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For Miyuki, exchanging information is necessity as everyday's work, of course, including as professional.
And now? It's so difficult to find the written infromation from formal traditional ways like News Papers and TV, public service's advertisement, anyway, official ones. They don't work at all. However, someone continues to fake as if the earth were as usual like it had been under IDIOCRACY.

Shirakawa residents are so cruel and senseless as North Korean. Quatar figures also. The same. And they speak in Japanese, in Shirakawa dialect. Thus, just skin bags of them. Vanish! Right now!!!

Miyuki liked to play with Cockroaches???? Not at all. Cockroach cars should vanish, immediately. Reduced, yes. However, yet, so many exist. They should be erradicated, at once.

Quatar is grass cutting type. Jasons, Islamic version. Today, some iron producing noisy sound, Miyuki heard several times. And the sound replacement between trains and dump tracks, again, in 道南西公園 or DOUNAN-NISHI-KOUEN, the park nearest JR Shn-Shirakawa Station.

From this park, bullet trains, passing through or departing from the station, should have seen easily. However, only few times, Miyuki could see the bullet train. The rest, only she heard the sound of passing. Strange, and useless. Alzheimer Railway Maniacs combined with Machinery type, probably, Miyuki presumed.

And Alex wants to know the result of his test. Test of what? Categorization? Of what? Your reword. How many DDMs, you have killed? It all depeneds on the number.

Miyuki is so coolish to say so. And you? Reward. From Me? Mine is special treatment for my body and soul. In short, good eating habit and exercise. The result, longer legs!!!

Miyuki is so so crazy to insist to have them. Both are necessary for her life now. Anyway, it is easily to be sticky now. Like rain drop. Sticking is satans' weakpoint. Miyuki should do exercise more and more. Yes, however, she should eat more, in case of her nasty headache and bad feeling. Thus, eating sufficient is necessity. And talking also is useful to keep her sanity in body and soul.

Miyuki remembers 大迫 san or Ms.OOSAKO, who said "After gaining a baby, I lost weight." in her so so sounding big voice. Miyuki said, "Your loud voice needs a lot of energy consumption, thus, you gained a loss." and she also added that mammul feeding caused her leaness. Miyuki thought that it would be so. Too to costive way to produce mummal milk.

In Miyuki's case, just a immune planting method. And at that period, mummal feeding only were recommended by any countries, in Japan, New Zealand and Brazil. And the kids got hungry...and they started to drink milk.

Miyuki was so accused by HARUMI and YUKARI as the fat factor giver on the kids. Because of Miyuki's torture done on them, namely, lacking of mummal milk and refraining from powder milk for several months in their ZERO age. They got hungry, and thus, they, to avoid such a cruel hunger, was obliged to drink and eat more than necessity, thus, Miyuki is the wrongdoer in this field.

Always Miyuki is the seed of unhappiness and unsatisfaction. for YUKARI and HARUMI, the most easy explanation to be free from any acuusation done by others, it is, and it should be adopted by others.

Subjective world, they both live. Thus, Miyuki is away from their world, or, they would be excessive burden on Miyuki. Thus, as much as possible, Miyuki is away from them both.

No way for them. Alzheimer patients, who attack others so harshly, was our impression. No rightous police exist in Japan from the begining, and now, sound producing system is laughingly rotten.

At Route 289, in front of Benimaru-Showamachi, ambulance car suddenly came, with the siren sound. Then, it put the police chasing sound, and the result, double sound from the same ambulance car.

Sound producers, who are you? Satanic yes. However, Miyuki would like to know their name of partisanship. Satanic Crikets, toilet type? Cybulla? Some evil birdies? Machenery?

And since yesterday, Miyuki checked the trains' blowing sounds in Shin-Shirakawa area. The conductors made a sound of the steam engine in front of the station. Thus, each one, in his favorite place. Some guys liked in the middle, others in the top of the platform, and the others, in the end. No difference at all. And for them, steam engines' sound is so common.

Always from hypothese, satans are different. Senseless, and brainless. Only affection and hatred and jealousy world, they live. Muck. Subjective value only. Thus, idiocracy, in the end. Civilization was ended up like that, in the most stupid way. Plants got relieved that Miyuki is so easy goer.

Logical. Pursuasive. Thus, I act in this line. Easy, and quick. No any explanation needed beside it.

Logical thinking is necessity for us all. We should be at least logical thinkers. Thus, they all got desqualified by their affection. Chinkoro is so old. Yacult started to criticise him. Chinkoro got shocked. Me? Quickest guy as Animal Tribe???!!! Chinkoro got upset, however, regrets. Swallow Tribe is quickest. Thus, fly.

Any fether type is required, we all yelled. However, for others, participating into our army is not so honoured. Thus, IGNOLANDIA. Only few who could understand the humour could be recognized as their residents. Anyone could visit here if it were righout, however, almost anyone doesn't want to stay here. ???

Now, with satans. Yes, reasonable to avoid here. And then? After vanishing? Party, cleaning up, desconstruction of dirty buildings, arranging necessary facilities, create more effective way of life, dispute judging system, judicial consulting jobs, everyday's visitor attending jobs, new amusement criation, playing many games, art devotion. Comments on other's works, visiting others abroad, cooking and organizing private life, and so on.

Miyuki, you should think more and more on their future. Plants???
Miyuki did think on plants future? Not much. And now? Plants world. They think. And Miyuki advice according to her experience. And now? Lemmon orhard, at first. And then, some citrus in more general meaning. Anyway, need to have sufficient place to cultivate them.

Put in the road. yes, after total vanishing of satans, yes. Now, despite of their all losing, they play the role of the faked police, faked fire fighters, faked supermarket business related, faked factories entreprenours, faked shopkeepers, faked families, faked pupils, faked teachers, faked public servants, faked railway line related and so on. Their system should be avoided, yes. however, precarious way, Miyuki needs to eat, especially, animal protein.

Thus, you should quit your writing jobs. Oh, satans, you are! Vanish, now!!!

And they vanished. And now, they appeared. Quatar liars, or faked Quatar residents?

Recently, airplines fly so low, above miyuki's head. They want to drop something? Pooh???

They tried to do so, and they put amphetamine also. Thus they don't want to get out from the house, and move only in vehicles???

For Miyuki, walking under the sunshine is healthy and recommendable. And for others? Of course, yes. And the reality is, only vehicles. Thus, satans = DDMs. Cockroaches.

Miyuki remembered model type North Korean girl, slender and beautiful. She was a bitch, and worked in HIKARIE, in Shibuya. Faked AOYAMA GAKUIN boy pupils followed her in a body. She attended with 10 boys, at the same time. And she just moved from there to the next working place, with her coldest mode.

Senseless, and no facial expression she had. Almost machinary. Humanoid, in the field of erotic business. Duch wife, in short.

North Korean produced such kind of prostitution only resorces, using the technic of crones. Probably, thus, the country collected foreigners from all over the world. Megumi would be substituted by Miyuki, probably. Miyuki was chased by the yellow jeep in the beach of 99 Miles, in Chiba prefecture, when she was with 20 years old, and the both really thought that they regretted to pay more to the Korean agents to kill Miyuki.

Snypers were provided by them, Miyuki! you are really targetted by your family's chasing game. Oh, then, Vanish! And they should vanish, now. And for them, necessity to their survival. righouts survival, only. Just for selling Miyuki to the enemy, no right to survive. Thus, vanish, at once.

Miyuki doesn't expect anything to other human beings, pragmatically. They betray so easily, at the cost of so cheapish financial benefit. Alzheimer patients, already.

Thus, Miyuki should put up with the next plants world. Of course!!! Beautiful world, and Miyuki would replace evil Lilis, and turned to be rightous Miyuki, always playing with rightous F&F and our supporters.

Thus, they ended up. for them, no time for the losers, was not killer words. Thus, Death on the back, Sodomians!!!

Miyuki likes to say so for the North Koreans. How shame!!! And they regretted that Miyuki were good guy. Oh, Miyuki is good guy, yes!!!

Miyuki is good guy, thus, Miyuki would put up with it???

It what???

Too too difficult to think that Madam Fusain have it. Big bust??? P???

Miyuki remembered that President of Iraque died in the totally chicken mode. Yes. He behved like a chiken. Oh, who did it on his back?

For Miyuki, he was degraded guy, yes. He was SUNNI, and it was minority in the region, and Shia was majority in IRAQ. Too too confusing situation. Anyway, he grasped the reign and attacked the enemy with cruelest mode, and ran away in his most chikenest mode, and his three sons were also died with shames. Usain, the third is. Volt?

Obama is used as the name of the long religious leader called Osama-Bin-Ladin. He had long long name, thus, OBAMA is one of his long names, and OBAMA would be so common as Islamic names. Like Miyuki, Yasuko, Etuko...Plain names.

Osama-Etuko-LAdin. OOSAMA-KISAMA-Trash Bin-Aladin???

Miyuki, you should stop such nasty remarks on others. Oh, freedom of expression was violated by this guy. Immediate execution of the extreme punishment, please, Kabucky!!!

Miyuki started to criticise Islamic Fundamentalism, and the consumer faking guys started to move from her place. Probably, Miyuki ejected some targetted tabboo words, and they started to inform Miyuki to their own special police. Thus, they should be punished.

Always the power holders established their own police. And now, Quatar is attacking on Miyuki. Oh, sportive park?

Miyuki is prohibitted to enter into. OK, they should be punished by the primitive reason of prohibittion of Go and Come. Habious Corpus effect in this case. Stop their attempt, and prohibit them to disturb Miyuki's act. She is working for us all. Thus, not only by private meaning, but also by public mission, they should be punished harshly.

They themselves are indifferent from the order, however, deligating their dicision on the hands of evil prongdoers should be punished, independently.

Miyuki is nasty to punish all of her families? In case of satans, not at all. Welcome to the next world. Plants world is pragmatically new to Miyuki. From the begining up to now, plants world, the planet is. However, satans constructed different system inside the planet. Double standard was used up to now. Thus, they identified themselves as rightous guys. And they were revealed as no man's land's Alzheimer patients. Satans, in short.

Miyuki is so nasty to say the fact. Desart already signified that they did it. And now, in other country. Repetition means habitual. Thus, the harshest punishment is requisite.

And Miyuki should be punished by anything? Look! They are so brainless to ask how to attack Miyuki to Miyuki herself. It means no tactics at all among them. Prisoners, who daredly betrayed againt Universal Wartime Rule, should their intention to give a damage for us all, asking the way to attack us all. Stupid, at the same time, showing up their own stupidity. Strange stragegy, they adopt as always.

無策 or MUSAKU. TAGOSAKU's way of life. No way for the stupid. Just for you, satans.

No no no more satans, at all. Chinkoro and Yacult yelled. Of course!!! Satans should not be punished, in the cruelest way. Accumulated shames, yes. However, only total vanishing effects, for this type of satans.

Anyway, senseless. And forgetful. Thus, no other way to stop their useless attempt to chase Miyuki everyday, except total vanishing. Confirmed.

In Shirakawa, simple small three stories watch Tower turned to be a castle. Smaller than our house, however, as a giorama, it worked, in a certain level. However, from the begining, it was short, impressively. Thus, it is difficult to be considered to be a castle. Just a house, small type, with the shape of old castle.

For Miyuki, HARUMI's "Accomlished, however, because of the legal error, namely, against Law of Construction, we can't visit it" was strange to hear. And to confirm, Miyuki went there, with her kids. 3 times or so, they climed up altogether. And for them, narrow fearful stories were impressive. To live? Impossible.

And Miyuki's calculation is almost US$10 thousand. However, 100 times more of money was paid for carpenters. Hey Mr.Postman.

Miyuki liked Carpenters? Some of songs liked. Simple, and as leaners of English, good standard. Magazine called Period of Tail Lamp insect and snow, or 蛍雪時代 had a corner to explain the lyrics of the songs, and Capenter's famous songs were adopted as This Month's Songs.

ABBA is also. Difficult for high school asexuals, however, now, so easy to understand. And Miyuki should do exectomia???? Pere?

Why such a strange nick name? Pare? Pair? Peret? Pare, ai, gente?
Anyway, Saci Perere..Only one leg type??? Japanese counterpart is Umbrella type. Physically chalenged, probably.

Miyuki was not nasty when she met plurally challenged guy in Se, the central church? Miyuki thought that skilful work helps him a lot, in case of lack of social benefit. He played Accordion, and Miyuki just watched. 芸は身を助く,or Gei-ha-mi-wo-tasuku. some skill weighs to help you.

And Miyuki thought that better than anything.

Hatsuyo thought nasty. Challenged should not be contempted target, she probably thought. The same, for Miyuki, however, if because of avoiding the contemtous situation,some guy stopped yelling or rather prohibited to earn money like that, he would be more unhappier. He himself is not contemptious. Victim, in short. Thus, doing to earn money is not contemtious. At the same time, society should yell him. during it's lacking, anyway he does, is the rightous answer. Nasty, however, during the lack period, he could brush up his skill, train for the better life, and gain a bit of money. Thus, diligent worker, anyway.

The symbol of poverty for the state. Shame for the society, not for him, the victim.

For Miyuki, not contemptious to watch the guy who has no eye ball? shocked, yes. No preparation in her mind at all. However, not nasty, because he was laughing with his kid, and their attitude was so natural, thus, not nasty. However, Miyuki couldn't take the picture. As a journalist=photographer, probably, would be fine to do so, however, at that time, Miyuki thought that taking photo was under her discretion, and Miyuki wanted to explain the situation without photo. I kept the scene on my mind, thus, no necessary the photo at all. yes, I know that you allow me to take it, however, I don't want you to be treated wrongly. Probably, without photo would be fine to explain it. yes, I am chicken at the moment. However, I had a right not to do so. A right to refrain from it. You allowed, not ordered. And for me, informing the situation is task, not call attention is my task. yes, sometimes, I use this way. However, it's enough for me.

And even now, Miyuki doesn't regret not to take the picture. Enough for me. Subjectly. If Miyuki had felt obligation, against her inclination, she should do so. However, Miyuki didn't feel so.

On the same day, Miyuki met all legs and arms were cut youth. 25 years old or so. He was handsome, and soft model of Jesus like guy. Miyuki, first, refrained from taking the picture, and then, she started to think that it would be fine to take it, because probably his beautiful face attract pupils, and for her sake, also.

And tried to find him again, and couldn't. She explained the situation in a bar in the city of Lima. And the clerk said, "Oh, he? He sometimes appears. You can't meet him at the second time? His mates moved him."

Miyuki thought that it was difficult to move, thus, she had chance to take his picture. And also thought that probably it would be fine not to take it. Both, possible, probably. However, not necessary. I can get impressed so much, and never forget him. Thus, enough, also.

Kianu Leaves, reformed version type he had. Kianu is Kinua? Wheat???

fox like thin eye type. Probably, when he was born, his eyes were almost vertical, like my Clare's. Some upward eyes holders have inclination to be so. At first, for Miyuki, astonishing. Oh, whats are these? Like impression. Balanced, pretty. However, at the same time, strange...Clare was so confused at Miyuki's attitude. Pretty is enough, however, started to worry about her face...Think of you!!!

thought. And now, reforming. Kids theater would be fine to hire her. And audition for kid's role...Coincidenntly Miyuki entered into KOMINES, and found that today is the Audition. And Miyuki took advantage of it, thus, took a picture with the advertisement. Looked like that Miyuki is in the audition. And her full smile means she got approved. Thus, dancing Loli-Lin. Loli-Lin, the feather. Thus, feather class champion, already. No guy, any more. The youngest champion, discovered!!!! New Face!!!! Loli-lin!!!! Fly like a butterfly, Puch like a bee? Mohamed Ali?

ALELELE...Moriko always said so, when she felt strange. Sometimes, when she made a mistake also. for Miyuki, too too common. However, she was diagnosed Alzheimer, young type, because of it. All of her family cried. Understandable. Miyuki wouldn't believe when she heard the story. Bad made joke? However, considering the Cockroaches' conducts, any diagnosis would have happened.

OKINO's Alzheimer, old type is illogical gag, itself. And it was provided by her versity, Versity of OOSAKA, Hospital. All Alzheimer society, OKINO really and deeply thought of it. However, her family got nervous. If she were really so, they got thrilled. Understandable. Not because of OKINO's possibility, but because of excessive worry based on their goodness as family members. Sometimes, happens, type impression.

And they thought of hospitalization again. Oh, Alzheimer Family, OKINO had. A kind of. To avoid nasty result. Anyway, attackable. Thus, to stop her working, they did. Bafore it, OKINO was explained, and given chance to refuse it?

And Miyuki is told again on the matter. Both forgot the story again. And the situation has totally changed. They should be caught now. Thus, they should leave here forever. Anything, they like to go to Tokyo. Good. Their choice. And want to buy Classy House. As they like. And KAKISHIMA family is there. Good. Whole satans. Inner Battle. As they like.

Miyuki should not participate in the battle at all. Satans Cockroaches whole collective suicide bombs. As far as possible, is the rightous answer.

They need to be consult by someone. Satans would privide the answer, rather, declaration. And they are in the mood. Anyway, good. Leaving is needed for them both.

They want to change the mood. Good. And they wanted to know on Miyuki. ????

For them, monitoring Miyuki is a kind of play or game. Probably. And they forgot the existance of Miyuki. Better. 名前を聞いても判らない、おうちを聞いても判らない。♫

 When we ask their names, they can't respond correctly, and When we ask their adress, either, they can't respond. ♫

 Miyuki likes to sing the song, when Miyuki encountered with confirmed Alzheimer patient. the song is called "Dog, the police man", in Japanese, 犬のおまわりさん。

 Grogan's Dog is different from others, Miyuki said clarely. The eyes. Yesterday, in Silver Lake or NANKO, when Miyuki was sitting on a bench, and watching long reeds, a dog came with his owner to Miyuki, and she disliked the dog, immediately. Because his eyes were nasty and dirty. Too too dull, he seemed. Yes, dog, he is. However, acute, beautiful eyes, he has, and thus, Miyuki could think that he was in the same situation of Miyuki, at that moment, in September, in 2015, in Los Angeles.

The old satan daredly approaced to Miyuki with the dog. Sometimes, bad old erotic satans used this technic. The little dog is a clue to grasp the heart of the infants. Old man had a little dog is dangerous? It all depends.

As a matter of fact, if many tools were used under the evil attacking intention, all of them immediately would turn to be killing equipments. Not problem of the objects. More of whom to use them.

Miyuki felt so nasty when the dog approached, and thought of Gistmper, or Mad Dog disease.

Today, Miyuki felt so sleepy, after doing excerside in the park near Shin-Shirakawa, in the station, when she was sitting on a chair. Suddenly, the figures, surrounding her, vanished. No man's land, while Miyuki was taking a nap a bit. Why? Anyway, she can't sleep here. It sould be dangerous, because it could be used as site of her killing field. They, the clerks of JR were working for it, Miyuki confirmed. They allowed for Squad to enter to the site, and played the role of reliable witnesses, and turned to be assistants of the squad, and put the targetted body under the wheel, and said, "We stopped, however, this guy entered into the railroad, and commited suicide."

Thus, Japanese were so considered cruel enough. Killing State, whole in a body. Worse than North Korea. Literally, it was. And even now, Cockroaches want to kill Miyuki. For them, anyway, nasty is the keyword, and anyway, some satans treat them as if they were normal.

No man's land means no brain's land. Achepharos land. Impulse only, they both are. Strange remarks done here and their.

Miyuki's mother HARUMI was taking a bath, and yell to Alex, "Are you going to use here?" Alex was in the toilet, and got fear from her remarks. Any ocasion, HARUMI yelled like that. As if, Alex is so stupid to take a bath with her!!! HARUMI is such a kind of erotic guy now. Alex is targetted so much. And Miyuki left her chamber, in the end. They both got worried about her situation. They both are so dangerous, in anyway. And they ordered Miyuki to sleep in HARUMI's chamber. Terrible. However, no room for Miyuki, thus, Miyuki agreed. At that moment, kind offer, Miyuki thought.

And found so strange, because, a pair of guys came at 3:00 oclock, and HARUMI's explanation was absurdo. For HARUMI, Miyuki should not exist. For Miyuki, the same to HARUMI. Just logical thinking or not. And Miyuki, just, however, basic. Without it, Alzheimer world. Thus, Miyuki is happy to keep it, sufficiently.

Now, Miyuki is sleepy. Even Today, rain was sticky. In the afternoon, earlier than Miyuki's calculation, it rained.

Thus, we should clean the planet, so effectively.

VANISH! DDMs!!! You are so ugly BUSU bitches!!!

See you on our blog, soon, tomorrow!

With Big LOVE, From Wild 7 plus YACULT.

Yell for now!!! Shirakawa is sinking...Anyway, marvelous!!!

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