is, full of intelectual curiosity, as much as in my school days.
I fairly do well at this point. My kids appreciate me, saying, "You are more childlike than we two."
My kids are school pupils in a public junior high.

Why did you chose to be a jurist?
Because I am a person with logical thinking and rationality.
I like to analyze the social system logically and to appoint the errors of the system.
I like to invent the better plans for society.
Law is a wise measure to construct a better society.
There are lots of trash like laws, I know.
However, we can extract the essencial of our knowledge of our society and construct a better society.
Law can use classify the things into should and should not.
In other words, right and obligation.
It's fairly easy way to think who should be responsible for the failure.
Nobody is perfect. Sometimes people make a mistake.
In this case, who should be responsible and how it should owe the sunction?
We should decide on these matters.
Law can provide the model at this point.
It would be useful after the error also. We could dispose the case, all along the lines described by law.
Highly convenient and efficient.
As a extremely rational human being, I chose to be a jurist.

Thus, you choose the place to live in versities.
That's it. I want to enjoy whole my life. Versity is a playground or amusement park for me, ideally saying.

Why you got out of Japan?
The country is unfair. No justice nor future. I have no hope in the country.
I wanted to live outside Japan, criticising harsh this goddamnit state.
Japan is No.1, counting from the very bottom of the ranking on human society in history of the universe.
I'm sure at this point. I am an exact victim of Injustice in the country.

What do you want to say to your kids?
Enjoy your life!

What is your educational motto?
Play and play. Don't be a dull boy!

Do you think that you are responsible for your kids?
Of course, yes! I'm totally responsible for my kids.
I have already indicated my plan until the last of their education.
I am well prepared person.

What's your plan?
I will be responsible until their graduation from their high schools.
I will pay their living cost and educational tutorial.
After their graduation, they should earn their living cost.

It's too simple. Nothing else?
Else what?

Else like superior education...
Not at all. I am against Japanese superior education. That's why I ran away from the country.
If my kids want to go to versities, they should go by their own will.
Will acompanies responsibility. It means cost or risk. They should pay, if they want to go.

Your kids say what?
They totally agree at this point.
My son Alex, at first, refused to the plan.
However, he finally agreed.
Clare is always likely to get independant.

Why your son didn't agree your plan, at first.
Maybe, he was too idol. He wanted to enter into DoDoMerdic superficial easy life.

And now?
I think that he understand that my plan is well done and he would be benefitted much more by this plan.
My son is pragmatic. He is easy to change his mind. Sometimes, too flexible.
Anyway, he knows that my plan is better than his illusional easy life.

What does he like to be?
I don't know. He has no concrete plan at all. He will find during his high school life.
Business school is suitable for him, in every meaning.
He isn't so abstract type person. Think and act, altogether. This is important for his education.

You explained him what did you think?
Of course! Why not? I emphathised the merits of business school repeatedly.
In any means, he should learn much at business school, especially in the course of agriculture.

He would be a scholar?
I don't know. He seems to have plan to be a scholar.
I think that he is more food related professional should be, probably.
I am a person, highly different from my kids.
I am too liberal for them. For me, they are too conservative.

A scholar should be more liberal?
Of course! Why not? If scholars were conservative, they shouldn't exist.
Scholars are valuable, because they are more liberal and can play the extreme role in the limit area, protected by Gods of Academism. They are a kind of marmots of Gods. They participate in experiments in every meaning.
Conservative life is experienced by ordinary common people as their daily life.
Sholars are different. They should play the experimental roles. Thus, versities have been established.
Without liberalism, they should vanish.
Reason of existance of versities is located in experiment.
We are scholars of social science. We ourselves should do the extremely liberal job as our mission to show our value as acadeicians.
We are pets of Gods of Academism, Culture, Intellectuality, Curiosity, Knowledge, Innovation, Invention, Discovery, Challenge, and so on.
Of course, we are not Gods. We are only human beings. The existance of the lowest category in FAUNA & FLORA.
We need to keep the limit as human beings. We shouldn't be inhuman.
We are not robots. We are not Frankensteins. We are human beings.
And we scholars have a mission highly respected by others, that is, we play the role of more uncommon person in the world. In short, the more distinctive or different from others, the better.
Ordinary common life is not for us.
We should complete our mission, on each way.
The most liberal means most free from prejudice.
My aim is to be the most non-prejudiced person in history in the universe.

We don't need to apple polish to others. Don't need to do so even to Gods.
We enjoy our lives as I like. More free life, as far as possible, within the limit as human beings.
Inhuman treatment, not at all! We are mormots of Gods, not those of DoDoMerdas.
Among Human beings, physical and psychological experiments are prohibitted, generally speaking.
Only some extreme conditions, they can be done, under the strict control of fair organizations.
Inhuman experiments aren't admitted at all, in any meaning.
We should divide should and shouldn't, on the obvious way.
Vague isn't the word for us.
Vague, vapid, vacant are the 3ks, not suitable for us, common people.
If you feel these 3ks, meeting some figures, they should be DoDoMerdas.
An easy test to recognize them.

The above are my image interview with the versity staff in the near future.
I really want to have a job.
I want to take advantage of my career. I don't abandon my odd experiences, even they were too harsh for me.
I have intelligence to analyze the fenomena and classify them adequitely, deduce the law or principle from it and get use of it for the better society.

I will work for various institutes related to superior education.
We will meet you soon.
Now I am in Shirakawa and thinking of my departure from Japan.
Japan is not my place. I was dissapointed with the country, entirely.
I was too stupid not to know the fact.
Now I got to know, thus, I will leave here. Logical and rational thinking, we can use.
In Japan, there is no versity at all.
All versities are just the entrance to INFERNO.
I love to enjoy my life. I love happy life.
Unhappy life finders are versity professors in Japan.
Their life is so messy and miserable and unhappy.
They call unhappiness happiness. This hypocracy I can't put up with.

Bye, versity professors in Japan. You are the losers, in any means.
You call "lost" "won". You shall die, holding accumulated lost battles.
We have no time for losers.

They aren't versity professors. They are just OPPABU-BABAA and TESTACLES HOSTS.
They are just DoDoMerdas.
No exception. Anyone can feel strange when it hear the evil treatment to its colleague. They are indifferent from others' direct information.
You have no chance, DoDoMerdas. Only one merit has already vanished from your body and soul.
Intelligence, you would have been proud of, perhaps.
Now, you are just rubbish, professors. Mechanical formalities and compliments.
You lost your heart already.
You would be hold by your dearest partner, professors.
You know, now, every one knows that professors in Japan are old kinky bugs, no exception.
Your position shall be the aim of contempts.
The fact was already revealed.
You don't want to believe the fact.
However, we know already. Even Miyuki, the latest learner, recognizes it.
You shall die, all Alzheimer suffering patients.
Your memory is now lost, you know.
How many times you met Miyuki, do you remember?
Probably not.
Do you understand that you allow the police's wrongdoing?
Not at all. You are writing a letter to her, as usual, on the next meeting about useless time consuming pseudo activity to maintain the appearance as versity, aren't you?
Strange to say, we have the same feeling just like you. We are too indifferent from your death, Japense versity figures.
When did you suffer from the serious brain disease?
For a long time. Your disease progresses day by day. You didn't notice it at all.
You always don't recognize at all. You've lost recognition ability.
Who notices it? No one. Miyuki noticed. Only one person who noticed it. Why she is a slow learner.
She believed that you were clever and superior education weighed a lot.
She couldn't run away from the sinking Japan.
She now started to run away. The last ship to leave here.
She is ready to run away. The ship is also maritime use.
She should be a captain of the ship to offend Japanese society.
She was betrayed by Japanese society. The last one, you've lost.
She was no more the proof of Japanese versity professors' conscience.
Only she knows that you were the aim of laughs for common people now.
She knows too much on Japanese Society.
She is clever than you, old kinky ex-testacles hosts.
She didn't recognize it.
She thought that you were brighter than she.
She compared the intelligence between her acquaintances and common people.
She is so normal to understand the difference.
She decided that professors are really idiots.
As a consequence, she became in doubt.
Why they are so dull and stupid? Professional disease!
That's it. There is a proof that the some professors in medical hospitals can go to work during their medical treatment in the versity campus.
They can work, because the medical doctors allow to work in Japan.
Absurd system. Workable figures can be hospitalized in medical institutes.
Medical treatments in Japan have no scientific ground at all.
Because the public agencies don't require it.
Old kinky doctors can do as they like. IDIOCRACY has been realized in this field much earlier than MIYUKI got to know it.
Masao SEKINE is an example. He could be hired by his personal relationship with the local power holders.
They needed to the figure do the required job. Dirty job, they know.
To avoid the bad reputation, to give a medical treatment to pupils.
Dirty job, however, they pay. They do, as they like.
They did, as they liked.
They wanted to it, so they did.
How much kinky, they did. They did as they liked.
The same contempt they should feel, or, vanish, just leaving their shame in their history.
BIKINI-DAY? Do you mean? Atomic bomb explosion day? Bikini should be worn day?
Educational Committee in the local town?
What did they do?
They talked on how to abort the targeted girls.
They bought girls and paid for the abortion.
They did as they like, raping, peeping Toms, maniacs.
They did under the adequate instruction of Masao SEKINE.
They concealed the facts and SEKINE did the same.
The easy going SEKINE, convenient disposable sex orientater in SHIRAKAWA.
They pretended to be a doctor and played the game.
Infants in kindergardens are victims of that.
Incredible! Common people say so.
However, we know that there is a black rumour in the region. Miyuki was new to Shirakawa and didn't know it.
She was one of the example that "ignorance saves her life". Slow learner's privilege, maybe.
Shota is more clever than Miyuki and understand the meaning.
He was more early leaner at this point.
No play game arround there. That means "it" values.
Miyuki thought that the region were too more rural than SHIRAKAWA.
She doesn't know the fact at all.
She doesn't know YABUKI means at all.
The darkest place in FUKUSHIMA prefecture.
The fatus should be buried under the field of the mountains.
They can do as they like.
Junior high are enough to do it.
There are lots of old kinky bugs laughing at the ignorance of girls.
The rumours are reality. MIYUKI should know it.
KOUNAN was the dirkest place. She didn't know the meaning.
Lots of girls without boys. Nothing to do.
Teachers are old and want to find love affairs.
Shoji is also the aim of the rumour. Why he should be a aim?
He was not bad when he was in Shirakawa Central.
Rather, good and logical person, we believed.
He was Makiko's responsible.
He moved to YABUKI junior high and MIYUKI heard a strange rumour that he was punished by photographing girls.
MIYUKI and MAKIKO felt strange. He was an ordinal teacher. Science, the two loved. MIYUKI recognized that he was logical person. Why he?
Probaby he was a victim of lynch, which MIYUKI has received. The rumour ran arround and he was in trouble.
He didn't know the rumour. Strange rumour makes a people ununderstandable.
"He? Really?" Makiko asked to his father. I don't know. Someone says. Just it.
He really had nothing to do. Sometimes runour gave a damage to someone. The YABUKI junior high itself is the darkest place in the world.
The other rumour, which MIYUKI heard when she was in high school was the real one.
Strange and real one, the dirkest side of rural zone.
Junior high? Miyuki was astonished. And then, thought of the runour. Laughing story? No. Why? Because too much strange and nasty. Terrified. Miyuki should know the reality.
KOUNAN is just the entrance. MIYUKI should visit the town. Yes, she would go.
Even the story has black side, we should know the fact. Even YABUKI, maybe, there are some people.
There are some strange rumour on YABUKI arround. WHY?
OK. MIYUKI accepts the offer. Thriller type. MIYUKI's demerit. HOWEVER, she does do it. Should do it.
KOUNAN is not attractive and she denied it totally. This is out of our plan.
Even liberalist, parent should go to the candidate school of her son's entrance exam. We thought.
However, MIYUKI denied the possibility at all, saying "NO ALTERNATIVE AT ALL pratically." Alex was astonished at her decision. Double chance? Why she abandons? She disliked KOUNAN so much. Despite the name, it was totally anti-attractive for her. No substitute for Business School. Out of mind. That's it. She ended the story like that.
We should admit our failure. She should know that our superiors are not perfect. She is too much simple-minded, according to them.
Anyway, MIYUKI accepts the offer. And do her own job. Yes, we should attack the darkest part of the city.
Miyuki is ready to go. Now, we offer you, Miyuki, you are our team leader!!! You will laugh at us, entirely.
OK, I'm a kind of ITTEQ members. Don't worry. I will do my best as always.
MIYUKI, in her ULTRA space guard chief of our team, are leaving Japan, alone, far from her family.
Her family doesn't know she is the secret chief of our team.
Thus, she is latent jobless MIYUKI as always, for them.
OK., I'm Mr.KIN of TOOYAMA Family. They shouldn't know my superiors' mission.
Yes, common people shouldn't understand what we are doing in effect.
Our mission is not-undesrtandable for others.
Don't worry. We'll get a big result from this investigation.
MIYUKI's chance to be a team leader of her own team. Always the top and the last. You should get rid of the confortable position. Everyone wants to rule the world, except MIYUKI. That's the problem. She is a kind of unintentional murderer. Why you choose it? Her response is always logical. This causes problems.
Thus, we need special job researcher for her own. She is out of mind for our special ruling jobs.
She wants to attack to the enemies. Only attacking, no defense, makes MIYUKI most enjoyable. She knows the doctorine, thus she does. She wants to be independent. however, lerning leadership is not a bad study. OK. I do leading job. I will me the best laughing team in the world in 2017.
Laughing YOGA? Nonsense. We should do our job, laughing at DoDoMerdas.

Vanish! DoDoMerdas!

Thus, MIYUKI is being a good team leader of NZ. This is written by Banana MATSUO.
We appologize MIYUKI's spelling mistakes and allow you the tolerant attitude for her dialect and lack of ability to understand our order. She sometimes too much logical to play the game.
Anyway, Miyuki will have a new job, maybe, if she does a good job, continuously.

Special thanks to everyone! Especially for her confusing resolution. Anyway, she is a lucky girl, in any means.
Slow learner would be the biggest! Sleep well and you would be cleverer! Brush your teeth well, Clare! Or your teeth will cause another problem in your mouth!
BABAN-Ba-Ban-Ban-Ban, Ah, ViVa-Non-Non, BaBanBa-Ban-Ban-Ban, a nice hot spa here, we adore, A nice hor spa here!
A steam got a water drop and fell from the ceiling...

This is a song of SPA in 1970s. There is a palody song by Drifters, a Japanese comic band. We common people grew up with the song. The team leader was Chousuke IKARIYA, famous for his Gorrilla like long face and his characteristic fat lips.

Thus, good night everyone! Miyuki will go to bed now! Good dream!!!!

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