My First Attempt to Seek a Job in Australia

2017-02-09 09:20:36 | 日記
09/02/2017 (morning) I ate a rice with diced radish and bacon loaf for breakfast. Now I am taking cafe latte.

It's snowy today. 10cm in depth. I sweeped the surfice of the step tones on the path between our office and the main house at 5 meters of distance with a bloom.

I'm trying to find a job through myGOV in Australia. However, the site sometimes requires mobil phone number.
I don't have a mobil phone as my credo. I am against wi-fi use except some peculiar cases. I believe that wi-fi gives a great damage to Fauna & Flora, including human beings.
Wi-fi has merits. Yes. However, the demerits are bigger than the merits. Thus, as a rational thinker, I prefer being free from wi-fi use.

Australian government excludes me because of my non-mobil phone policy. They seem to believe that every one should have mobil phone to get a job through their job finding service. They have no sight to consider the black side of the utility. It would affect your government, you, Australians!

Anyway, thus, I couldn't use the system. I had to offer my e-mail address to them. They took it. Then they refused my request to offer their job search service, on behalf of lack of mobil phone. They didn't offer alternatives for me. This is Australian government. I've learn it from my experience.

Just showing up. Not essencially. The common strategy among Idiocratic govenments. Watch out, Australian people! You are living in a dangerous country. Japan is worse than Australia, of course. However, the symptom has already appeared by the site. Who did make the site? How the figures were selected for the job? Why the government allows them to provide the unfair service?
Yes, there are requisit for use. However, the system of "total agreement" is unconstitutional at all. The "Microsoft type" we call it. All or nothing. If you want to use the service, agree what we say whole in one.
The IT business relies on this system. The nest of IDIOCRACY, totally.

Australians, watch out! Your government adopts the same system of Microsoft. That BLA-BLA-BLA combined with "Agree or not agree?" If you choose "not agree", you will be excluded from IT world. That means the end of the world of the industry. Who agrees to all of nonsenses of the idiocray of IT company? No one! IT business does the inhuman jobs and earns money for them. Now, they shall vanish. Bye, Microsoft, Apple! You did wrongdoing for us, people. You are "Black smiling salesman" writen by Fujio FUJIKO, the father of DORAEMON.
Mr.FUKUDOME is a salesman with a big mouth and smiling always. He sells convenient goods for the clients. However, the clients should lose the important virtue instead of the goods. Thus, all clients lost their lives, after buying the convenient goods. Mr.FUKUDOME continues to make a business trip, smiling.

He is the symbol of unluck and unhappiness. Figures greediness call him. They vanish completely after his arrival. He does his job, diligently. He is just like our black and tragedic version.

I got to know the demerits and I stopped the use. It's difficult to do so completely. however, I try to do so as much as possible.

I now use PC, but I use wired LAN system. I need Internet, because the use enhances my abilities. If I can't use it, I can't get any job, except purification of radiated earth. In FUKUSHIMA, practicaly, no job except it has benn found.

Wi-fi influences on human beings' development in body and soul. The shortage of hight is a good example. Sleepless kids grow bad. Especially, their legs are short and unbalanced.
Wi-fi users are addicted, in a certain mean. They don't stop the use. Useless talking and gaming affect kids, including Alex. They are just time consuming pastime. They rob of precious time from youth.

We human beings are the most insensitive to wi-fi. Fauna & Flora are the most damaged victims. Probably, they feel "impossible to live here!" I got to know that in HACHIOJI, the numbers of incects, birds and wild flowers have been reducing year by year. The situation is the worst these several years. I named it "silent spring", after Lachele Carlson, a famous naturalist in 1960s. She warned as soon as possible, as much as possible. Some people understand her opinion, however, others ignored or made a fool of her. She was not only a female. She was a great naturalist. She shoudn't be qualified as feminist because of her sex.

Dioxine, it was called. But I think, wi-fi is a kind of this type of poison or nusance to environment.
I want to be free from being unbalanced in body and soul. Skewed, you don't feel, do you?

For example. Bill Gates suffers from young Alzheimer disease. His early retirement means a lot. Under 50, he's only residue of old nard or nut. The newspapers don't refer to the name of the disease. But, at a glance of his photo, common people felt strange. He is different from us. He isn't normal.
Steave Jobs also. His early death really means.

They bought convenient goods fom Mr.FUKUDOME. Thus, he became rich and died, practically, earlier than usual. The names of the disease were really unknown, probably. Rare type of cancer, Jobs' family said. However, who proves it?

For IT programmers, lack of logical thinking is fatal. If he loses it, he should retire as soon as possible. He is already suffering from serious brain damage.

Thus, Australian government is now in ordial. They should die with their favorite IT related or live with us.
We are looking forward to knowing the result.
Dr.Miyuki SATO is smiling now. What does it mean? Yes, she is happy with the result. Which?
Both! When myGOV choses the former, the big evil existance vanished altoghether. Good bye, IT business and Australian Gov!
When my GOV choses the latter, welcome to our world, our people! You should become much greater after the end of USA!

Thus, Miyuki continues to seek a job. What will be, will be? Qhe sera, sera!
Doris Day's songs are cheerful. Dona Maria liked the Portugese version. She is ex-colleague of us.
I remember her elegant movement. She likes to behave like an elegant queen of householding.
She didn't take a rest. She moved always, in her elegant smooth way.
I love oldies. Doris, Frank Sinatra, Neal Sedaca, Paul Young, Luis Armstrong and so on.
I borrowed these CDs from public libraries in Bunkyo Ward in Tokyo, when I was in graduate school. Cheapest way to enjoy the music. Cheerful. Their common character is.

Miyuki smiles cheerfully, watching the movement of myGOV. A good amusement!

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