Evacuation Place, Please!

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30/01/2017 (morning) I took a cafe latte break.

This morning, YUKARI the broken robot took my precious posters bought abroad to her territory perhaps to throw away againt my will. She can't recognize the difference of the owners. She confuses her things with mine.

Recently, she began to throw away things, insisting that they belong to her. Ai-ai...I need to save the life of my precious posters and so on. Even she is the patient of Alzheimer, she shouldn't throw my belongings away. Her instinctual hobby is giving a vast damage for me. She has been always harmful for me. I need a place of my exodus. I require to you people in the world to addmit me as a refugee from DoDoMerdic world. Each day, YUKARI the DoDoMerda invades into my territory. I can't stop her wrongdoing.

DoDoMerdas are irresponsible, however, they intrude to our territory without legitimacy. It's highly common for them.
They extend their space without noticing us, like my case with YUKARI.
Every time, they do wrong, behind us, concealing the fact. The tactics is usually used by Japanese government.
We people have no way to fight against their evilness, because their attack is done in secret.
Pearl Harbour is their casual tactics. Not an exception.
They are so dirty. We people feel upset at this dirty unfair method. However, the DoDoMerdas are proud of doing so.
They think that, "Wow! How clever we are! We know when and how attack the fellows. They don't. They are so ignorant. They can't defend themselves. How stupid they are! American are so stupid until not to defend our abrupt offence. Fools, they are! We are the champions, we are the champions! We are the cleverest in the world!!!"

The way of thinking is totally equal among YUKARI, ABE, Hideki TOJO, who was the criminal AAA of WWII. DoDoMerdas are all the same. In Japan, they have been propagated too too much. It's the time of radicalizing them, all without exception.

They are beyond "the limit of our endurance". This term is used by Administrative Law scholars. Among the constitutionalists, "internal limit" is liked to be used.

In case of "the limit of endurance", as a general sense, when the conducts or actions of authority or power holders exceed the limit, they shouldn't be done, because of their illegality.

In case of "internal limmit", our conducts or actions shouldn't inflinge the limit because they are considered as flamboyant leeway, not as freedom or right.
Thus, they can be stopped by authority with rightious legitimacy.

Therefore, when "the limit of endurance" is used in relation to constitutional justice, "beyond it" means that the conducts or actions of so called authority or power holders are unconstitutional, or simply, inhuman and not allowed by Gods of Justice.

We can say the expression "the limit of endurance" has wider range than "internal limit".
Of course, administrative law is inferior to constitutional law and includes ligal questions and constitutional questions both.
The two subject should be taught as an integrated one as public law.

However, as I described before, in Japan, the two subjects have coexisted as different and non related subjects each other in versities.
I, as a result of academic-power harasment, should give a lecture to pupils as the lecturer of both subjects.
However, for this reason, I could notice the great descrepancy between the two subjects. They should be integrated into one subject as Public Law.
The name of subject isn't important. It should be Constitutional Law, because it is superior to administrative law.
At least, the subjects of legal study should be systematic.

Some of them got to know the big discrepancy, which shouldn't exist llogicaly. For example, prof.KANBAYASHI described the situation in his short article.
Administrative law scholars don't want the integration, because it means that they would lose the source of earning money, namely, the positions.

However, I know that Constitutionalists in Japan are also can't give a lecture on Public law, because their mind is so vague and slow. They discuss the matter in the most vacant way and almost all of their answer is useless or panacea.

Do you understand it? You can remember Yasuo HASEBE or Kenji ISHIKAWA. They are conformists total and ex- or actual testacles host of power holders. (Sorry, they should be stage mamas of them, also.)
Their remarks like, "Safety is prior to freedom"(HASEBE) and "Extreme example of paternalistic interference" are in vain, they themselves, however, for power holders, they are Gold Shields of the smell of academism.
Ashibe's remark of "Positive Pacifism" is abused in this context.

Power holders want the frases with appearance of wits and flavour of academism, because they themselves lack ot both.
They are academically ignorant, I'm sure. I met many power holders during my stay in Tokyo, however, almost all of them made me feel strange. "Did they graduate from versity? Why they lacks knowledge of liberal arts? They are not different from my friends of the local town, graduated from only high school or junior high, in the field of liberal arts and culture. Unbelievable! Four years of Superior Education doesn't make them smell inteligence. They smell like rude country idiots!"

Thus, exists co-habitation between these rude idiot power holders and the acadeic flavoured ex- or actual Testacles host at renoun versities, in particular, at Tokyo Univ.
They are in essence totalitarians. So they can rent and borrow their personality and soul each other.
There is a proverb that "Fox borrows Tiger's Authority" in Japan.
Tiger represents power holders, while fox does versity plofessors.

For wild animals, tiger is tiger, fox is fox. They are totally different. They would get upset hearing of this proverb. They both are disgraced by the proverb. They are not totalitarians. Only DoDoMerdas think that fox and tiger do the same dirty work.

In Japan, there lives no tiger. Probably, this proverb came from China or Korea. East Asian traditional inclination of power holders to the dirty colaborated job with academic figures, probably.

They are, in Short, just DoDoMerdas. They pretend to be brave, however, as I described before, they are male DodoMerdas called Messrs.Flabbies, in their nature.
The skin bag has penis, while the content is the same as that of vagina holder.
In their world, appearance weighs, so they are categorized as males, however, for us, they are all the same DoDoMerdas, in any means.

In Japan, the law admits that sexual identification problem holders can change their sex officially after the physical surgery, in the condition of not having kids.
I have heard that British congress is so strong to do everything except making males to female or vice versa.
In Japan, legislative power holders have stronger power than British congress because they could change the sex of the nation.

I've also heard that this law was established by way of a famous strong old conservative politician called NONAKA, who had felt so sympathy to the story of the holder of sexual identification problem.
Only one politicians flamboyant feeling is enough to make figures change sex. How easy here in Japan! The paradise of sexual change!

Thus, I was so afraid of making my body changed by the superiors of our versity.
Because, they insist that they know my real personality and my opinion is just a false opinion. And also they tried to change my body line, saying that I were too skinny.
Combining the remarks, if they think that real Dr.Miyuki SATO should have penis, they can put it on my pelvis, against all my resistance.
Kyorin versity has faculty of medicine and its hospital. Sexcual identification problem is treated at the department of Mental Health in Japan.
I am an aim of hatrid of the superiors of my versity that put me in the hospital, after intrusion and abduction. I received the lynch.
Public agencies don't touch versity matters at all. They just ignore me.

In this situatin, as a kind of lynching, I would have been operated to become a penis holder!
What a disaster! I don't change my body according to others' opinion. I want to enjoy my whole life, includins sexual one, of course!

The Devil's Contract of obedience includes sexual change according to the superiors' instuction. For them, it doesn't matter. Just on the paper.

Nightmare is also developed in winter. In China, now in the traditional new year holidays in 1 week. Even Chinese Communist party doen't order sexual exchange to their inferiors.
However, in China, as a lynch, SHIBA-SEN was castrated. He lost his testacles, however, he wrote a famous book of history widely known. I admire his efforts.
He is a great author.

In his case, it was a tragedy.
In my case, it was a commedy based on imaginary combination.
However, each experience I suffered was real one. Not a lie at all.
I, a commedy writer, describe the IDIOCRAY in Japan.
I am a witness of the insipid stupid vapid activities of DoDoMerdic power holders.
Later, my book will be read by common people as much as possible and become the bible of "Don't repeat such wrongdoings anymore".
My book will be read spontaneously, because my words are simple and my episodes are just like jokes. Total contradictions.
Dr.Miyuki SATO, who escaped from the tragedy of SHIBA-SEN, and turned to be a commedian, who talk the real harsh experiences under IDIOCRACY in Japan, is seeking a place of evacuation! Please help me! I will talk you all my episodes, which will make you laugh!
I need space to work and to keep my belongings. DodoMerdas attack me every day!
YUKARI, the broken robot, repeats foreve offence to me.
Help! Help!
Give me your hands! Give me a job! Please! Please!

Vanish! DoDoMerdas!

Let's sing the song of winners together, soon after their vanishing!
Help! Help! Help me!....Beetles like.

of authority or power holders can't
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