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 And she failed. OK, just a kind of tryal, she did it. She wanted to know whey magazine companies were so popular among Tokyo Versity's pupils. Just a tryal, thus, not at all type, "Oh, I failed. I have already presumed it!" type slight confirmation, not a shocking experience at all.

  For candidates, Miyuki adviced. Private company has right to choose their own employees. However, if it doesn't choose correctly, they fail, because of lack of nicest human resauces. It means they chose the way to lose. If they want to gain, choose correctly. Thus, try, anyway. Some good companies would like you!!! Be ambitious, anyway!!!

  And they failed at once. Miyuki disliked their way????

  Easy going. It all depends. What does it mean??? Indulgence. Oh, yes!!! And they failed. They chose indulgence. Probably. Thus, they failed. Yes, naturally.

  And they don't want to work at all. Oh, their choice. And they wanted to rely on your shoulders. Not at all! We refuse it!!!

  And they failed. They represented Alex and they took him differently. And Alex was reluctant to his school job. Reasonable decison. And Alex wants to work now. Good. And he failed. Failed and failed. Good. He got to know that Shirakwa has no industry at all.

  And he decided to be independent. Good. And he started to create his own job. Good. And he would be a creator. As you like. And he is promissive. As he thinks. And he wants to earn money. As he likes.

  For Miyuki, easy money should not be fine for a starter. however, he is promissive at this point. He gained a lot, and failed a lot. Yes. And he found the rule. Japanese system was already ended up. Yes. Thus, he wants to get out of this goddamnit village. Yes, I too.

  Thus, they failed. Miyuki did know why they came to this goddamnit town. Because they thought this town were better than HASHIOJI. And they both found that the situation was totally different from earlier when they were pipils in Primary School. Yes, I felt so.

  And now, their explosive discovery. We have no toilet any more!!! Oh, they broke it????

  finally, they wanted to give a damage to others, and they prepared for it. They really wanted to conceal the fact. They dig a ditch for it. Kids thrwal was easily done with this system.

  Oh, I presumed it when we were young. Anway, dark, and smelly.

  And some dark rumour of abandoned babies in a ditch, especially in Miyuki's high school days. For her, some kind of trifle rumour caused by some anxiety at this season change.

  For her, nasty to say so, however, any of them should be accused at this point. toilet was broken by others, they wanted to explain. And the smell? Cocaine again.

  and sometimes, some nasty 覚醒剤 or amphetamine powder's smell. This is bit diffrent from Cocaine. More inhaling in a powder type. and it was sensed deep inside the nose. Thus, the old ladies started to blow their noses with an explosive sound???

  This morning, Miyuki recognized that her mother also did the blowing nose, by the sound. Oh, she uses it also? And Miyuki recognizes that she has up and down. Sometimes, male boss type, in other times, "please treat me so kind" type. They changed their personality because of the midicines, probably.

  And they failed at once. Miyuki's recognition was too too slow. Burdens they carried. A long line of tumb like stones, they were bringing up to the hill. Miyuki was just watching the scene. And on the top, some monky like one kicked it, unintentionally, and the stone fell down from the cliff to the ocean!!!

  Burdens, it meant, Miyuki recognized it. For her, YUKARI would be, and other hermits, also. And all Alzheimer patients, evilst type, would be, Miyuki deeply thought.

  For them, some kind of message to be done. And for Miyuki, some symbol. Not the real situation. Some interpretation is needed type. And they did in reality.

  Oh, big tumbs were constructed for it? King Rahs, they were???

  For her, some symbolic representation. and for both, their ways to be. Oh, the same. And they wanted to be beried in the same tumb. Oh, vanishing needs tumb????

  for them, formality is necessary. And they interepretated in their own ways. As they liked. And they ordered the bigggest tumb by their own cost. Devastation damage included???

  For Miyuki, not so much type result. For the kids, not so much. Rather, relieved type calm acceptance.

  Why she is laughing after they did so many times? Everyday, they ordered different marderers for her sake, according to their interpretation. And for Miyuki, nothing at all type ironical smiling.

  They really understand, "If I were her mate in the class, I would never want to talk with her" Miyuki said caldly to her mother in mind. She doesn't respect me at all. Not because of my degree, but of because of my personality, she attacks me illogically. By instinct, she doesn't like me, Miyuki felt.

  And she liked to indulge her two kids, and her favorete daughter YUKARI. For Miyuki, evil harmful trash, however, for her, good girl like a cute mad dog.

  Her arrival, probably Miyuki's irritation meant. Her danger is near, they wispered. And with natural cause, Miyuki was freed from her mother's attention, because of YUKARI. For Miyuki's good grief.

  Miyuki is not doll type. Thus, Miyuki prefered to be free from any interference from others. I am a unique individual. I don't want to be the same as you, mother!!!

  And she always ordered her some strange requirement, "You should learn abacus". Miyuki disliked it, because already calculator is sold. Why not abacus? Out of date type lady this domestic wife is, Miyuki sighed.

  For her, YUKARI is a good girl doll. And for YUKARI, her mother is nasty boss, however, pays her living cost type.

  For them, some kind of contract existed, probably. As far as you don't betray me, I would protect you, type. And they wanted to enhance the range of contract, without noticing to others.

  Old kinky ladies in a old house, they were called by their evil neighbours. They suffer from Alzheimer disease, was their catch frase. And Oh, they are also Alzheimer patients. All Alzheimer enemy we are surrounded, Miyuki yelled.

  This is the fact. And catch frase was applied to all of them. Except some non-Alzheimer confirmed ones. They should have some test. On their easiest questions, Miyuki refered. Just drow 7 from 100 repeatedly until to zero.

  They failed already. And 4 words memorization test. They failed. And number remembering. They failed.

   Again and again. however, they failed. No brain type, they are. Thus, their works were so rough, and they were the aim of accusation done by us.

   Too too nasty for them to know the result now. Even now, they believe that they are normal.

   They can't put up with some impulse at all. No pacience at all type escuse. "I can't put up with it, thus I did it". Oh, Jason can exist with us???

  Today, Miyuki went to the public library and found the kinkiest plate on the decorative roof for kids only space. "Put your shoes here" Oh, on the roof? Joking??? 3 meters high from the floor, without any ladder!!!

  Public library is the nest of Alzheimer patients, Miyuki found. And a plump lady with a cheapest red check shirt started to pretend to be a clerk, despite that she entered into as a user. And she chased Miyuki when she went to the toilet. Why? Miyuki didn't know the system.

   KAMBASHI tried to sit beside Miyuki. for them, someone should be a leader. And her position was a leader. Oh, I didn't know it. And they wanted to obey her. Oh, IBATA would be fine for them all. And they failed.

  For Miyuki, OBATA is just a trash. A grand daughter of Supreme Court's Judge. Any Empress would be fine for them. OBATA was a queen type, yes.

  And Miyuki? More Lady Joker type!!! Combined with Emperor, the king of Cacao, by Lotte.

  She likes Chocolate parfait, yes. And they got upset. Why she didn't give us one? They all got upset. Only cheapest one. Why not?  Because she hates you, Auntie, Alex wispered.

  YUKARI is the last stage. Vanishing process. In her infancy, she is now. Thus, smelling test, she did. She liked to smell her dirty parts, yes. She digged them, yes. Incessently, without stopping yes. Kinkiest hobby, she had. Miyuki really felt. All day long, she did it. Foot muck taking, on the reclining chair. And she always smelled them. Always.

  Or, she did from leg swimming movement in the reclining chair all day long. Why? We didn't know. Just repetition, she liked, when she was an infant. Strange girl, Miyuki thought, and refrained from playing with her, as much as possible.

 She was assuctomed to break the objects near her. Thus, Miyuki was distant from her. Glasses, electric tools, toys, books and so on. And she were allowed to paint even in a wall. She liked crayons and draw even in the inside of Miyuki's olgoal. YUKARI marked some smiling faces, imitating the character called NIKO-NIKO in Japanese. Yellow smiling mark, famous worldwidely like 😊. Only one type.

  And her mother asked Miyuki to repaint the wall to erase YUKARI's result. When she was in the 5th grade of the primary school. And Miyuki liked the job, and really thought, "Oh, I would be a 左官 or SAKAN, or artisan of wall painting. It would be smoothy and comfortable, if I would be, she imaged. She wanted to use こて to smooth up the wall.

  And she found that 米倉 or YONEKURA, the professor of civil law was ex-wall painter. Oh, he did the nice job, probably. For her understanding, some pleasure to smoothing up the wall with stacco. Thus they failed.

  Easiest, they said. Then try!!! And they couldn't. Thus, they need some technic. And it seems so nice to do it. Especially, under the shadow, in summer, Miyuki imagined to work as a parttimer for the job.

  こて絵 or Painting with KOTE, this wall smoothing tool, has a long tradition. The result is relief. Good one is a kind of art. Like 左 甚五郎 or Jungoro HIDARI. A good sensed artisan is an artist. It all depends on their character and abilities.

  For archtecture, artisans are required. Miyuki's taste is nice, however, for museum it's OK type. Too extremest she is at this field. To live normally, Portuguese heavy romanesque wall is the best for her. Cool, and cool, without any fire. With fire, yes warm. Thus, no air conditining system is used in generally type. 倉 or KURA or warehouse is good to live, if they have a suitable ventilation system and a stove. Oh, I will find some of them.

  Faked KURAs are here and there. And some KURA-ZUKURI or Kura Structural Buildings, sometimes, Miyuki found along the road. And some SAKE makers. And old barbar called OSADA is its type. They modified a bit to showup addopting westernized style. Not so strange. Cultural value, it has.

  A bit unique combination, however, in total, not so bad. A kind of compromise type.

  Aufhaben is compromise, Miyuki taught to Chinkoro. Oh, so easy. Why they wasted such a vast time to explain such a easy concept. Because they wanted to show their skill to make something get complicated. Some skill was required. With BLA-BLA-BLA, any preparation is needed. however, it would be laught at immediately in front of audience, in public. However, well contructed one would be a kind of puzzle. Thus, some kind of training, for some maniacs. A kind of chess or igo. For others, just a pastime type hobby.

  Miyuki's explanation is too too harsh for philosophers. Be pragmatic, she was wispered, and tried to use the principles she understood and established and found. And Chinkoro liked her way.

  Oh, this is a professor's job, he got to know it. Oh, I like it. I would be one of them. and Rabby is now in his professional job. he is a leader of the movement. Non paid professor among them. Sometimes, he works in this field. And Miyuki yelled him. He is good at teaching. All three in my Quartet likes such a not interesting job for Miyuki.

  Thus, sometimes, Miyuki prefers to swing in a green jungle, wearing a Parijenne like clothings. For them, educating others is a kind of sacred mission, however, for Miyuki, oh, you three are... a bit more interventional, rather than I.

  Some desire like Miyuki's fur touching. I met for the first time a professor who immeiately confesses as always, "I hate teaching. I am a scholar. However, I am a diligent worker. Thus, against my intention, I should give some lessons to you. It's my obligation as a worker. I hate any professor at all!!!! They are protectionalists, all, without exception. And laywers should be liberal. It means, non protectionist type, thus, non teaching system I adopted finally. I just teach myself. Self study type is liberal lawyers. Thus, I consult you all, yes. However, not teach you at all.

  Thus, they liked Miyuki. As you like!!! You like to teach others, while I not. I will play when you are teaching to others. I prefer swinging or dancing with my playmates!!!

  Childish job choice, they thought. Just swinging in a green rope? Not hunging!!! And ADACHI got suffocated again and again watching the scene.

  Oh, こばうん or KOBAUN, or 小林運輸株式会社 or Logistic Company KOBAYASHI, located in NISHIGOU, near the inducstrial complex of 信越電子株式会社 or Shinetsu Electric Company near the evilest tunnel SHIRAKAWA No.1.

  When she was swinging in a bench type swing beside アーバン or AABAN, the second major aparell cheapish type company's shop in MEGA-STAGE shopping mall in Shirakawa, she found a track entering in front of her, and tried to crash her, until 2 meters distance. Oh, they wanted to kill me. And I know you well, KOBAUN. I visited your site, already. She wispered and they stopped near her, beside the bench type swing. Oh, they were trained for it.

  Miyuki remembered that even OMANKO journalism sometimes reported that some evil cars entered into the entrance of some big supermatkets or shopping malls or social benefitted facilities, from back and killed some consumers or users. Each year, without exception. And always the drivers were Alzheimer patients.

  For them, just a killing. Why do you accuse me now type excuse, as always. They don't feel any pain at all, even that of heart. Cold hearted means "I will kill you as I like", thus, Alzheimer patients, they are.

  For them, Miyuki is just an aim of being chased. And they hired some snypers for it. And they were hired for it. And they tried to escape the role. however, they are ordered. Thus, they should do it.

  Yes, they recognized the contract making. To kill my own mother? Oh, are you crazy? Alex got upset. These days, they wanted him to kill her in every meaning. He should do it, or he would not be feeded by us all. And he did it, again and again. Always, they tried to persuade him. Sleeping mode is the best to kill her. And they tried to do so.

  And they put some special poison to Miyuki's sweet. They put the object away for it. Inducing the wrongdoers to kill her. Again, Auntie? Your dream has no end? For us, continuous nightmare. I want to quit this role.

  And they both scolded him to his slowness. You should kill her anyway. Good to know it. For them, I killed her, is enough. and he said so many times to them all. Thus, they liked and gave him some sweets. 1 piece to each killing job.

  Stressful jealous old bugs with Alzheimer disease. Miyuki said coldly. No spirit at all type. Thus, they could enter into the infants space in a big body, and revealed that this park is for it.

  Why this swing is not used any kid today? Thus, I will use it. And she started to swing, with her amusing way.

  And she found. Oh, in this position, the old kinky drivers could see the underpants inside the skirt. This, this space is so vast to be seen by them, and the existance of the 5 or so relatively high stories apartmetn in very front of the bench type swing.

  Easily they established the prefablic building just for the peeping job. Infants are the object of their wrong peeping jobs.

  Always near infants only type park, there are some relatively high stories apartment. To conceal the wrongdoing, and to peep the inside of the skirt. how skewed!!!

  And she sang like "I ate it! Just ate it!", and remembered that her nearest goal of the backside is Michael Jackson's hip. Oh, my hip!!! Oh, I did it!!! My hip is so attractive, yes. I know. And I trained well to rearch the goal. And thus Japan failed!!! Oh, because of my hip, this dirty nasty evilest kinkiest conutry called Japan was broken totally!!! Michael Jackson would love the result!!! 傾城 or KEISEI, the real castle destroyer, she is!!!

  Not SEIKEI. This is the name of the versity, that ABE graduated from, and KOBAYAKAWA worked for. They made a big mistake!!! Not he, but I!!! Oh, ADACHI! We did it!!!

  Her hip!!! Oh, thus, they wanted to catch me!!! For the reason of my hip!!! Thus, they wanted to change my body and soul!!!

  Personality change, they required. And then they chaged their mind. Her hip is attractive, thus, she would be killed. Thus, they failed. Miyuki wore leggings, a kind of pants, or trausers, in the old English. Not underpants, they expected. And she put tunic, like roman male on the upperpants. Why she should be ashamed of being peeped? Strange kinkiest skewed guys they were.

  Miyuki made her kids play here. And they liked the swing. And Miyuki refrained to swing, because it is said, "For kids only." And Miyuki recognizes that for a couple, much better. Why not? Relatively heavy duty type, if it were reformed. Not so bad. And got to know the two big dangers.

  Shirakawa, and other rural villeges would be the same. Thus, I needed to pass time here in the goddamnit evilest one called SHIRAKAWA. Just a type is enough to inform. Prevelence is the tendency how these rural villeges were so evil in every sense of meanings. They are the real wrongdoers. Kids were killed for their own indulged lives.

  Oh, you two are too slow to move today! Alex appointed with his own charming way. This is his skill to avoid the disaster. They probably put a small mount of amphetamine in the pan of stewed red beans, probably. For them, as usual type. A bit is enough for disturb her step, and punish her. A bit. We bought it by her own parchece, using her name, repeatedly. They started to confess the crime now.

  Alzheimer confessed at their last stage. They put it in everytime, when they liked to do so. And always, Miyuki got trapped easily. Why they are so easy going at this point? Amphetamine, it would be. Not cocaine. More nasty, direct type. UV poison is it. Ultra violent way they used. For them, usual medicine already since the first time.

  When she asked the cause, the evil Todai related medical doctor explained her, "Oh, just a slight unbalanced neuron related disease, called, 自律神経失調症 or lack of homeostasis. " They concealed the facts. They put it eventually. Anyone who could do it should do it. Or, they should be killed immediately. Snypers were here and there, and inside the family, yes.

  For YUKARI, not so bad. A kind of inducing medicine to sleep well. However, for MIYUKI, headache and vomitting, and loss of 3 days. every month or every 3 months.  They put it, if they felt nasty at the exact day of their fury.

  This is the fact of Japanese families. Easily punishing within the family. And they proided it incessantly. Only for house wives know the secret of their incessand headache.

  During her days, after graduate school days, such a headache problem started. Always after some event it happened, usually. And they could change the composition of the essence of the material. Thus, no way to escape from the wrongdoings. And they should be punished for it also, of course. how nasty feeling I have today. I should be more less active today, Miyuki really felt, and refrained from moving so positively. Just lying on the bed, sometimes. And felt so cold even in the hottest day in summer.

  They could do it, as they liked. They could do it, if they are multipled. Pair is stronger than one. Thus they combined. And did their own evil skills as they liked. Because they could do it. Amphetamine is resembling to Abilify. Probably the same sound was mistakenly caught, and the stupid one wrote in the wrongest name.

  Thus, they stole it, and started to take it, and put it on Miyuki's special dish, if they liked. Amphetamine users they are. Thus, up and down, up and down, they showed.

  Alzheimer patients, Miyuki said. And they got upset. And they are the both. Addicted type amphetamine users, combined with Alzheimer patients. Thus, the smells. Cocaine was ment Alzheimer patients, and amphetamine was put in their list. Thus, they progressed so rapidly after their recognition of the disease.

  They took it to get up early. Deep sleeming was induced, they believed, like Miyuki's ex-mate called Ms.ARAKI. She got addicted in HASEGAWA hospital. Without it, they couldn't sleep well, thus, they needed to go to clinic, eargerly. And they was found to be Alzheimer patients, thus, they needed to go to the clinic again and again. And Clare was a camoflauge for the rexact reason.

  For Miyuki, just a trash type medicines. however, for them, necessity to sleep well. Thus, their sleeping is so deep. And they felt nothing any peeing feeling during night. Thus, for them, a kind of saving god like existance.

  Indulged type would be trapped like this. And Miyuki could put up with the attacks, repeated type only version. They are running away mode, Miyuki felt in really today. Miyuki was audacious today. Oh, they are escaping from me, and sometimes they speted, as if saying" "You, nasty naughty strange existance! Be plain like us all!"

  Miyuki started to get sleepy. She felt some amphetamine powder'as smell, only a bit, in the air. In several palces, it smelled. Some stinky type. Nasty headache would follow type. And she sang, 甘く危険な香り♫🎶、AMAKU-KIKENNA-KAORI, WooWoo🎶🎶, or Sweet Dangerous Smell, by Kenji SAWADA.

 Blowing is for it. And her mother is also. Double shock for her, probably. Not at all. Double confirmation, just it.

  Headache follows, they are called. However, they couldn't stop to use it. Their own choice. however, they should not get involved into their wrongdoings us all. They only themselves should be punished, not me.

  Thus, they wanted me to take the evil medicine to control me to say, "Yes, Yes, Yes!" to others. Mad dogs wanted more mad dogs for their own. Mad dog symptom, we called it. Only indulged one was trapped. And Miyuki disliked it. Why I would be affected of their evil medicine???

  Miyuki's explosive bombs would explose in a minute. Because she is sending the facts she found in the day. Freshness would be required. And they were the evilest examples in the universe. Cheapish thrifty type turned to be the evilest ones, because of just a jealousy.

  She is different today, Miyuki felt so much. On her mother.

  Oh, sorry, I will get up earlier a bit, because I should get out from the house tomorrow again.

  See you for us all!!! We, the rightous Fauna and Flora, and our supporters!!!!

  VANISH! DDMs!!! You are so so BUSUs!!!

  From Quartet MARC, with BIG LOVE!!! And to you, both DDMs, Biggest Kicking from Rabbit Tribe!!!!!


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